Breakfast: 2 eggs or one egg and an egg white- scrambled or fried, and a slice of whole grain toast (try it with no butter, and just a Tb of jam.) Add some fresh fruit, and 2 glasses of water.

Lunch: Pasta Salad! Pasta is actually low on the glucose index because it takes your body a nice long time to break it down which means slow release into the blood stream. Cook up your pasta, cool it off with some cold water, add cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Italian dressing, parmesan cheese, olives, and some pepperonis. YUM. Or- just have it classic- warm pasta with a veggie packed marinara sauce. Add some fresh fruit and your 2 glasses of water- and you are good to go!

Snack! Smoothie DAY! YES! Have a fruit smoothie with frozen fruits and 100%juice and ice cubes, or try a SilkShake with Vanilla Soymilk, a few ice cubes, 1 frozen banana, 1 TB peanut butter and 2 tsp semi-sweet chocolate chips. YUM. Have a glass of water too. 🙂

Dinner:  Grilled chicken breast, green salad loaded with veggies with light dressing, a side of baked sweet potato, and a handful of fresh berries. Mmmm. And as always- 2 glasses of water.

Inspiration READING:
Be your own inspiration today. Since you have been keeping a journal of your feelings and thoughts through this week, re-read your entries and add an entry today that includes what you feel your strengths are, what fun things you plan to do this week, and what things you are grateful for.

Comic Relief:
Story from my life:
The year is 2008- my house just got finished a year ago, and our basement starts leaking water, and we find out our waterline from the road has failed and we need to dig up our front yard a bit and our driveway. (The driveway has a long dramatic history btw which makes digging it up pretty much a tragedy in and of itself.) Our money is stretched thin, and I found out I am pregnant with a baby I had not been planning on and my baby at the time is 9 mos. So in short, I’m a little stressed and mentally stretched to the max.
As the year progresses, things get straitened out with the waterline, my baby girl is in and out of the hospital a few times for asthma, including 2 weeks before and 3 weeks after the delivery of aforementioned baby #3.
As I go to the doctor for my 6 week postpartum appointment, there is paperwork I am filling out to try and discern my mental state….
I am filling it out amidst my mommy brain faults- and the question, “What is your sexual orientation?” Stumps me. I know. Laugh out loud! I do every time.
I re-read it, and I need to circle, Homosexual or Heterosexual. My mind is like, “Hmmmm. Well, I remember that humans are Homo sapiens, so that must mean I am a homosexual.”
Yep. I circled that one. OH MY GOODNESS.
As I sit there staring at my answer, I remember that when I was younger, a “Homo” was a name kids would call other kids in a mean way, and that “homo” was interchangeable for gay and lesbian. WOW. 
So I hurry and scribble it out and circle the other option as the nurse calls me back. I am blushing from my serious lack of intellect and cannot believe the thought process I had to go through for that! The doctor comes in and looks over my paper, and turns it toward me with his pen on the scribbles… and says, “Um,,,, is there a question about this?” 
I almost cut him off by urgently stammering, “No! Nope- I love men- well one man- and I am married to him and that is all I plan to ever do!”
He smiles, and continues the appointment. 
Wow. A moment I laugh about ALL the time. LOL!!!

Walk for 25 minutes briskly and stretch for 5 minutes. Easy peasy.

Soooooo- Comments on the 7 days??? Or email me? I know many people have been checking in to see these posts, and I wonder how it has gone for you…. don’t let me die without knowing! 😉