I found our first kitchen table in a wheat field….

There I was.
Newly married.
Sitting on the thresh hold of a new life- a new love, and new purpose as a wife.

We had little cash, and even littler possessions. We were counseled that a comfortable, and quality bed was an important investment, so we bought a california king size mattress (my husband is 6′ 5″) and box spring set and happily placed it on the bedroom floor (no frame) of our 650 sqft apartment and were glad that we had a foot on each side of the bed. We simply folded in the flaps in the top of our moving boxes and stacked on their sides, three tall – one stack for each of us- for a dresser, and we enjoyed our first few meals together on the floor of the small 10×8 kitchen.

Were we happy? Yes! But I knew that we needed a table!

As I was walking the 1/2 mile to the university one day soon after, I saw it! Our first table! A small, wooden barbed wire spool. I just knew that it would be perfect! So on my way back home from school, I crossed the sidewalk into the old weed field and hefted it up on its side so I could roll it, and proceeded to roll it across the field to the back of our apartment complex. I wanted to surprise my new husband and was so proud of my find, that I went ahead and rolled it down the stairs and into our apartment! I hurriedly got into the car to go and make my first home decor purchase: a tablecloth! I was so excited! I think I skipped into Walmart, and skipped my way home too! I spread out that white lace (plastic, because I’m incredibly practical and knew that we’d spill) tablecloth and set the table for dinner even though it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. This was a big day!
My husband WAS surprised! But not nearly as surprised as my mother in law, who happened to come by that day (she worked at the university). Ha, ha!
We used that old spool, that was totally stolen, and probably seen by a few people being rolled from its resting place of probably more than 15 years by a young, blond (gotta throw that in there) girl into her apartment on a cold day in January, for a year and a half. At which time my mother in law had remodeled her kitchen and offered her small dining table to us as soon as she got her new one.

Why did I tell you about this???
What principle do I feel strongly about this week? 😉

Delayed gratification my friends. And seeing the stepping stones to getting the ‘ultimate’ dream coming true are valuable. and need to be taken.

I coach people on their journey to physical health. That is my day job (and sometimes my night job). And since I decided to run my own coaching business, I have coached over 150 personal clients, and personally talked with or offered direction to over 600. My business stats from my various websites tell me that I have reached the eyes of over 12,000. Of course some of those are duplicates. The point, is that I’ve seen a few people and heard more than a few personal struggles with healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, and wanting to change. People that are ready to change, and some even sound desperate for anything! They’ll “try anything” at this point!

And what is great, is that I have tools to share with them to succeed in their goals. I have personal experiences and now a multitude of other experiences in my wisdom bank to help me effectively help my clients reach their goals. Its rather exciting. But after a few days, or weeks, or sometimes months of using these tools and eating better, they wonder where their goals are. Why don’t they weigh 50 lbs less yet? Why do I still crave soda and candy? Why haven’t my family members started noticing all my efforts!?

Time. And delayed gratification. The process. Enjoy the process of earning your dreams! Recognize when you’ve reached each step on the path. Every journey starts somewhere, and will invariably include steps; periods of accomplishment on your way to the end result. You cannot focus just on results and goals. The focus needs to happen on the ACTIONS to get there. So embrace the step you are on now! Embrace who you are today! Embrace what possessions you have today! If you are doing the actions (working, staying healthy, whatever it is that will enable you to enjoy your dreams) that you KNOW will lead you to your goals, then trust the process. Trust your plan, and the results WILL happen. They just WILL.

Do I have my dream dining set? Nope. In fact my current dining set was found covered in snow next to a dumpster. 🙂 But you know what? It works. Its a step up from where we were! A step along the path to the goal. The dining set I would like? Is on my goal list! I know I have to work hard, and wait until I can get that dining set of my dreams. But does that mean I don’t believe I’ll ever get it? Just because it’s taking a few years? No! I know I’ll get it if I work towards it. The one I want is $800. Not a drive by purchase. But I also have mapped out how I’m going to get it. But delaying my gratification, and learning from the journey is what I need to do now. And I will be waiting a few more months! And how sweet it WILL be when that number in my specific envelope matches $800. And its getting there. A little at a time. Consistently.

So when you start something new, and the end result isn’t there in the time frame you want, don’t just write it off! Do your best with what you have, trust the process, trust the plan, SHOW UP AND BE CONSISTENT and your result will come! It just WILL.

My personal journey is on going. And always will, as long as I have a choice of what I put into my mouth, and what time I get up each day. In this picture below, you can see TWO YEARS of work. I even had a baby inside those two years. So sometimes, its like I lost the weight twice…. but regardless, it took TIME, and steps. There were good days and bad days. But now, with more good habits than bad, I have more GOOD days than bad days. And it ROCKS. Id do it all over again! 2 years was well worth it for the rest of my life lived in a healthy place mentally and physically.


  1. Robyn June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Yay!! So happy you found it inspiring!!

  2. Robyn June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Yay!! So happy you found it inspiring!!

  3. Beverly June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    This is a TOTALLY INSPIRING post!! I'm going to print it out��

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