A tender mommy moment- that spilled out in poetry

A Moment

I wanted this moment to be just for me.
My tired mind, my tired body, my burdened soul.
But then I saw them- those young eyes quietly searching for something.
I knew what they were searching for, for I had searched many times for the same.
A loving smile, a welcome to arms, a need to feel…. simply loved.
My outstretched arm felt weak as I beckoned the little eyes to notice me.
But as I enveloped that little body, and felt the purest of love only little arms can bestow,
the weakness melted away.
For the eyes were no longer searching, my moment turned into ‘ours,’
And I felt empowered and lifted- my burdens all the sudden fading.
Amazed at the sudden change I felt- my heart swelled with gratitude.
For I knew God had seen my searching, my need for that same…. simple love.
And His arm reached out to me through a child, and secured my faith once more.
So a moment I’d wished to be all mine became ‘ours’…
A moment that changed us forever.

Written on a whim one Sunday when my 4 yr old son was looking around the living room that was strewn with toys, books, daddy napping and siblings engaged quietly playing. I noticed him standing there, not wanting to disturb anyone yet yearning to be part of something- just cared about. I was desperate for a restful moment to ponder a few items I needed to iron out in my life, but as you can see it became a learning moment, a special moment that I will cherish forever.
I know God loves me. I know God loves you, too. If you let Him work in your life- amazing moments happen.