A prophet’s words, are what drives my Beachbody business and my maintained healthy lifestyle.

When I was a teenager, I was busy. I always worked. My first job was at 14, and I never stopped. When I was 17 I held two jobs and was able to find the time to get a 4.0 and take 10 college credits from Utah State University. When I was 18, I held two jobs, was part of the high school show choir that had to meet at the school at 6:30am and I was able to keep a 3.9 and finish high school with 24 credits for college FINISHED. Some might say I was a success! People told me I had a bright future and that I would accomplish amazing things! But I always wondered what they were talking about. I didn’t feel amazing.

What I have learned, is that at WORK and at SCHOOL- my performance was measured, and showed progress. Money in my account, I kept my job, gained college credits and scholarships. Some say that I was “driven.” Or that I had good “work ethic.” Maybe I WAS just amazing! Ha! But despite these accolades, I felt a sliver of doubt that I would ever be really “good” at anything. I had so many fears inside of me, that stemmed from previous failures and even the failures of others, that slowly built a wall of doubts and limits I set on myself. Case in point:

I always wanted to play volleyball, and even signed up to try out my freshman year in high school. That in and of itself was a belief barrier broken. To just put my name on the list. But when it came time to commit, to show up to the try out. I stopped at the gym door. And never went in. I never even told my friends or my family that I wanted to do this. Why? Because I was afraid I’d not make the team, and feel like a failure.

Bottom line? I didn’t want to have to report it to anyone. So it didn’t happen. Or, in truth, I simply didn’t let it happen.

That experience has stayed with me forever! I love volleyball, and play whenever I get the chance. I’m not good at it- simply haven’t taken the time to really learn and get better. But since then, I have learned from being required in college to do some public speaking, lecturing, and teaching, that peer reviews (thank heaven for peer reviews) had something else to say. People reporting back to me, on my performance changed my view of myself. I was seeing words describing me such as:
-a great leader
-willing to sacrifice
-good at getting things DONE
-shows gratitude for her team

Feedback began to FEED my confidence! I couldn’t wait for those peer reviews from my college courses that had them. Mostly my upper level Business classes and some from my Culinary School days after performing as Sous Chef for a designated 3 weeks and being a leader for the Married Student Association on Campus as well. I would devour those peer reviews and really took them to heart. And don’t get me wrong, there were negative reports as well, things I needed to improve on. But I was learning not only my strengths and abilities WERE noticed and taken note of, but that I was good at a lot of things! And knowing that those peer reviews were part of the grade, I began to really take them seriously. I know other students did not, but I did.
And then I graduated. Suddenly there was no one to report to. No one to get a review from. I thought. I didn’t realize at the time the importance of reviewing my behaviors and patterns with my best friend, my husband. I have since learned the value of that! I tell you what! (Having check and balances in marriage is awesome— but that’s for another post.)

But the point- is that when I started on my health journey two years ago, I had only myself to report to. My husband was supportive, but disengaged. My kids didn’t know what was going on, and my family had seen me try and fail before, so they were skeptical and cynical of my proclamations of success. It was HARD. I recorded my foods and feelings in a journal each day, each meal without fail. I was DETERMINED. But I know that if I had had a success partner, or group to share ideas and thoughts with, I would have had a different experience!

Then I found BEACHBODY, and decided to see what this was all about. This company taught me from day one, that having someone to report to was key to life style change. Whether in finances, health, relationships, whatever it was I wanted to improve on. As I started to build a business, I started having people in groups that were responsible to report their success to ME. And my business mentor, expected that I report to HER, and ultimately, my Challengers and Team mates expect my lifestyle to be FOLLOW-ABLE. It is the ultimate accountability to be a Beachbody coach! I love it! But I found these prophetic words to be the TRUTH that lies beneath all of this:

I have found this to be true! This is why Beachbody coaching is successful. I see many people that want to change, they come to me and find out that they have to purchase some tools and ultimately report to me, and a few of them I KNOW simply don’t want to put it out there, and actually have someone to report to! I KNOW it. Because I had done it before. When you are ultimately afraid of succeeding, because you’ve never been down that road, it is daunting! And the last thing you want, is to have someone that cares about you, know about it! Seems strange, I know. But I KNOW it’s true. Because I was there, and I am continually there as this team of mine grows, and I experience success I have never known before. But this time, I have a success partner. I mentor- a friend that is showing me the ropes, and I just have to trust her experience and trust my own abilities to take me there. But I have to report my activities just the same. I have to have someone review my progress. Thomas S. Monson’s words, are the reason my business is booming. Because those that WILL report to me, are seeing success. That is why ALL of my Challengers see some measure of change. Because I make it clear from day one, that they are to check in and report. So not only are they measuring at home, but they have to report it to me. Same with my team. I ask them to report to me their success, when their next challenge group is, how many they have invited that day to join us in this battle for health! Its exciting! Its invigorating! Its Change and growth, and those things are what crush those belief barriers and doubts. Pres. Monson also said,

if you have been TRYING to lose weight yourself, and its just NOT happening. You find yourself in the same state that you were in 6 months ago, then I encourage you to give these Challenge Groups a go. Let me HELP you stay accountable to your goals, offer encouragement and help you get to your goals FASTER and with more fun. 🙂 Just ask my challengers.

The next Health and Fitness Challenge Group is OPEN for registration! Sept 22, 2014 go time. 

If you are interested in becoming a Coach, I am holding a FREE What is Coaching online group Starting Next MONDAY the 15th! You do NOT have to have had a transformation to be a coach! I can’t tell you have I have changed in the last 7 months in few enough words. Bringing people along on your journey, is just as powerful, if not more so, than having them see you already through a hard spot.

Contact me! And we can chat about it and see if this is a good fit for you! Can’t wait to hear from you!