Eating Healthy, Dieting, Yo-yoing it = CONFUSION -Why?

I recently read a great book, called The Fast Metabolism Diet, by Hailey Pomroy. I thought it was an excellent book for explaining how each and every body is DIFFERENT, and needs DIFFERENT things to be healthy at different times, different phases of life, and even different genders. She explains that a calorie in one body burns at a different rate than it burns in another. So calorie counting is not always going to work the same way for one as another.

This book also addresses the concern that many people have as to why one diet works amazing for one person, and totally does nothing or can actually be bad for another. Interesting to say the least! Right?!?!

I have had 100’s (Im not kidding) of people contact me in the last 2 months asking for advice, clarifying myths, wanting to change, and wanting to know “What I did.” Well, I will be the first to share my story and the work I have gone through to do the research, make the changes, endure the failures, and keep going until I saw the truths begin to unfold one gem at a time for ME and My body and MY situation in life because it shows people that it is WORK. That you have to learn about YOUR body, and what may or may not work for you. I do not believe one system will work for everyone the same way. But there are systems that can jump start your journey better than others. Yes, I believe that everyone needs proper nutrition and exercise. Those two things are constant truths. You can bet your money there. But as to what exercise, and what nutrition- well, thats a whole other ball game.

This is the reason there are “yo-yo dieters.” Someone tried what one person said worked, and it didn’t work for them. So then they tried another thing, and then another thing, and then another! Until unbeknownst to them, they have been slowly running their natural metabolism into the ground by changing up the nutrition and exertion so often and adding bad stress that you can literally get your body to a place that no matter what you do your body will not lose a pound- in fact, you may gain weight (probably mostly water weight from stress).

In that book I mentioned, this woman has done the scientific research and done test groups, and can guide these types of people to re-set the metabolism, get the systems working again and then you can start seeing changes. I highly suggest it for you if you feel like the paragraphs above describe you at all.

I had my first in-home consultation with a couple that recently road the roller coaster of “I thought I was ok, but then I found out at the doctor that I am diabetic, and we don’t know what to do, we’re afraid to eat what we usually eat, but don’t know what avenue to “healthy” is really right for us…..” and crash landed in my living room where we set the record straight. We agreed that there is so much information out there available, that sounds convincing and right. Information that shows results and studies and statistics that look right. Doctors proclaiming the miracle pill or diet or whatever else they can find for people to spend money on. (I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things out there… including a “special” bamboo mat that will take the preservatives and un healthy stuff out of your food if you put your food on it for 30 seconds before you eat it. Not kidding.)

So from my own experience and never ending research, I was able to discipher a few ideas for these folks, set them on a path with a few tools, and start their journey back to health with confidence. I LOVED it. I feel like blogging is beneficial for me to write these things out. To relate to people in similar situations. To help people see that there is TRUTH out there, but it is going to take WORK to find it and impliment it. For years, what am I saying, its still going on– advertising agencies for foods have been taught to and paid to promote any item they are getting paid to promote and they will find a way to make it appealing to the public. Thats marketing in a nutshell for you. But they don’t tell you the side effects of bad foods. They don’t show you how it was made. They don’t tell you who exactly is getting paid every time you purchase that food. And NO ONE really wants to know that….. but maybe we should. That’s all I’m sayin’. More goes into that food you get from the store every week that you’d like to know. That’s why people like me emerge. We have done the dirty work and looked into companies and foods and the how and the why and discovered some interesting facts and dirty details.

The bottom line, is that to eat healthy, you will probably need to do some looking around. You will probably need to plan it out, shop wisely with a list and a budget, and not eat out as much and yes- you need to exercise your body. Not just to lose weight if you have some to lose- but to work the tendons, strengthen your bones, and pump the blood! If you just don’t know where to start, I suggest getting on FB, and joining one of my Clean Eating challenge groups. There you will see what clean food looks like- what it tastes like, and how to plan to eat it every day of the week.

And if you want more? Join a fitness Challenge group of mine where we utilize Beachbody nutritional meal replacements and Beachbody workouts you do at home on your own time to get these things into your life daily. We have a group format to chat with one another, I post daily inspiration and facts and tips and I am available as your personal coach cheering you on and addressing concerns and working with you to achieve your goals and change your life. I don’t take it lightly. You shouldn’t either. I chose Beachbody products because I know the track record. I know the workouts work if you are consistent, and I know the supplement and what it can do for you. Do you need supplements to lose weight? Not all the time. I believe supplements have their place, and people on the start of the journey to health often need something to clean out the system- detoxify the body- jump start the metabolism with dense nutrition like that book talks about, and go from there. Shakeology is one such supplement that Beachbody had developed. So I use it. And I suggest my clients use it for an initial 1 month each day, and then from then on out however long they need it to get their body going on its own, and get their minds wrapped around the idea that the groceries now need to change. It may take a few months.

Some people don’t like that it may take that long- but hey- you took HOW LONG eating foods that did what to you and got you to get to this point? Give it some time people! And it will take time to realize that REAL food is now your best friend. Yep. Apples, and avocados, and seeds, and nuts, and berries and carrots. Its a work in progress when people want to change for the healthier and these are great tools to start with. No confusion, just something to start with. Something great to start with. 🙂

I LOVE talking with people and I get excited that people are wanting to change. To join this health revolution, to take back their power to choose what goes into their bodies rather than trust the food companies or restaurants to tell the complete truth about their products. I realize not everyone that knows they need this is ready. It may take some time and personal digging to commit to a change. But I’m here when you are ready. Let’s do this together! Thoughts?