Let’s commit to making BUTTER instead of DYING. Shall we?

I want to tell you a story about two frogs. You may have heard this before, but recently it has made a huge impact in my life. I know. Frogs. I’m serious, though! Really, I am.

So there was this barn. It was next to a canal where two frogs lived. They were brothers. These two brothers enjoyed their life and were happy each day hopping about the barn, and one day they noticed a forgotten pail of fresh milk just waiting to be swam in! Yep, you guessed it. Those two frogs jumped up to the edge, and hopped down into that sweet milk and enjoyed splashing around and making a mess. Well, before you know it, they realized that they’d better get back home. So they started trying to jump back up to the edge of the pail. And I bet you can guess what happened. You are RIGHT! With no firm ground to stand on, they could not get power to jump! After trying for what seemed like hours, one of the brothers admitted defeat, and told his brother “Farewell!” as he let himself fall under the now frothy milk edge. The other brother frog frantically called to his brother not to give up! That they would find a way! But to no avail.

The remaining frog knew that his life had more meaning than this- to die in a milk pail simply because he couldn’t get ground to jump! There HAD to be a way out! As he swam, kicked his legs as hard as he could and flipped and tried with all his might for another long space of time, he started to feel extremely fatigued. In fact, he and was about to give up, thinking that maybe there wasn’t a way out after all. But that is when he felt it. A large solid lump of freshly churned butter. πŸ™‚

He pushed off with all his might, and made it out of the bucket to enjoy more summer days in the canal!

Did you like my story?

When I read this story, I seem to actually have heard it before, but had forgotten it. But my reaction was similar to the first time. The realization that it might take a LOT of effort on your OWN, to achieve something that others only dream of achieving. That 95% of the educated people in this world just choose not to do. To KEEP GOING. Keep DIGGING. KEEP SWIMMING when the going gets rough, and when you are not sure what is going to happen in the future. Just try your hardest at the moment you are in, and be CONSISTENT, and you WILL find yourself changing, growing and achieving your dream.

I want to tell you something that is TRUE.
Listen up.
Every one of us, you, me, my mom, your dad, our families, our husbands, our in laws and our out laws- πŸ˜‰ Every single one of us, was born with POWER. Power to be MORE. Power to do MORE than our cultures suggest. MORE than our religion asks. MORE than your spouse expects. MORE than even YOU understand. To push yourself further physically, than you dare even try.

As I watch people in my work (as a Beachbody Health and Fitness Coach) DAILY changing their lives, taking control of their choices, seeing changes happening due to their CHOICES happening before their very eyes- its like this light turns on inside of them, a deep desire to all of a sudden to BE MORE, to DO MORE, and to allow GOD to work with them MORE. Because they are SEEING IT. They can no longer deny, that they have had the power all along! It is inspiring, and humbling and awesome. And about 50% of them carry it forward for life, and it starts to ripple through the other ares of their life and they are happier, more fulfilled, and just a more hopeful and optimistic person. Its quite intriguing really. I LOVE IT.

But then I have also seen, about 50% of the time, this new found power, this desire, may also seem overwhelming. To the point in fact, that they “back off.” They feel that its “taking over their lives”. Well, folks- it is! You wanted change, and here it is! You have touched that power within you, and it is scary at first. It is scary to think that you might be able to do powerful things, that might affect those around you. That you might be the instigator of CHANGE in a whole line of family members that doubt you, or really, doubt themselves. That you might have influence in your neighborhoods and in your circle of friends and associates. That you MIGHT BE A LEADER!

The thought of those responsibilities are frightening- and yet, and YET— the people that they see, and are inspired by, have embraced this POWER. This LIGHT to be a cause and change for GOOD in the world. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. They seem to have harnessed something YOU want to harness. They seem to make good choices all the time. They seem to have everything they need. They seem to be, in many areas of life- just plain ole successful. Of course— everyone has their trials and challenges— but those people (again, you KNOW who they are) that you see and ask them how “they do it” or “what do you do” all the time, because they have something you want. Chances are (no, every time…) they are just normal people like you and me, that have simply chosen to stick with the LIGHT. To start truly taking personal responsibility for every single choice they make. To CREATE the life they want with consistent effort, instead of a “big push -build momentum -feel the power -then back off” cycle that many people go through.

These latter 50% find themselves in the SAME place year after year after year, sometimes at a constant decline. Still desiring change, and yet too afraid that when they find the tool to take them there, and start seeing the success and the work it will take, they might actually have to seriously COMMIT to themselves, their family, their future, that it WILL be different!

YOU WILL BE DIFFERENT! And that its ok, and that that is how it needs to be! Some people WILL fall by the wayside. That is THEIR CHOICE. You have the choice to keep swimming- to keep asking for help- to keep trying and failing, and trying again until you DO succeed and you DO find the patterns of life to keep you on that upward curve of success in all areas of life.

See? Oprah even agrees with me! HA! Well… more like, I agree with Oprah— anyhow….

I KNOW that if you WANT to change, you can. If it happens to be in the health and fitness area of your life? Then by all means—- let’s work together! I am all about expanding my circle of associates and friends!!! Let’s do this together.  Thanks for reading!

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