OK. My #review on the crazy #SHAKEOLOGY…..

Why am I doing this intense review?

Welllllll……………… because I want the record to be set STRAIGHT.

You should know, that I lost a lot of weight BEFORE Shakeology came into my life. In fact, I am confident that I could have lost it all without it!

So WHY am I spending $100/mo and drinking it daily? WHAT??!?!?!??!

Let’s back up to two years ago……….
to hear the WHOLE story, read through the four part “MY story” saga.

But here are the BASICS: I was not well. I was ok, but not well. I was functioning, but not well. I was having hormone issues, weight gain issues, headaches daily, and diagnosed infertile. SO—- I went to the doctor, and was diagnosed Pre-Diabetic, type 2. Soooo I had a problem with my liver, my insulin was not doing its job, and I was not WELL. The docs said lose weight, and stop eating sugar. FO-EV-AH. Mmmhmmm. Ok. That ensued some crying. Which ensued some studying, which ensued some knowledge, which ensued some weight loss and drastic diet changes, which ensued success, which ensued people asking, which ensued more studying, which ensued COACHING, which ensued finding products that would ENSURE results for people less self motivated than I, as well as less intense and less inconsistent as I had to endure.

Did you catch all that??? And during all this studying and working out, and diet changes, I was ignoring all the posts by my friends and neighbors that had recently found Beachbody products and were seeing success a lot faster than I did, and so I immediately passed it off as a gimmick, and a less effective approach than what I had done. I mean, 30 minute workouts and a meal a day that could get you to lose 12 inches in a month and 10 lbs? What.Ever………….. 😉 Plus, it had green tea in it, and that was against my religious code of health.  So, I scoffed at it, and wondered when the fad would end. I mean, its ALL over the place now. At least, where I live.

BUT— when I started searching for a way to get MY STORY out there…… a business model or product for ME to help people to this the “natural way” the, IN-MY-MIND “better way”, a more “respectable way” I kept trying different things on my own, and you know, they were working! I was coaching a few people on line and over the phone, and people were liking what I was saying….. but guess what. Not ONE of them were really motivated to change their lifestyle. Even though I was showing them my weight loss pictures, telling them what i was eating…….. maybe I’d write a book…. that wouldn’t sell cuz no one knows me……. I mean, I’m all about being honest. And I rarely get offended so I wasn’t put out by this reality, just learned to look elsewhere… to keep digging.

That’s when the light turned ON. Beachbody, from what I had seen, was doing this exact THING! The coaching, the groups, the offering of meal plans, effective workouts—and the truth to be told, I had bought a few Beachbody workouts from Amazon so I could get fit “under the table”…. withOUT a coach… cuz who needs a Coach? (wink wink) But I bought them because I KNEW they were amazing! I know. I was setting myself up to eat my words. But I am also good at eating my words. I have learned to not be afraid to be wrong. 🙂 Thank heaven.

So………”DING!” I called my friend up, whom I had been ignoring on FB for the most part. Ya, I was that person. And she came over to MY HOUSE and explained to me how it worked, and gave me a wonderful overview of the company, and what it means. I explained my doubts and “issues” and she went over them patiently with me. being a coach now, I totally think she wanted to leave at that point…. but she didn’t. She was patient. And she was kind. And most importantly, in my mind, she told me about the green tea. She told me that it was pure antioxidant expelled from the leaf and that there was no caffeine or stimulants of any kind in Shakeology, and that it would have to list it in the ingredients if it did. And basically, that if I didn’t believe in the power of Shakeology— I would NOT be a successful coach. Good for her. Because that friends, is the truth. And I love her for the TRUTH!

So the next few days I mulled it over in my mind…… like DEEPLY. I prayed about it……. I read more reviews about it. I watched youtube videos about it……. I read more, and studied MORE about what is IN Shakeology.

And then, I had another moment of LIGHTS turning on…… or you could say, prayers answered and truth being made more clear to me…… about why Shakeology was researched so heavily for YEARS and what the ingredients meant for human nutrition. And I realized this: (now you might have to sit down for this momentous realization I had that day……….)

wait for it…………….

Not everyone was LIKE ME!


I know, it sounds soooooo shallow. But when I am honest with myself, and take my slice of humble pie (we all have our weaknesses, come on) I realize that deep inside, I HOPE that everyone has my same desires and passions and hopes in life. That somehow I can transfer part of myself into them so that they can DO what I have DONE…….. so that they don’t have to worry about this Shakeology business— so I didn’t have to worry about this Shakeology business!

However……. thank the Lord that I am the only one like me! Lol!!! And all of you are grateful too, I am sure! Lol! I am totally laughing while I write this…….

How did I learn this so amazingly NEW idea??????

Well, thank goodness for my husband, ya’ll were saved from having to be like me. We went on a date, and I was troubled in my mind about all of this Shakeology business. I was telling him that I felt like all people could get healthy if they really wanted to, withOUT any supplements! And he simply said, “Well, hun, maybe YOU can, but not everyone is like you. Not everyone is self motivated to search everything out, to learn what is good for them, to keep food journals, and to go to holistic doctors and try things by trial and error and see what truly works over time…….” He made his point. I guess I am kind of a deep research kind of gal, and yes, i realized that not everyone was like me.

And what he said next was the kicker………..

And this is getting a lot longer than I anticipated, so I’m gonna have to make it a mini-series…….
Who is ready to hear the next installment in the Shakeology saga?

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  1. Robyn Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Haters will be haters. Love them anyway and hope for the best! But you and I know better! And we're better for it!

  2. Robyn Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Haha!! Ok, ok! I'm getting on it!!! But I got to admit…. I kinda like the fact that you're hanging…. Lol! Makes me feel all cool and stuff. ?

  3. Robyn Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Haha!! Ok, ok! I'm getting on it!!! But I got to admit…. I kinda like the fact that you're hanging…. Lol! Makes me feel all cool and stuff. ?

  4. Robyn Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Thanks mom! I'm glad you own me! ❤️

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