The SCaLE…. Its not the final answer

As you can see, people that are thin and soft may not think they need fitness and exercise in their lives. Those few that have higher metabolism, or lets face it, some people honestly don’t over eat. 
But in many cases thin people are suffering with a nice line-up of health issues too.
I’ve said before and I’ll say it a thousand times- our physical bodies are built to work. Resistance training and weight baring exercise is proven to help your bones be dense and healthy (among many more benefits), your ligaments stay strong and durable (to help prevent injury with daily activities- slip discs, ripped knee ligaments or shoulders… I know you know what I’m talking about!) as well as build lean muscle, which helps burn fat by increasing your metabolism not to mention toning your body and giving some definition! Whoever said that women who lift weights bulk up was talking gibberish. It tightens us up, shrinks our fat cells, and keeps us using the food we eat. I can talk about this ALL day… 
But I wont. 
The fact is that muscle weighs more than fat by volume. So after you lose a bunch of fatty tissue through diet changes and exercise, you may need to stop using your scale to measure your progress and happiness and start learning about body fat % and how you look and feel vs just what number on the scale you think will make you healthy. 
I am currently about 143 lb. Some probably think thats a great number to be at- for others, they may think holy cow! And you say you’re healthy? 
I have a friend that competes in Iron Man physical challenges twice a year and engages in serious training (like hiring a sports nutritionist, and 18+ hrs a week working out in various ways). We were chatting about how unofficial the BMI is for various means of diagnoses and she told me that she weighed 176lbs which puts her borderline obese according to the BMI. And she looked amazingly fit and glowing with health- me at 176? Not so much… 😉
So the message????
Please measure yourself with a tape measure when you begin your physical changes- it may show you a change when the scale doesn’t- and take photos so you can SEE a difference when you think its not happening cuz the scale is ambiguous.