Shakeology REVIEW Part III…. the FINAL installment, in the 3 part series

I have talked with you about why I chose to coach through Beachbody, and the process to realizing that not everyone was like ME, as well as explained very basic nutrition and the basic needs for a human body to function in top performance mode.

Ok…… now put on your brains, because this last section brings it all together, and I *don’t* think it is going to conclude how YOU think it is……… just sayin’…….. be prepared to take this all in.

Breathe deeply.

Sit down.

Get comfy and prepare to process what I am about to explain to you.

So after realizing that I WAS a supplement USER…… I had to take a step back and think about WHY I was a supplement user! After all, I was eating really healthy foods! I was planning all my meals. I was reading R.E.A.L food books, websites, blogs, etc, and Paleo ones, and Fermentation ones, and Clean Eating ones and lots about vegetarianism and vegan options. I was studying my own religious health guidelines found in the book of scripture called the Doctrine and Covenants, titled the Word of Wisdom that says was given through a prophet In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men…” (Isn’t THAT the truth? Ha! I love the wording there.)

And I discovered, yet again, that well…. gosh darnit…. we are not perfect human beings! And there are just different needs for different bodies. I know! Hard to explain that one! 😉 And there are even people that develop foods and other products that are outright bad for us, some even working together and even some working for our government… I know. Another time…….. but for now, let’s focus on Shakeology, which I believe 100% was created for a good purpose. And we’ll get to that. But back to the reason I was a supplement user……..

As much as I’d like to be perfect, I am not. I know— BIG revelation there. Even with all my healthy eating, my body needed extra help in certain areas. My food alone was not enough. I came to realize that unless I hired a nutritionist to analyze every function of my body, and my daily energy needs and every organ of mine to see at what capacity it is functioning, I would never be able to know EXACTLY what foods I need to eat, how much and when to make my body perform perfectly. I mean, heck— some times we are born with minute imperfections….. and I’m really hoping I’m not the only one with some physical imperfections…… But through some trial and error I had found some things, some darn SUPPLEMENTS that helped me feel even better and perform even better in my daily life and demands, so I stuck with them.

But……… but…. yes, there is that word again….. BUT I was STILL having issues with cravings and emotional eating. And I was still having issues with my hair falling out in bunches. And I was still having issues with PMS. No trial and errors had fixed those things…….

So, I decided to look at the ingredients in Shakeology closely, and see how close it covered basic nutrition. And I’m going to be totally 100% honest in this review— so if you don’t want to know the brutal truth, then stop reading NOW.

And what I found…… was that Shakeology wasn’t the food of the gods.

I know! Shocking.

It has regular powdered foods like onions, oats, spinach, kale, pomegranate, blueberries, cherries, chia, flax, peas, grains, an assortment of grasses, herbs, spices, sources for bacterias and fermented foods and fungus’ and other foods that offer a punch of nutrition and enzymes for great digestive function. And according to the research I have read, the shelf life from time of conception on the food factory line to time of consuming customer, it should be 100% bioavailable. Shakeology also offers an impressive amino acid profile which is essential for any product claiming to build your body or offer vitality (metabolism boosting).

Point for Shakeology on that account.

And in my research on the other ingredients, they offer a lot of great SUPPOSED benefits. There actually is not a lot of HARD, FAST scientific evidence that about 50% of the ingredients in Shakeology actually DO what it says it CAN do. Yes, there have been studies done on those ingredients that claim the positive affects over many scenarios—- but nothing longitudinal or 100% effective for everyone that tried it. Did that make sense? And I would venture to say that many of the prescriptions doctors are prescribing today to people that claim great benefits are equally as unfounded in their claims of supported scientific evidence. Little side not here— did you know that most drugs approved by the FDA can be introduced to the general public after only 5 years of testing? Ya. They don’t even know if it will kill you over time! They just know that it helps for at least 5 years. Remember Phen-Phen? Ya. I rest my case. But anyway—– back to Shakeology, which is NOT a drug—- or chemical at all— totally organic materials— so you don’t have to be shaken by those thoughts here. Just a word of caution to you people who would rather take newfound “miracle pills” than eat right. Just sayin’…..

But Shakeology. Seriously. STAY ON TRACK, ROBYN!

In the end, I found that Shakeology included everything I was already taking in addition to my healthy diet. So ok. Here is what I decided on that factor. Not only would I be able to get rid of my deep, dark, supplement cupboard (please tell me I’m not the only one with one of those…..) with half used items, and who knows what the expiration dates were, and if I HAPPENED to really remember to take them all each day… and when I ran out… to go buy it again…… I mean really. People, I am busy. I have 4 kids and I love to be active and doing. I am not sitting there counting out my supplements and making sure of how many I take a day and when they will run out and making sure 100% that they are bioavailable and that my colon gets the right amount of fiber a day…… you know? Anyone feelin’ that as NORMAL? I hope not. But if you are… well… just don’t tell anyone. 😉

But Shakeology has ALL of those things for me….. in ONE place. Ok. Point to Shakeology there as well.

What about this powdered food though. I love to eat food! I love to crunch and I truly think that raw foods are really good for us and that drinking your food just doesn’t do the job right. I think God meant for us to chew… I mean…. there ARE teeth in our heads. Right? And there have been MANY studies show that whole foods ARE scientifically proven 100% of the time to be beneficial to human health and vitality.

HOWEVER— there are also many studies that show that properly prepared food, that has been dried and consumed in that form, DOES offer the human body 100% of the time, benefits to health and vitality. Those feeding tubes? Ya. It keeps people alive. But it does NOT have the same satiation affect or all the same enzymatic and even mental benefits of FRESH, WHOLE foods. Using powders and other supplements for your total nutrient needs DAILY— actually sounds totally unappealing to me as well as disgusting. I like to chew a dang piece of steak, ok? And crunch on my celery. Alright. Onward.

So no, its not REAL Food. However, point for Shakeology— it IS all natural/organic. THANK YOU Shakeology for that! That my friends IS hard to find at the regular grocery/health store in a dried product. And from what I have read, the ingredient sources in Shakeology ARE high quality.

So as my busy self, and non committed to my supplemental needs 100% of the time, and I’m going to admit something here……. are you ready? Here is one of my imperfect items of life—–

I don’t eat my fruits and vegetables, or whole grains, or good plant proteins every single day. There are days when I simply ran out of fresh produce, and I can’t make it to the store that day. There are times when I just don’t want to eat them. Times when a salad or an apple or a carrot stick just doesn’t “speak” to me. Anyone out there reading this have this imperfection? Maybe? Please????? Or I honestly have a jam packed day where there is no time to sit down and make myself a lunch or breakfast running myself and the kids around and having fun… I mean… getting things done…… 😉

So….. Point for Shakeology for me on that account as well. Basically, if I drink Shakeology daily I am getting all my supplements PLUS a giant salad each day including protein, grains, fruits and veggies. I can handle that. In fact, since I’ve been using it, on those days that I would not have gotten very good nutrition due to a crazy day— I feel a small sliver of peace knowing I got in that huge salad and supplements that morning quick and easy in my breakfast. Kinda liking that….. a LOT.

But NO, its not foods you can’t buy at the health store. Or other supplements that you can’t buy elsewhere. In fact, there are other healthy meal replacements out there! Did I just say that? Yep. I did.
So why do I use SHAKEOLOGY?

What is it about Shakeology that has driven me to commit to it?

It ALL comes down to this. I’ve told you the research to help you see these points:

1. It IS healthy.
2. It does have proven benefits to reduce cravings and improve energy (which, if you have weight to lose, it will help with weight loss), as well as reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. (So if you have heart disease, diabetes type II or high cholesterol issues, this is an excellent supplement to add to your day!!! I personally HAVE had challengers lower their cholesterol and blood sugar in BIG ways after adding Shakeology to their day.)
3. It includes quality sources for BASIC human nutrition as a good MEAL replacement.

But…. like I said…… there are others out there that do those same things! And the PRICE…. I don’t want to get into a price war here, but Shakeology costs $4 a day. A meal, that includes your daily supplements for complete metabolism and body organ function, your basic nutritional needs (fruits, veggies, protein and grains) as well as herbs and spices that have great benefits too…. and NO artificial anythings— no SOY (which is hard to find) and no chemicals…. ya, I honestly feel it is a great deal at $4 for a meal like that. If you have strong feelings on that, then tell someone else. 🙂 Enough said about that.

BUT like I said…… there are others out there….. what is it about SHAKEOLGY?!!?!??!

The bottom line— after all my rationalizations and research——— is this:

If I was going to be successful in Beachbody, I needed to try this thing. So……I TRIED IT.

I know. I told you at the beginning that this conclusion may not be what you were hoping for.
So NO. Shakeology is NOT a silver bullet. Not a miracle pill. And not a weight loss drink or protein drink or rip off or scam.

This is what I found after using it for one month:

-I did have more energy.
-less cravings for my “comfort” foods
-my moods were evening out
-and I broke through a 3 month plateau and lost 7 lbs (remember, I had already lost weight without Shakeology, I didn’t have a ton more to lose, so I was actually impressed that I lost any at all, without changing my exercise at all.)
-I felt my head start to really clear of any fog and became more alert, and more able to remember things and stay on top of my days, and I noticed a sharp decline in headaches.

Sooooo I kept using it….. realizing that from many review and suggestions that it had a compound effect– sort of like putting good gas into your car, it takes a few tanks to really clean out the tank— you know?

After using it for two months:
-I continued to have all the things before except significant weight loss, I have only lost an additional 2 lbs since then which is fine, since I am at 18% body fat- which for a woman, is a good place to be (at the time of this article, I have been using Shakeology daily for about 7 months)
-I started to feel even more alert and desiring to workout even more
-My hair stopped thinning. THAT was significant for me.
-My face stopped breaking out
– my digestion was ON par— total regularity (TMI for some, but a real struggle for many)
-My PMS was a LOT less

My month three:
– I loved using it as a meal. No longer having to buy other supplements really was a weight off of me and my trial and error days were coming to an end. I was really feeling fantastic!
-My nails started to really grow well and be strong.
-My menstral cycles got less. Don’t ask me how, or why. But I no longer have cramps or super heavy periods. So SOMETHING in Shakeology has given my hormones something I wasn’t, and I am SOOOO so happy about this side effect! You probably have NO idea… unless you suffer with this now.
-I began to realize that I hadn’t used an OTC Pain reliever for headaches or cramps or discomfort because my sister came over to visit and while here, asked if I had any, and,…… I was sure I did, I ALWAYS had some…. but I was out. WHAT THE?!?!?!?!

And there are a few other things I could list, but this has gone on long enough.

My word to you, is that if you are wondering about Shakeology— it IS worth trying if you have a goal to improve your health and vitality of life. And I suggest trying it for 3-4 months to see optimal changes, but even 1 month will give you evidence of change.

And add in exercise? You have a powerful duo there. EXERCISE is the other key to metabolism and health and viatlity. Food, is 80% of it, but 20% is exercise. Our bodies NEED to be worked. That is the reason all Beachbody workouts can be bought in conjunction with Shakeology for our Challenge Packs. These two together, offer you the best scenario for physical CHANGE, and health goal success.

So there you have it my friends. If you want to try something that may take your health to another level, and has the potential to curb your cravings and offer you unforeseen benefits over time as a high quality supplement to your health, then Shakeology is worth your time to try. You’ll never know unless you try it. Thats just the facts of life. You don’t know a thing, until you’ve experienced it. And just a little plug here for those that are business minded… I also like to support small business, and by using a product like Shakeology that is offered through small business owners, if it works for you, you can live knowing you support someone’s business. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Any thoughts? Concerns? Post below and I’ll be happy to address them!

After I re-read this when it was published, I realized that I had not included one of the biggest successes that I have been witness to in regards to Shakeology. My husband! My husband has Celiac disease. This is significant nutrition wise, because not only was my husband, Chayce, malnourished for almost 25 years of his life which caused many health issues, but his food choices are very limited. Nothing with wheat, barley or rye gluten in whole or part (flour, wheat starch, malt powders/syrups, whole wheat, whole barley or rye breads, etc) and that cuts out all “normal” breads, breading, condensed soups, many seasoning packets and bouillon, cereals, granola, granola bars, shelf stable snacks, even many vitamins contain starch! And MANY other “normal” items of choice to eat besides fresh fruits and veggies, rice, and popcorn. SO——- Chayce has a limited diet, which means, I cook for him almost 100%. Which was a big struggle at first, but a blessing in disguise as we started changing most of the foods we were eating anyway to more fresh options, and less processed foods. Almost everything he eats needs to be freshly made. So it was good all around. However, his diet it still limited, and he honestly doesn’t enjoy a ton of fresh veggies and with his busy work schedule, doesn’t take the time to eat a lot of fresh items at lunch time since it is always in a pinch. And breakfast? What about breakfast? He will be the first to admit to you that for most of his life, he never ate breakfast. And when he did, it made him feel sick. So often he would not eat until noon, and then totally binge out at night time. Well, that takes a toll on the body as we read in thousands of health studies, so as his wife, I often would try to get him to eat something earlier in the day to stop the night binge. But, to no avail. He was simply hungry, and I don’t doubt it! Chayce is 6’5″ and NEEDS a lot of calories. SO ENTER Shakeology. After seeing how I felt and watching my moodiness go away (yay for all husbands, am I right?) and learning that it was wheat, barley, and rye free— so after years of struggle to make a meal for himself, this was just sitting here for the making. A simple scoop and it included his daily vitamins and all the other great micro nutrients that he NEVER got, as well as fruits, veggies, grains and protein. Chayce decided to try it. At this time he was also struggling to gain weight- a lifelong battle. When he started Shakeology, he was 172 lbs. A great increase from the 158 he was just 3 years into our marriage, and eating literally TONS of food— but still, not a healthy weight for him, and he wanted some bulk. Chayce started simply mixing it up in a shaker cup on his way out the door to work every morning and sipping on it throughout the first hour of work. After only a week, he was telling me that he was feeling more energy. VICTORY! After two weeks, he noticed his digestion was better. After 3 weeks, it was nearing Easter… and if you know Chayce, candy is a LOVE. He LOVES jelly beans, and peeps, and anything gummy and sugar coated. And every year, he would request that I buy him some bulk bags of easter candies when I would be sitting at the counter preparing our shopping list. So I was expecting it. And expecting it. And all the sudden, Easter was over. And I had to bring it up with Chayce—- I just HAD to. I just looked at him about a week after, and asked, “Chayce, do you realize that you didn’t ask me ONCE to get you any easter candy? Not ONCE? You didn’t even eat that much of any candy at all this past month.” And he agreed and just simply said, “Ya. I think Shakeology is really helping me eat better foods. After I eat one or two pieces of candy I’m good. Honestly I don’t know how I was eating bags of it before.” FOLKS…. this is a big deal. He is also successfully off his soda habit. When we first married, 12 years ago, he was drinking 4-5 cans of dr pepper a DAY. After a few years of marriage, he was off caffeine of his own accord– but still drinking at least one 12 oz can of soda a day if not more. When I started losing weight and changing our family eating habits, he was not on board. And that was ok. But as I started changing, he wanted it too and opened up more to it, and through that process, he started just having one soda a week, maybe two. And then I just up and stopped ever buying it. 🙂 And he would go buy gatorade or propel a few times a week. And then, after a month of Shakeology…. he tells me, “Ya know, I just really like water. When I drink anything flavored anymore, it’s just too much. I really like water!” Well……… someone had to bring me back to reality because I thought I was in la-la land. HOW COOL IS THAT?!!??! Way cool. He said all his food was starting to just taste more and he felt more productive at work, and lo and behold… he started gaining weight. He is now 195 lbs! His hair, interestingly enough stopped thinning as bad as it was. So my husband is a Shakeology fan. He also has struggled with headaches, and has mentioned having less sickness/ headaches all around since Shakeology has become part of his nutrition plan. 

So ya. We like it. It works for US. And I hope you’ll try it too!

Here is a video of that “friend” of mine that I ignored on facebook, then invited her to my house. 🙂 I find more and more, that again, people are not like me. And there are REAL benefits to using a top quality health supplement to keep you and your mind on track in this crazy thing called life.