My Story epilogue Part V and YOU

Wow. It is 4am my time right now. I can not sleep for ideas and thoughts are coming to me faster than i can type them. I never could have predicted what the outcome of putting ‘My Story’ out for the world to see would be.

Over 1000 people have visited my blog in the past week. No joke. So I’m thinking that ‘My Story’ strikes a cord with a few others, and has opened up the possibilities and given hope to many in a similar situation.

I have had responses from so many wanting details and guidance and expressing their own fears or curiosity or even plain just needing that final ‘push’ to change the lifestyle and health track they are on. And I am humbled and happy and empowered by the positive energy of so many people taking initiative to find out how to change- to WANT to change- to realize and admit that they may not have the lifestyle they want or health they could have and are willing to put it out there!

 I realize that the ‘details’ you are asking for, are the TOOLS.

Many have not taken that first step because they simply don’t want to waste time doing the wrong thing, or the most effective thing, or whatever, etc, etc.

Soooooo, I wanted to let all of you readers know that I am in the process of posting a section called

“TOOLS- For Weight-loss, Support, Nutrition, Family menus, Workouts that WORK, and more.”

I believe there are three basic categories that many readers of this blog may be included in.

  • Busy Moms who may or may not work a j-o-b in addition to full-time motherhood who want to take better care of themselves for their future (their present!) and for their kids.
  • Women who have not had children or are single or that have grown children that need a change for the better, and also feel their future would be a little brighter with some lifestyle changes.
  • Women that simply have been diagnosed pre-diabetic or diabetic, may be overweight, or have good ol’ food addiction and need options.
Which one do you fit into??? Did I miss a group? Contact me and tell me!
But I want to be clear- I want to share anything and every thing that I can to facilitate your change! I want YOU to have a better life. I want YOU to have the RIGHT information-
 the RIGHT tools.
I feel that God has given me this Story, this crazy learning, researching, life-changing experience for a reason, and I am finding quickly that it’s not just a reason for me; but possibly thousands of others. As daunting as that feels to me, I have found that everyone has a Story of their own. Everyone has experienced something that someone else can be inspired by. At this time in my life, and maybe yours, it happens to be My Story. 
Who doesn’t like to feel inspired and encouraged by knowing their life has affected others for the better? Your Story will inspire someone, someday, when you are ready to share it.
So let’s get this party started———–
Up next, the TOOLS to get you started!
But since it may be a few days before all my ducks are in a row, your first item of business is to decide WHY you want to change. Get Committed cuz I can tell you from experience there is NEVER a perfect time to change. Got a big family gathering coming up and your worried your new eating habits will show? Well I say hot diggity! What a great opportunity to show your commitment- and they will respect you (and probably secretly envy you) for it.
And if you feel like sharing with me your WHY- please do!
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