Change can sometimes be a LONELY affair……..

Sometimes it takes YOU, and only YOU. I did so many HARD things with only the support of my husband. It was the support I needed— I wasn’t ready to have the world know what I was going through. I realize not everyone has the luxury of a supportive spouse, and thats one huge reason these online groups I do are so needed for some. 

But when I started out, I was alone in my action- but knew he was watching my every move. To have him roll over in bed and tap my side lovingly when he knew I was struggling to get up to run before he had to leave for work, knowing he was staying in bed. To have him ask me “How far did you go today?” was annoying as all get out on some days during my first 5k training when he didn’t run an inch. To have him help the kids to dinner that I’d made for them, but ate my own concoction of healthy foods on the side felt awkward. To have him start to expect me to always choose the better choice when faced with brownies, cake, and my all-time favorite——- Reese’s Pieces. To have him questioning my success in inches and pounds, to wonder at my goals, and to quietly support me from the sidelines. But then, that magical day when he wrote me a letter and left it on my pillow—– it changed the game.

“I have loved watching you do hard things. I have been inspired. I know that the changes you are going through will ultimately change the course of our family forever, and I’m proud of you for it. I know you will reach your goals. And I am excited to be here to see it.”

A few weeks later, he was at the finish line of my first 5k with the kids. The first time he had taken the kids on his own to any sort of event. And to have the kids cheering me on, screaming, “GO MOM! Run FASTER! YAY!” My husband didn’t yell or clap or even speak at all. He stood behind that stroller with two kids, 2 and 3 years old in it and the 6 year old on the side feeling awkward in the sea of fitness gurus and experienced racing families. But he was smiling, and made eye contact with me as I got closer to the finish line, and I could feel his support and admiration for what I was doing. To see that pure satisfaction and pride from my husband’s face was worth every pain of that training and race.

And he was right.

This journey I am on, has changed the course of our family forever. And not just the course of my little family, but my extended family. There was no grandmas and grandpas and cousins that offered to come support that first race of mine. My family thought I was nuts. There was in fact a joke when talking about genes that “run” in families, that we would often say, that “Nuthin’ ‘runs’ in our family!” That has changed, and racing is now something we do every summer, including our kids! My husband is the chief supporter of coaching, and has jumped on the fitness and health band wagon too. There are more tangents to this story I could elaborate on, and if you have questions about your own story that you think I can help you with, I’d love to help! Now that I am a coach, I see how much having a group to share your successes and cheer your days on when things are less than stellar is POWERFUL.

So if you feel the itch to CHANGE- and wonder who will support you? I will. And the day will come that those watching you (there ARE people watching you- your spouse, your kids, your in-laws, your neighbors) will need your example and support to muster the courage to change themselves if need be.