Breakfast: Whole grain cereal and low fat milk. Just a regular serving- like 3/4 cup or so with 1/2 or so of milk. Enjoy 2 glasses of water either before you eat or while your eating. Also add some fresh fruit or applesauce if you have some.

Lunch: Sandwich day! Or a pita pocket- or whole wheat english muffin. All yummy choices. Load it up with lots of sliced veggies- tomato, cucumbers, bell peppers, grated carrots, lettuce, pickles, a few shreds of cheese or a thin slice of cheese, and a few thin slices or lean lunch meat and just a dab of dressing or mustard. Add some crunchy, low-fat, whole grain crackers on the side, 2 glasses of water, and some fruit.

SNACK! Trailmix! 1/2 cup or so. Choose high fiber varieties- high in raw almonds, dried berries, bananas, papaya, etc and add a few dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips if you want. And as always- 2 glasses of water. 🙂

Dinner: Tacos! Pull out the crunchy corn shells or whole grain tortillas and load em’ up with Chili beans, fresh salsa, a few shreds of cheese and stuff with spinach leaves and add a dab of ranch dressing. Have 2-3 tacos and enjoy a side of rice or quinoa seasoned to taste (I suggest cumin, lime juice and S&P and a dash of garlic powder.) Sometimes I just made a huge salad out of my taco ingredients- crushing up one crunchy shell on top- its so good, and I get more lettuce that way. Add two glasses of water, a serving of fruit and your good to go!

quotes from the best seller, “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”

(Story from yesterday morning)
6 yr old L to her 4 yr old brother J while they are playing with the plastic food and nonchalantly preparing a pretend feast for the queen…

L: J? Do you know what a wedgie is?
j: Yes.
l: Well I have one right now.
j: What are you going to do?
l: A wedgie is when your underwear gets stuck inside your crack- that is inside your butt cheeks.
j: Yuck! That’s sick.
l: Yup. So you have to pull it out or you will have it forever. Here I go! Watch!
j: Wow. That’s good you took care of that.

(And then the play continues on as I am dying of laughter in the other room. Ah. Kids. Wow.)

Stretch for 5 minutes- Walk 10 minutes, then lightly jog for 2 minutes.
Walk 10 minutes then jog 3 minutes. Stretch for 5 minutes. If you want other simple at home work out ideas, this website is great! any of these quick at home exercises are great.