Is your physical UN-wellness keeping you from reaching your potential and goals???

I’m not all about a bikini bombshell body. I am not about the size of jeans someone wears. I don’t care about your bulges and muffin top. I really don’t. But I can’t deny that since I have lost weight, and become physically healthy, that the success in ALL areas of my life has gone dramatically UP.

There was a time, when I wondered what was good in my life often. I had to make a habit of it at one point so that I could make it through my days. I have learned so much in the last few years of my life, the connection between our Spiritual Wellness, and our Physical Wellness. And people—— these two go HAND IN HAND. And ultimately affect your Mental Wellness as well.
As I see the rift widening between people that have DRIVE and PURPOSE in life, and the people that are suffering with self-confidence, depression, and jealousy of successful people, I also see a difference in their health choices. Its just fact people. It JUST IS. That when you are physically well, you can perform at a higher level of thinking, activity, and even have a higher capacity to learn, grow and see challenges as stepping stones. Its quite incredible really. When you are not physically well, you spend time and money on doctor visits, altering your mind and body with prescriptions, and often feel tired and fatigued and overwhelmed with life’s tasks. I know that mental illness has its own realm– and I dont mean to deny the fact that some people have little choice in this matter— but my point is not for that SMALL %age. It is FOR YOU, who DO have the choice. YOU DO have the choice to change. And YOU DO have the option to LEARN about how to change. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to change, simply because you can’t forgive yourself for the past choices that were not in your best interest. But NOW— you know there is something better!
Some people feel like if they change, then their family/friends will ridicule them, condemn them and even scoff. That my friends, is a sad, but real tale. It takes one sometimes, to start a change in a family or friend circle. Sometimes you have to let certain influences and people go in life to achieve something greater. But I am finding as I coach people through this battle, that that is where I come in as a coach. Someone that truly wants their success! Someone that truly CARE and sympathizes with the rough spots, cuz Heaven knows I’ve been there. Someone to cheer you on when no one else is. Someone to give you ideas and support when you feel in a rut.
I host Challenge Groups each month– and I do NOT take this lightly. This is a LIFE change— an opportunity to experience SUCCESS in your life, in the health realm, which I believe, will help every other aspect of your life! I know God has a plan for each of us, and a great and happy life to live- and becoming physically well, and learning to master this body of ours allows for FREEDOM to love more deeply, care more fully, live life to its fullest, and become leaders in our circles of influence. I believe ANYONE can have success if they choose to. Success is a DAILY choice. The choice is YOURS. And aren’t you grateful?!
If you are interested in experiencing this, contact me! I don’t care if you’ve said no to me in the past, or didn’t think this was for you last week or last year, but now you are READY. I want to hear from you! I know someone is reading this today, that NEEDS this. I was prompted to put this out there today. 
Today is the last day to secure a spot for the group starting Next week, and another REgistration will open Oct 20 for the Nov 3 PostPartum Women’s Group. Either way, please let me know if you want a spot. I’m excited to work with you, and to share with you lots of motivation, tips, ideas, and paths to success!
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