Do what you LOVE– and you’ll make enough money to live the abundant life. -Joe Calhoon

I had a close friend of mine tell me a few days ago, “You are just such a great teacher! You have so much knowledge, and are willing to share it, and do such a great job talking to people and effectively helping others engage while you teach.”

I never aimed at being a teacher while I was growing up. In fact, I shied away from any public speaking assignments, classes, and anything that would require me to stand up and tell a group of people something. At church, if I try and share what I feel strongly about, and have learned truths about– My testimony- in essence, I alway start crying. And I just wrote it off, that I am not good in front of people. I have terrible stage fright when I perform advanced piano pieces for groups of people- large or small. I also wrote that off, as another piece of evidence that I was not meant for the teaching sphere of life.

But when I was 21, my Bishop in the church, asked me to be the Teacher once a month for our women’s organization, the Relief Society. I told him I would do my best, but that I was afraid I would have not much to offer, and that there was MANY other sisters in the church that could offer more insight and experience than I. He handed me the manual of Gospel topics, told me the person to contact to find out what Sunday’s they needed me to teach, and blessed me with the ability to do as the Lord asked, and off I went. The first day to teach came, and I was a wreck. My hands and knees were shaking, my palms were sweating, and I had prepared PAGES of material because I KNEW I had to fill 40 minutes of class time, and somehow offer these 35 women something they would care about! Well, I made it through. I don’t remember anything about that lesson, except the smiling faces of those dear women that sat and listened to me ramble and mumble– and now that I think about it- I DO remember something! I was asking the sisters about the importance of meditation, and said with a clear, confident voice, “Taking time to MEDICATE is of the upmost importance to feel peace in our lives.” I tried to laugh it off- but I was mortified. Anyway- I had that position in the church for 2 years. And I grew to LOVE it. But I didn’t view myself as a teacher— just someone that was learning the Gospel more, learning to feel the Spirit and directing the discussion along with It’s guidance, and making sure we covered something that the manual suggested. Little did I know, I was being a “TEACHER.” And those skills I learned would last a lifetime. I LOVED that position, and have yearned for it since we moved from that area and have had other assignments and other moves as well. What do I do now? In my current congregation? Teach. πŸ™‚ I was asked by the Lord through my current Bishop to teach our adult Gospel Doctrine class a few times a month from the Old Testament. Annnnnnnd—– I LOVE it.

Insight from my personal development book this morning,
“I have a good friend who has worked for the past 20 years as head of security in one of the wealthiest communities on the planet. He has served kings and queens, movie stars, presidents, and the titans of industry. I once asked him: What was the most important thing he has learned from the rich and famous? He replied without hesitation, “Money won’t make you happy!” He went on to tell me that, “Many of these apparently successful individuals are some of the most miserable people on earth.” As you utilize your strengths and pursue your true passions, don’t “see out” for a paycheck. You may end up miserable, too. Maybe you’re miserable now. Do what you love and do it really well. You’ll earn enough money to live the abundant life.” -The 1-Hour Plan for Growth

I have worked several jobs in my life. In fact, my “work history” is about 3 pages long…. I started working as a nanny at the age of 14, and have not stopped working various jobs since then. The only time I didn’t not have some kind of income from my personal efforts was for about a year and a half while I was in college, with a new baby and a full load of credits (16-17/semester in fact) in my final semesters earning my Bachelor degree in Business. Besides that, I have always endeavored to use my skills/time to provide some income for myself for the first 6 years, and for the last 12 years, my family. I have learned something about myself—- I like to help PEOPLE- to effectively teach them something that HELPS them. Like, real people, that I can work with, and add value to their lives in some way. I am also aware of the truth that great teachers, are often great LEADERS.

After my big health changes 2 years ago, and seeing that so many others were looking for effective ways to keep health a priority, I saw an opportunity and started searching for softwares, and book writing and speaking ops that would help me facilitate getting my story out there, so people could learn from it. But I quickly realized that I didn’t want people to just read it, and be inspired… I wanted to see them ACT! I wanted to help people not only be inspired to change, or simply try something new, but realize that they could actually get to the results they were wanting in their health by DOING SOMETHING. I didn’t want anyone to feel that they had wasted their time and money getting things they didn’t really know how to use, or something they didn’t know the whole story on- or committing to some gym class or personal trainer that had a pre-made PLAN or agenda for you reaching your goals. I wanted PERSONAL interaction. I wanted, in essence, to COACH people on this journey. But I also needed the right TOOLS– proven health/nutrition plans in many varieties and workouts and supplements for those that needed them—  And lo and behold- Beachbody has it ALL LAID OUT for me. I saw this opportunity a few years ago, like I said— I looked for other ways to get my desire to help others out there- and few a few years I tried those other avenues. And I spent a LOT of time looking around, thinking things out, writing articles and teaching a few classes here and there, but nothing on a larger scale. No way to expand my network without some serious time commitment and $$ investment. As I looked into Beachbody further— I saw that it was something I needed to try. And if I was going to be asking people to invest their time in me, to try something new— I had to be the first! So I jumped on it, asked the Lord to help me see if this was the right avenue to do what I believe He has asked me to do— to share my story and TEACH, and help people see the value in being healthy and living active, happy lives. And here I am. πŸ™‚ A teacher AND a leader. And God is sending people to me, and I promised Him I will do my best to take care of them.

I am Coach Robyn of Team Lifetime Fitness. πŸ™‚ I have been building this business from the ground up, since March 2014. Just over 6 months. My paychecks started small, and sometimes I was making $0 for my hourly wage, but I know that God has a plan for me in this, and that I need to press on! By my third month I was making a steady $300-400/month. And my last 5 weeks (Beachbody Pays Weekly) total $918.56. Just a little shy of $1000 dollars…. for a business that I LOVE. A business that I get to TEACH, and use my talents and HELP PEOPLE see value in themselves, and to REACH for their dreams and crush belief barriers! The momentum is BUILDING! I’m so excited about it! My coach, the one I signed on with, now makes a six figure income after building her business for 24 months consistently. I aim to do the same. Its not rocket science, just consistent effort. And you know what? I still get to be a mommy! My son said this to me yesterday, and it has struck me so deeply, that I wanted to share it with you.

5 yr old son Jax, “Mom, why are you working every morning when I wake up?”
Me: “Because God told me that I need to work, to help people be happy. I have to do it in the morning, so that I can be a mommy the rest of the day.”
Jax: “Well thats not fair!”
Me: “What do you mean, its not fair?”
Jax: “Why do you get to work at our house AND be a mommy, and Dad has to work and not get to be a daddy?”

Think about that for a minute.
I believe that men are supposed to be the “bread winner”. I do. Motherhood is too big of a responsibility to take lightly, nurturing human beings into adult hood truly is a 24/7 need. And men are to provide for a family. That is their God-given role. But they also are supposed to have a presence in their homes. They need to be part of the home life. They need to be in their children’s lives- not just on the side lines.

I have a vision, that this business opportunity has offered me BEYOND the ability to just provide our savings cushion and do what God gave me the courage to pursue.

And it is to help enough people, that I help my husband come back home. To be able to work HIS dream- what HE does BEST- illustrating children’s books from home, freelancing his art work and God-given talent for making peoples’ imagination’s come to life through his hands.

Zig Ziglar said,

So this is an invitation to LEARN about this opportunity. To learn from my experience and possibly find a place for YOU in this sphere as well. I am growing my TEAM and I am looking for 20 new leaders for my team THIS MONTH. This September. 20 leaders. 20 People who are willing to LEARN about this company and possibly build a career helping and coaching others to do the same.

Will it be you??? Contact me and LET ME KNOW YOU WANT to be an attendee in this group. It IS a Facebook private group. You NEED a facebook account to participate in this round. It will be worth it. I promise. πŸ™‚

I am super excited to see who joins this group, and for my next TEAM MEMBERS!