Shakeology REVIEW part II- the RESEARCH.


So now that I KNOW that over 100 people read part one in less than 24 hours….. SOMEONE is interested in Shakeology besides me. 🙂

Yay for you.

Ok. Continuing on from part I- discovering that I’m unique. I know- BIG discovery! 😉

My husband said,

“Well, some people don’t know what it feels like to eat right. And Shakeology, gives them the opportunity to FEEL what it feels like, to eat healthy. To get one meal a day that feels good to them, and they will notice a difference, and sometimes that is what people need to push on and start really changing things. Is just feeling good.”

Well folks, he hit it on the head that particular day. Helping me see that Shakeology maybe wasn’t what I was looking for—- but it was something that a LOT of other people were looking for. And that drove me to do more research. To find out what was IN Shakeology that “made” people feel good.

First know these three things:
#1: Shakeology is NOT a protein powder.
#2: Shakeology is NOT a weight-loss shake.
#3: Shakeology is NOT a recovery, post workout drink.

Then what the heck is it??????

Shakeology is a HEALTH SUPPLEMENT. A meal replacement. A daily health shake.

Oh brother. Another supplement. I can’t tell you how many SUPPLEMENTS I was sick of hearing about! How about those herbal drinks…. how about those capsules and little sealed packets of green powder that contain miracles. How about those raspberry ketones? What about those super vitamin detox packs that cost and arm and a leg? What about those amalase drinks and appetite suppressants? What about the high protein, low carb meal plans and bars that throw your body into ketosis and damage your liver? What about the regular protein powders you can get at WalMart for like $15? What about the super fix-all recover drinks for like $80 at GNC? (IE: Amalase, SlimFast, HerbalLife, Medfast, Advocare, ItWorks, etc.)

I didn’t need a stinkin’ supplement to get my nutrition! Seriously people. That was my thought process for a LONG…… TIME……..

Let’s take a little break to learn about nutrition……….

Supplements often attempt to give you those macro and micro nutrients that our bodies need to perform a specific function that we may be struggling getting in. The issue with the products mentioned above and many other supplements on the store shelves, is that many of them are mostly synthetic, which is not the best way for your body to get it, they are LOADED with artificial sweeteners (silent killers and linked to obesity and diabetes and heart disease), or down right simply scam. A powder that is mostly cheap filler material that make a powdery substance laced with some non bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and fibers that make you feel full so that you simply can’t eat as much as you normally would and claim to be a meal replacement because they contain some daily values of some nutrients. Poor souls.

But lets move on to understanding what the basic nutrition your body needs. Yes, all bodies are different, but nutrient absorption and use in cells and digestive function in all “normal” human bodies are the same. We all got the same parts….. well……. sort of…… wow. That didn’t come out right! Totally laughing right now! But I won’t delete it, cuz, well, humor is important too! Lol!!!

Anyway—- so our cells in our blood, our skin cells, our hair, our organs, etc all need nutrients from the food we eat, to recreate new ones and/or keep functioning at optimal levels through a process called………. Metabolism!

Metabolism is the chemical process to keep changing, keep living, keep recovering, and keep the body ALIVE essentially— is where this comes into play. Dense, and varied nutrition, will help your metabolism function at a higher, healthy level, which will allow your body to function better in virtually all areas of physical and even mental health. When you constantly eat foods that are low in nutritional value (soda, donuts, candy, over processed/synthetic foods, potato chips, fries, white flour/white sugar products) you effectively reverse this metabolic affect (your cells are reproducing at a lower rate, and they are not functioning at peak levels) which in turn offer you low energy, lower quality skin, hair, nails, and yes, that fat that should be used for energy? You don’t have much energy to use that extra fat so your hormones “help” you store it for later, and if you are eating sugar as well, then it will also convert to fat storage because you are not using it for energy. It is the natural cycle of the body to store unused energy. Its a vicious cycle for those that do not eat well, and most of us have been there at one time or another. 🙂

Is food the only thing that affects our metabolism? NO! Hormone changes (having babies, monthly cycles, life changes, family changes, bad stress, good stress, etc) affect how you eat, and how your metabolism functions, and can often throw things off track long enough to affect other organs like thyroid (yes, our little friend thyroid), liver, stomach lining, intestine health, skin health, etc. In fact stress your body long enough, and things will start to fail, and autoimmune diseases can surface, you might need serious hormone and psychological therapy to get back on track. I’m serious here. Shakeology is no silver bullet for metabolism, but it offers one heck of a punch, and I’ll tell you why.

So——– whew! Did you catch all that about our bodies???

Ok. We got it. Our bodies have some key nutritional needs to work right. What are they???

Here is where it gets a bit messy- because I’m going to touch on BASIC nutrition, and I realize that the level of 100% proper nutrition for everyone is different, and changes as we change……. BUT the nutritional needs ARE again BASICALLY the same, and can be grouped into some pretty focused areas to cover as much of these nutrients as possible. And you’ll find these groups in almost any nutrition text book around (I know, cuz I read through like 4 of them. Ya, I’m weird like that.)

A. Pre-Biotics
B. Pro-Biotics
C. Carbs
D. Vitamins and Minerals
E. Antioxidants
F. Fats and Omega’s and other fatty acids
G. Fiber
H. Don’t forget our favorite one, CALORIES.

And guess what!?!?! I WAS getting ALL of these without SHAKEOLOGY!!! Remember that girl that didn’t need supplements to lose weight and be healthy? Ya. She ate her words. LITERALLY…….

As I looked at HOW I got all these things, A-H, I realized with yet another slice of humble pie….. that I had my special hormone blend SUPPLEMENT from the herbologist that included my antioxidants and some fatty acids…..
I had my iron SUPPLEMENT.
I had my fish oil and flax seed oil SUPPLEMENTS.
I had my daily multi vitamin SUPPLEMENT.
I had my special capsules with my pre-and pro-biotic SUPPLEMENTS to help brake down my foods and make them available to my cells for use and keep my body ph in balance (You guys, if you don’t understand pre-probiotics, you need to google it).
I was taking high volume cranberry SUPPLEMENTS for yeast issues.
I was taking high volume vitamin E and C SUPPLEMENTS to help with fertility.
I was keeping scrupulous food journals… DAILY. I was buying “special” foods like quinoa, and very lean burger, and mushrooms that my family doesn’t really like, and LOTS of green leafy veggies that they didn’t really like either… I mean, heck I didn’t really like eating it every single day for my daily nutritional needs….. but I did. So what do we learn here??????

That I yet again, was eating my words. I was the biggest SUPPLEMENT user of them all! I had done my research, done some trial and error, and I WAS losing weight, and feeling amazing.

I head learned about healthy fats. I had learned that soy based protein on a daily basis was not the best for me. I learned that fake sweeteners were silent killers and we stopped buying ANYTHING processed with them in it. I had learned about fatty acids and fermented foods (pre-probiotics) and starting incorporating those things into our diets. Avocados, and nut butters and yogurts and even kefir! We eat healthy for the most part around here, and thanks to my husband’s Celiac disease (NO wheat, barley or rye), we don’t have much flour any more so our whole grain sources are actually really good. And so on it went. I had learned through many books, through eating a varied diet of foods and trial and error what worked for ME. And people, the food industry doesn’t care about your cellular function. They just don’t. There are few 100% honest farmers who really give a good non gmo product pesticide free. There are few supplements on the shelves that REALLY are going to be bioavailable to you. Do you know what that means? Bioavailability describes whether or not that multivitamin you are buying at Target REALLY will break down in your stomach and offer you those things. If they are fresh off the floor of the factory they MIGHT be bioavailable for a year. Yet how many supplements are sitting on shelves ready to be sold, and are already “dead”?  I am here to tell you that I have done research on this too— and its a higher percentage that you’d like to believe.

And I started to understand the reason that none of those people that were messaging me were seeing the same success I was………….

I was learning a thing or two myself about FOOD addiction……… and going through withdrawals


Stay tuned for the final installment of the SHAKEOLOGY saga! Who wants to know the rest of my research?


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