The TOOLS! For Weight-loss, Working out at home, Confidence, and more if you want it… :)

Ok, so you can imagine that this has been quite the fun adventure for me to have finally journaled My Story and to have so much positive energy resounding from it!

As I have pondered the most effective and satisfying TOOLS to share with you, I decided that there would have to be just a broad spectrum of places to start, and then based on what you NEED and your WHY behind your desire to CHANGE something in your life for the better, you can take it from there and I can offer my support, ideas, and friendship to you for the rest. Deal?

Section 1: Weight-Loss

  • Books and a Documentary I would suggest to get the ball rolling on your end: 
  1. The Biggest Loser Cookbook (I know, it sounds weird, but it has a lot of good information in it about food, ideas to curb cravings, and how to count calories if you want to know about that.)
  2. Reversing Diabetes, by Dr. Neal Barnard. This book is for anyone with insulin resistance, high blood pressure, diagnosed diabetes type 1 or II, and for people who want to take the 21 day 100% Vegan Challenge.
  3. PUSH by Chalene Johnson
  4. Forks Over Knives documentary that highlights the China Study, I watched it through NetFlix
  5. There are a TON more… go to your library’s diet/cookbook/diabetes/food addiction section and pluck out a few that sound interesting to you.
  6. I typed up a quick table to log my calories, food choices, water intake and workouts so I would have it all in one place. I kept it on the refrigerator for all to see– accountability works!
  • At home workouts/equipment I use and suggest:
  1. I used the Wii EASports Active2 game/system that comes with weights and heart monitor for 4 months as a beginner to working out at home about 3 years ago. I really think it helped prepare me for harder workouts and was totally customizable and informative.
  2. As I got more serious, I started jogging outside and learned to LOVE that time alone in the cool morning air watching countless sunrises. BUT please do it with GOOD SHOES. Many people discount how much the right shoes will change your experience! Get your pocketbook prepared, and go get some good ones from a running store. It is worth every cent. Save your knees and other joints by doing it RIGHT from the get-go. The experts at a runner’s specific store will help you get what you need. I have loved running in Asics, Saucony, and Altras. (Beware of cheaper “versions” in discount stores like Kohls, Payless, etc. They are the real brand, but they are not the BEST of that brand like you will find in runner/athlete specific stores.)
  3. At home workout DVD’s/Programs: I LOVE the programs sponsored by the company called Beachbody. I have found their workouts to be effective and versatile- they always have modifications for beginners, low impact for people that need it, and various techniques. I also really like a few of the trainers that have developed the programs and have found the company to be one of integrity and honestly striving to help people better their lives. I have a Coaching status in the company, and you can go to my website there at and from there you can see the workout programs, buy them and even contact me to ask questions about anything there as well. The programs I suggest that I have done, are ChaLEAN Extreme which taught me a lot about lifting heavy weights and how awesome it is to build muscle that literally melts fat. Not kidding. P90X and P90X3. I did the first one, and really saw results but the workouts are kinda long for a busy mom, so the section one, P90X3 all the workouts are only 30 minutes and the results are still there. Brazillian Butt Lift (I know, weird name) is totally core toning action from the get-go and has fun music and a funny trainer, but within 2 weeks I was seeing and feeling results in my back end, my back, and my lower tummy. All areas of issue for me. 🙂 My company profile and tabs to join my Beachbody team yourself or even become a coach with me (and get the programs at a discount) can be seen here. I was not always a coach with them. I used their programs before becoming a coach with them. Just throwing that out there.
  4. Equipment: I have used free weights and only actually have 1 lbs, 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs and 20 lbs dumb bells and a set of resistance bands. All of which can be bought through here quick and easy. Through the last few years I have bought them also from used sports equipment stores or thrift stores. Although, if you want to invest in a good versatile set of weights, the BowFlex SelectTech ones are really nice to use. 
  5. Supplements and Foods:  First off, I am NOT a doctor or personal nutritionist for YOU and only YOU can feel what your body needs, what addictions it’s fighting, what organs may need a boost or reset. Talk to a doctor if you feel like that will help, or see a chiropractor that practices SOT methods or look through my chiropractor’s website and get in touch with a DC that does. It is amazing what they know about the body, and can tell whats going on inside with subtle symptoms you would never realize! Herbal supplements can be a great thing if they are truly the Right Ones. If you struggle with eating/buying healthy, there is a meal supplement offered through Beachbody, called Shakeology that is a very good choice. The price may seem high, but it does replace an entire meal each day and it does include multivitamin, omegas, and fruits and veggies all in one shake, so if you are the kind that need a quick and easy meal that you know will be a good one no matter what, then by all means! Otherwise I suggest the majority of your meals come from WHOLE FOODS. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, beans, peas, pasta, quinoa, rice, popcorn :), lean meats and fish, eggs, nuts and other foods in their natural form as much as possible. You truly are what you eat my friends. Oh, and one more thing… CARBS are NOT the enemy. I learned this in the Reversing Diabetes book. Look up the Glycemic Index or get a book about it to learn more about foods that digest in your system SLOWLY and try to get most of your nutrition from those foods. You will naturally eat less and feel hungry less often by having a steady blood sugar. (And if you are pre diabetic, or diabetic already this guide is now your BFF.)
Section 2: Personal Confidence to CHANGE
  • First things first. Start writing somewhere or tell someone WHY. Why do you want to change? What will it do for you? Who will support you and who will be affected by this change?
  • Pray about it. God knows us and knows how we will be the happiest we can be, but we have to ASK for it. PONDER it, and believe in ourselves that we do have the will power and the physical ability to do amazing things. 
  • Find support and accountability. Get a girlfriend or your husband to jump onboard with you! Who doesn’t like a partner in crime??? 😉 Contact me to share your journey! Or I would love to have you join me in a challenge group online too! With instant access to others (that need you too) through Beachbody challenge groups if that’s something you want to do, FB msg me or email me for more info on that.
  • Read some personal development stuff- like Good to Great. Its a good starter, and I bet your library has it. They probably have a whole section dedicated to this subject! 
  • Have FAITH in you. This is YOUR journey. No one else’s. Do it YOUR way. These are all just suggestions from someone who’s been there and is still on the journey and shared some insights.