My Story “How One person dealt with Diabetes Type II and Beyond”: Part I

Eating right really is simple. Just throwing that out there. I KNOW this in my heart, mind and soul. How? Well let me tell you……
2 years ago I was 40 lbs overweight, having dizzy spells, headaches every evening at 5 right on cue, and exercising 3x a week. I was drinking protein shakes, watching to be sure my meals included the five food groups, and was conscious of my water intake. So when my body was screaming at me for 4 months that something was not right- the headaches, the sluggishness, the irregular soreness in my breasts and irregular menses, and what I call “fog brain”…..
I decided i must have a hormonal problem! Right? Its got to be my thyroid- the soreness, the inability to lose weight, not to mention we’d been trying to get pregnant for 15 months- yup- it HAS to be hormonal. So off to the doctor I go and expect results worthy of a pill and some sympathy from others with body malfunctions that they cant control.
But the doc saw my overweight status as the first item to address, and ordered a GTT. (Thats when you go in fasting, drink a sugar mixture and then they measure how your insulin takes care of the sugars by drawing your blood 3-4 times over a few hours and measuring the blood sugar.) she also ordered a full blood panel to rule out other possible hormonal or physical issues.
When I returned a week later to go over results, i was excited (really i was) to learn what was going on, get the remedy and go on with my life. But thats not what happened. 
On the insulin resistance scale, I was on the 2nd tier to the bottom of 5 in the negative. On the blood sugars/insulin possibly diabetic scale I was on the low end of Pre-diabetic in the negative. 
In short- I was headed toward diabetes, and the doc suggested at my current lifestyle, within 2 yrs i’d be on meds, and thats the end of it. Look up diabetes type ii if you’re unfamiliar with symptoms and why. The doc laid it out clear that i needed to lose 40 lbs, exercise a lot to use the sugars i consumed because my liver ( which excretes/makes insulin) is maxed out and obviously cannot take much more. She also suggested a low carb diet, and warned me against ever eating sweets and baked goods again. AGAIN. Did you get that? Wow.

Well after that, realizing i had to make some serious changes for LIFE to keep this diabetes thing at bay, get my hormones back on track (which would hopefully solve our infertility), and feel like i didnt need a nap everyday- and no- there was no hormonal levels out of line- no pill i could take to magically make it better after a few months- it was my LIFE i needed to change. And i was honestly devastated. I cried in the car as i drove home thinking how i was going to tell my husband that i was fat, my liver cant make affective insulin from years of abuse inflicted by my overindulgence and that i cant eat sweets ever again..,., etc. i felt like crawling in a hole and burying myself. Stay tuned for what came next!!!