5 People…. 5 people are influencing YOUr success/failures….. Who are they?

Lets talk about your OUTside influences today….
MANY studies confirm, that YOU are the combined intelligence and status in life, of the 5 people you spend time with the most. So think about that.
Who are the 5 people you are around the most? Your spouse? Coworkers? Parents? Neighbors? Buddies? No one?
The slight nudges and habits that those 5 people are showing you and giving you make a HUGE impact over time. Why do you think you had the ONE amazing instructor at college, that ONE bishop that you loved, that ONE person that just inspires you and makes you think high thoughts? Its because you spent TIME with that person. Either as an attendee at several lectures/conferences, or in private conversation several times over a long period of time, or you spent time listening to them on TV or audio files.
But those people seem to only have had that affect ONCE. And you have remembered it ever since! They aren’t here right now— unless you have audio books and speeches recorded to listen to. But give those 5 people you are with NOW a rating. 5 means they are positive! They are DREAMERS! They have VISION! They believe in YOUR goals, and support your actions. You are inspired to be more and to do more when you are around them. And give them a 1, if they are constantly talking negatively about the future and about their job and life. They are always failing at what they try to do. In essence, they are bringing YOU down. And you NEED to start spending LESS time with the “1’s” and more time with the “5’s”.
You will get in life, what you tolerate, and expect you are worthy of.

Bottom line?

“When you make the tough decision to put up boundaries between you and people who drag you down, realize the they’ll fight you– especially those closest to you. Your decision to live a more positive, goal-oriented life will be a mirror to their own poor choices. You will make them uncomfortable and they will attempt to pull you back down to their level. Their resistance doesn’t mean they don’t love you or want the best for you– it’s actually not about you at all. Its’ about their fear and their guilt about their own poor choices and lack of discipline.” -Compound Effect
And since you read this post, all the way to the end—-
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  1. Robyn June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    2 are GONE! Who will the other 3 be?

  2. Robyn June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    2 are GONE! Who will the other 3 be?

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