My Story: “How One person dealt with Diabetes type ii and Beyond” PART IV

I can’t deny I was motivated by my weight-loss and the comments from my family and friends about the changes they noticed. But who wouldn’t be!??! I was fitting clothes that I had not even dared try on at clothing stores for over 10 years. I had hit the weight I was when I got married! I was feeling on fire. The ball had started rolling and I was determined to never let it stop.

Our family went through some changes too. No, we didn’t up and empty our house of all the foods we decided we wouldn’t eat a lot of anymore- no we didn’t buy a whole bunch of new stuff all of a sudden either. I knew that to make this stick, we would need to slowly phase out of our current habits and favorite menus and slowly introduce new recipes and ideas about eating. What I didn’t know at the time, is that when you change your food- your whole world changes.

Me personally, I started picking up running. I never, and I mean N-E-V-E-R was a runner. I was the girl in high-school that would walk around the track and then run the last 1/4 mile to surpass my previous time and pass the class. Yes, the summer prior to this whole story I had trained for 5 weeks and ran my first 5k as a personal goal, but despite the exhilaration at the finish line, I will be honest- it was grueling, and the running didn’t last. Until now. I started running in the early mornings before my hubby went to work, around 5:45am. And I signed up for another 5k to keep my sights set on a definitive distance and time goal (which I highly recommend if you want to do a similar feat.) I found that my mind could think clearly in the early morning, I could commune with God easier, and I used up aggression that may or may not have been used toward frustrating children… šŸ™‚ And when I ran the race in June, I not only had inspired 5 other family members to run with me, which was WAY fun (and 3 of which took home cash prizes and medals!) but I had improved my time from my first 5k by 6.5 minutes! Talk about ecstatic. But what I didn’t know, was that as I was setting a new standard for my self- I had also begun sowing the seeds of setting new physical sights for my kids and husband. The kids started asking when they could do the kid’s run, when my next race was, and how they could train with me. My husband started weight training again more consistently. The ball was rolling faster.

We started eating only red meat (steak, roast, burger) once a month. Chicken and/or fish twice a week. We started trying new recipes with less cheese (we like cheese), and less milk based ingredients altogether. We stopped having white potatoes or rolls or breadsticks regularly, and switched to brown rice, quinoa, homemade noodles, brown rice noodles, and corn tortillas. We learned that there are a lot of really yummy bean based meals and started having soup once or twice a week. We have fresh fruit in the house every single day if I can help it. We have fresh veggies if I can help it. And I started reading nutrition labels to be sure I was getting the least amounts of sugars and added ingredients in my shelf stable foods. We found some new favorites. In fact, my pizza lover requested what we call “Salad Night” for his birthday dinner! He’s four by the way. So it’s doable people. It takes some give and take, and if you are the main shopper for your house, you have to be willing to shop wisely and make the choice to keep your health in your hand.

Bottom line? Eating out and buying pre-prepared and over processed foods is giving up your choice on how the food is prepared, where it comes from, and how much goes on your plate. Don’t give away that power. And if you must, I do too every now and then, try to make the best choices you can. It’s just worth it. In this day and age there are voices speaking to us in all facets of life. From how to teach your child to use the potty, to how to keep romance in your marriage, to how to lose 15 lbs in two weeks with a magic diet or shake or pill. But you can control what you put in your mind and body whether its food or music or television or online surfing. Choose the good stuff.

For the remainder of the summer we played and we played hard. We hiked mountain trails together, we canoed around serene glacier lakes together in the high mountains, and my daughter even requested a mountain hike for her family birthday outing! We went swimming together, yes, I was out there kicking around and splashing along with everyone else instead of playing lifeguard AKA woman who is possibly just too self conscious about her body or doesn’t have the physical ability to really play and have fun. As much as I felt good, I knew from my research that I really needed a new blood test. I needed to see if (as much for the doctors, as for myself) if what I was doing was going to cut it. August was getting close which means school and work for me so and I made the appointment. The definitive appointment to measure my blood sugar and test how my liver was functioning with this new body.

The day came. I walked in at 7am, and they tried fruitlessly to draw my blood. I was so nervous and had psyched myself out so much that I hyperventilated and passed out on the third attempt. So they sent me home.

I cried. When I got home, severely disappointed (after all, I had been putting this day off for months and had finally got up the courage to go through it again) I realized that my period was late. But over the past 3 years I had become so irregular that I had stopped really keeping a good eye on the schedule, but in my distressed state, I ripped open a pregnancy test that I’d been saving for 2 years and……. yes. I was pregnant. I was pregnant! Thank the Lord. I cried again. I called and chatted with the doc, and we decided to just hang out on the blood sugar issues until my blood work for the new pregnancy, which we did. But people! My husband and I had felt a little person waiting to come to us for several years, and this was a day to be celebrated. The ball was still rolling!

And then I did more research. On gestational diabetes this time. I was determined that I would not fail that glucose test at 27 weeks! When that day came I passed with flying colors in fact the doctor told me that there was all evidences that my pre-diabetic diagnoses was indeed looking to be something of the past! And not only that, but my weight gain during the pregnancy was picture perfect, I exercised throughout the 9 months and kept my eating under control. At 37 weeks I weighed what I weighed before I started this weight-loss journey and even wore my “fat clothes” as maternity clothes this go around. April 22, 2013 my husband and I brought a beautiful 8 lb 9 oz baby boy into the world via c-section. All my babies have been by c-section because my cervix doesn’t respond normally in pregnancy and doesn’t ever, not once, dialate. I know. Great stuff… but anyhow….

Now for the baby weight. It came off quickly at first, 18 lbs within the first 6 weeks. But then it stopped and I have had to work to get it off. But it did. At 6 months postpartum I had lost my pregnancy weight, and was in full swing of working out and eating right. Heck, I even did a seminar at a local university on eating healthy at home! And just recently I have broke through a 3 month plateau and have now lost 10 lbs more beyond and can lift 20 lb dumbells with ease and can do pushups and planks and run 3 miles as if it was just part of life. The ball is still rolling…sometimes slowly, but it’s goin’.

It all started with DIET.

It all starts in the kitchen.

When those exercise people say health and fitness and weight-loss is 80% in the kitchen, 20% in the gym, they are not kidding. It’s not some slogan. It’s fact. I’ve done the research. Don’t be a victim of food addiction, diet fads, super shakes, addictive energy drinks and self sabotage. And if you have children, you can educate them to lead a more full life by your example. You have the power within you to change, and the knowledge of at lease one person’s journey to do it. Go for it.

Thanks for reading My Story.
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And the ball is still rolling….

January 2012 I weighed about 178, and had been jumping between 165-175 for about 4 years

 July 2012 at 148 lb 
 Taken 2 days ago, Feb 28, 2014, 10 mos post baby via c-section at 143 lb., size 6/8 pants and lovin’ it.


  1. Beverly June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    I am inspired by your rolling ball! Great job journaling this journey…

  2. Beverly June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    I am inspired by your rolling ball! Great job journaling this journey…

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