My first belly button pictures in over 3 years…… Personal PiYo Workout Review!!!!

My PiYo Personal Results and REVIEW!

Well folks! The results are IN. The pictures are taken, and the review has been written.

First things first. What is PIYO? PiYO is a Beachbody program, developed by celebrity fitness trainer and life/business coach and NYTimes Best-selling author, Chalene Johnson. Chalene is in her 40’s, and after long years of helping people lose weight using effective high intensity workouts, she decided to tone down the jumps and bumps, and show us how to be effective in our workouts using controlled movements, utilizing our own body weight for resistance, and making things low impact but still getting our heart rates up. HELLO! Awesome.

 Ya. So July 7 I got my groove ON and started this program committed to see it to the end!


Here is my starting POINT so you know where I was starting from.

July 5, 2014 I just finished the intense program, p90x3. So my body is already pretty toned, I’m pretty strong, my weight is on track, and I’m eating pretty healthily. So I’m skeptical if I’ll see any results from such a low impact, calmed down program. BUT I have learned that its healthy to change up your routines, and  with effective workouts from Beachbody, I have learned they almost always will surprise you just how EFFECTIVE they can be—- even on someone that doesn’t think they have much to improve upon! So here goes:

The first few weeks I was honestly surprised at how short the workouts were, and wondered if I’d really see results with this program! BUT—- I trusted the thousands of hours spent on thousands of test group participants, and went on faith that this program was made the right way, and that I would see it through to the end.

About week 4 I knew why those first weeks were a little shorter and simpler. Cuz it HEATS UP. Those first few weeks were PREPARING my arms and wrists and back to be able to sustain me throughout the more intense moves that came this week.

By week 5 I was not liking this workout. I was starting to feel a lack of motivation for my workouts and I had to dig deep to keep on going and figuring out WHY I was feeling that way. What I wrote down, and what I found—- was this: I am impatient. Those three words embody why I felt this way. I was not learning to appreciate the new flexibility I WAS experiencing. I was not grateful for the ability I was finding I had to do 10 pushups, and slow Tricep pushups. I was not grateful for the light between my thighs. 🙂 I was not enjoying the slow, and controlled, fluid movements and beauty of being ABLE to do yoga and Pilates, and how amazing my body truly felt. I DID notice that I was stronger. I DID notice that my balance and flexibility were actually surprising me each day. So what was the issue? Impatience with myself learning a new thing. I had always liked “FAST, and FURIOUS” if you will. Not so much jumping and lunging—- but the fast reps, the quick changes in movements and cardio that other programs had offered. This program was teaching me how to flow with my energy, how to safely change positions and stretch and hold poses to build muscle and learn endurance in a new light. And I’ll tell ya— learning to appreciate the power that came from holding a plank and enduring a low lunge versus running 3 miles, was a struggle! BUT———— I did it.

So week 6,7,8 went by without a struggle. I learned that this program was working me in ways I’d never been worked before. I was learning something totally NEW about my body. That was exciting to me. I had to FINISH this program now, not to just FINISH—- but to prove to myself, yet again, that I can do HARD THINGS. This wasn’t hard so much in the physical exertion sense— this was hard because I legitimately did NOT enjoy it at times. Holding poses and stretching and learning to be amazed at my own new abilities! I could do back bends!!!! I could almost do the splits! I was more balanced in my ankles and knees, and through my spine. THESE things were the catalyst to finishing strong and finishing well.

And you know what? It all WAS worth it. The plan DID give me results. There is always one or two things that happen to me when I finish a program that were unforeseen— and after PiYO? Yep. It happened again! As I was taking my after pictures, I did like I usually do and make sure my exercise pants are just covering my belly button, since I am so embarrassed at what my stretch marks look like from my 4 pregnancies. It was always just so saggy and gross looking in my mind. But today, as I was looking in the mirror, I noticed some definition in my obliques and some lifting in my abs and just had the flicker of a thought to pull those pants down a bit and just SEE if it was “so bad.” And you guessed it. I was surprised by what I saw. On my own body! That I look at every day! My belly has been lifted more by this workout than any other. So I got brave and took pictures of it so I can have this proof. Pictures are so powerful in a fitness journey– I hope you took yours! I honestly NEVER (again, self imposed barrier) had the faith that my tummy would “go back” and stop being floppy and muffin toppy. Is that a word?? haha!

So there you have it! I didn’t lose a ton of weight, as I am not in a physical place to do so– but I did lose 2 lbs, and 1.5 inches. I broke through to the 20’s in my waist line, and that in and of itself is a GOAL reached of mine, so I count all of this as a HUGE success, and I learned a TON about myself and the limits of my body AND mind. I love what I do. 🙂 I love that THIS is my j-o-b. Stay healthy and learn to improve my mind and body!

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