Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

I have been so excited over the interest in this blog this last month!! Thousands have been reading and clicking around and the health and weight loss posts and pictures are by far the most popular.

What does that tell me? I’m not alone in this journey. I’m not alone having felt the feeling of being over-weight, but so weighed down with the many voices of tools and strategies for ‘healthy’ living to even know where to start– that eating a chocolate chip peanut butter milk shake is just easier and settles my mind for another day.
I’m not alone in feeling like there are so many people preaching ‘easy’, and ‘fast’ and ‘lasting’ and ‘boosting’ enough to scream out asking for just the ‘right’ thing. The thing that will work with MY goals, MY needs, MY schedule, MY body, MY health, MY future self and those I serve in my circle of influence. 
I’m not alone in wanting my ideas, thoughts, and dreams becoming more than just a fleeting breath shared in a sacred moment upon deaf ears. Wanting my influence to matter. That when I’m gone from this life someone might say they learned something from me that helped them. That my children will know me for ME, and not for constantly trying to measure up, morphing from dedicated to depressed and fun loving to frail. 
Life goes on, whether I like it or love it, or live, or die. Duh. So lets have a life thats full! Filled with new experiences and new friends, places, and ideas. Why not jump out of the comfort zones and try our hands at something new? Thats what I’d like to do, and accomplish it in a team strategy. So what if people (sometimes the ones closest to you) for one reason or another tell you that its not worth it- its a gimmick- it wont work- its not ‘right’ for you…. Sound familiar my fellow self-employed friends? As if they live in your shoes anyway… And hopfully we can be honest enough with them and ourselves to know that unless they’ve walked the same path, their advice just really doesnt matter, but their smiles, and encouragement do.
After pondering and praying and deciding what dreams, goals, thoughts, and purposes I have found to be some of the most effective for a happy person- a physically and mentally healthy person, I knew I needed some Tools. I needed the blueprint to bring people with similar goals and thoughts and desires to achieve more than the minimum together. I desired to be a tool myself in using my time and talents to bring about changes.
So I set up a FaceBook eating challenge in group format. I have read, and seen, and experienced the success pattern of group challenges, or group discussions with a common goal or idea in mind. I’ve been excited by the response to the private invitations I sent out. Many of the participants have been waiting for that ‘push’ to commit to trying something new, the Tools to succeed at something new, and the support of a team and a fearless leader ( 😉 ) who has walked the path before to offer counsel and guidance. It has been a raving success and one I plan to use over and over to give others that initial push to change their eating patterns.
The tools I have chosen to use for the other part of health, the physical fitness side, is similar. After researching many different options and formats, I found the Personal Coaching business model from Beachbody, Inc and their at-home workouts (such as the ones I used in My Story, P90x, ChaLean Extreme) and their nutritional supplement, Shakeology to match my goals best. The goal to give people something to commit to that is effective and worth their time. Something they have to pay for to give that added measure of value and accountability to stck with it. (I didnt think writing a book or doing huge seminars or live workout groups sounded reasonable for my life aspirations.) Something that compensates me a % for my efforts, and keeps me motivated too. You may or may not have heard of them. You may or may not have tried them. I have, and I find them to be very worthwhile- very effective- and the results you can achieve with eating right and becoming strong are far more reaching than just fitness in your body. I believe Spiritual wellness to be directly linked and affected by physical wellness and how you feel about yourself. When I lost weight, when I lost my food addiction, when I gained myself back- I desired to bring others’ with me and this is part of that plan. 
I have found that sometimes what seems natural or just ‘makes sense’ for you is NOT always the right thing, and not studying and pondering past initial infatuation with a new idea can be disastrous. But sometimes God puts something in your path, or quite honestly lands it in your lap and you think it’s too good to be true. Well I also found that sometimes, what is right in front of us IS true, and IS good.
I recently founded a Facebook page called Fitness YOUR Way which will be a hub for Fitness Challenges set up in group format with Tools utilized to achieve physical fitness, weight-loss, personal development and FUN in your life as it becomes richer with new experiences. 
If you want to use these Tools I’ve found with me, to work as a team to change your life and others’- contact me and we will do Fitness YOUR Way. Simple programs and fun people to team up with to make health and fitness happen for you in a team environment. Yes there is compensation through commissions. It’s business. End of that story. The beauty, is that there IS a blueprint out there! We dont have to ‘Re-create the wheel’. Just jump on and add our experiences to make it roll faster!
Some of you don’t like changes. But Nothing changes if Nothing changes. I know- deep, right?!?!? Haha! 
Take a look and see what you think:
And if you have the same goals, lets get together and chat and see if joining the team is a good fit for you.