What? Your pregnancy weight didn’t just fall off? Ya. Me neither.

What is this all about? Watch the 4 min video. 🙂 Its easier to tell you than type it all out…. I think? Here’s a summary….

After I gave birth to my first baby, and tried to be “good” and give myself time to get the weight off… well, over a year later and lots of bike rides and walks etc, I still kept 8 lbs.

Then I did a crash diet a few months later, and lost 10 lbs. Then I got pregnant with #2, and gained it all plus some back. And kept 12 lbs. Then got pregnant with #3 just 9 mos after baby #2, and was depressed. Child #2 was in the hospital with breathing problems just 2 weeks before #3 was born, and was she was again, in the hospital 2 weeks after #3 was born. It was a rough time for us. Financially, health wise, marriage wise, everything! Our house waterline broke, flooding into our basement and we had to dig up our driveway and newly laid sod lawn that we had saved dearly for (don’t remind me… oh wait, I just reminded myself!). Dark times. Dark times…..

And so I swore of children for a few years. I was determined to get into shape, and get my life together. Well, it sort of worked. We got out of most of our debt, I got back to a happy place mentally, so we started to try for another baby. Well, 12 months later we were still trying. So after speculating something was wrong after a few other symptoms were popping up I thought it was thyroid, etc. No. I just had severe insulin resistance, on my way to diabetes type II, and needed to lose 40 lbs and change my lifestyle or I was headed for medication for life, and all the BAD nasty stuff associated with Diabetes. I cried. I felt betrayed that all of the  exercising and trying to eat well over the past 2 years was all for nothing! So I was determined to do it RIGHT this time. I read books. You can read my whole story if you look over > and find the “My Story” files. And in the end, I did lose weight, and I did feel amazing, and my friends and family wanted all the details! And just 5 months after my diagnoses, I did get pregnant, and I did have that precious (now precocious) baby boy, by #4, and my little dude. But I knew this was FOR LIFE! So I exercised through my pregnancy, and within 6 months of my baby, I had lost all the weight, and looked amazing— if I do say so myself. Better than ever! I weigh less now, than when I got my drivers license at 16! So I DO know a few things, and have learned a few tricks and tips that I am going to share with this specialized group.

I’m excited you want to join us, and if you have tried things in the past, and they just aren’t working? Then lets try something NEW! And do it together! I’ll be here to help you plan your meals, help you if things need adjusting, and even if you are still nursing a baby we can do this! Or if your baby is 10 years old, and you are still pre-menopausal, this is something worth considering!


 Registration CLOSES Sept 3, 2014! Secure your SPOT ASAP!

I am happy to answer questions about your journey, and see if this is a good fit for you!

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