Women ONLY! If you are a woman that wants good CHANGE in her health/weight/brainfog—- read on.

I am on a mission to transform your life. If you don’t want anything in your life in regards to your health to change—- the don’t even read this!

I have four kids. Which means, I have four people to care for, keep track of, remember their needs and talents, and do my best daily to nurture them and help them grow up healthy and responsible for their choices. Its a full-time job……. nope. Let me rephrase that—- its a 24/7 job. No time off, not a moment will go by that I don’t have a thought for one of my children. Probably for the rest of my life. Its joyous and painful all at the same time. But anyone that has cared for children, can attest to the GROWTH that you feel and learn from these little people in your life. Its incredible. And its also one of the most common reasons, why women let their health goals and thoughts sink to the bottom of the totem pole of priorities.

True for you too? There for a while I was simply surviving. Just making sure we had the food groups that the government was telling me to put on my table, in promise of health, and that was the extent of our daily nutrition plan. Occasionally I would remember daily vitamins, omegas and water, but really, it was mostly fruit snacks, goldfish, granola bars, and if they had a drink, they got it themselves most of the time. We had fun, we did things together and we are HAPPY. Always have been. But I personally struggled with my overweight self…. secretly most of the time. I wasn’t always complaining about my weight or my rolls or how uncomfortable I was going swimming due to my figure. I’d just take a deep breath, say in my head, “Well- this is who I am, and it aint changing in two minutes while I sit here and wish- so just go have fun and forget about the rolls.” And that was all find and good, but I’m here to tell you, that if you truly love what you are seeing in the mirror, you DO feel a certain confidence and peace about yourself, and that rubs off on  your kids, your husband, and those around you. Its TRUE! I am not saying that you need a bombshell bikini body to feel happy about yourself. But truly comfortable in your own skin. And as a BUSY MOMMA, this can be HARD to do! I have felt the struggle of fitting in a workout— I have felt the struggle of making healthy meals for my family.

And I know many of you don’t want to invest in a workout program because you are afraid you won’t actually do it or finish it– and you don’t want to try Shakeology because you are afraid you won’t like it or actually use it— and you don’t want to waste any MONEY for heaven sake! I KNOW how you feel, because I Felt thAT WAY TOO!

BUT—– I went on faith and desire—— two essential ingredients to success, and started p90x in my basement on loan from a friend. I was so impressed with my results in less than two weeks, that I kept at it! I marveled at the effectiveness of working out in my home! I LOVED it. I started changing my diet— now that my workouts were working, I knew my diet was next. And I found out about CLEAN EATING—– totally changed my LIFE. I lost 40 lbs in 6 months, and then I got pregnant. 🙂 I worked out through the pregnancy- and after he was born in April of 2013, I hit the deck again with my diet and exercise. I bought ChaLEAN Extreme, and I lost 35 lbs within 6 months, all my baby weight– but then I was STUCK. I couldnt’ get that scale to move a single millimeter. I changed my diet again, and worked out harder— and it moved 8 lbs. But that was exhausting…. and then I was stuck again. I knew I had more weight to lose, and then, I finally added Shakeology, and man— I lost 7 lbs in a month, taking me below the weight I thought I would naturally stop at, and had energy and my hormones evened out like NEVER before— only adding that in! I went back to regular amounts of exercise too. I seriously WISH I had added Shakeology sooner. My body NEEDED the nutrients from a dense supplement, and it has CHANGED my mind, my body and my view of supplements. TOTALLY. I can only wonder, what had been different from the beginning, if I had just trusted the claims my friend told me about during my first p90x experience, instead of thinking I didn’t need it, and it was only for seriously overweight people…. close minded and skeptical. 🙂 But hey, we all do it from time to time. I’m learning NOT to be that way for the most part.

But now, I use Shakeology daily. It is ONE meal that is totally balanced, extremely nutritious, keeps me up and doing and helps my mood and emotional eating tendencies. And guess what— no prep needed. No chopping, no shopping, just pull it out and go. So in short—- this Shakeology thing is awesome and simple, and good for you. I have been inspired by my transformation, and I want to share what I know with others!
No one can deny- that a healthy mom, is a happy mom!

So—- how do you join this bandwagon??
I am going to be coaching a 6 week online Challenge Group to eat healthy, exercise regularly and effectively, learn about healthy FOODS— like the TRUth about healthy eating, and I help you through the plateau’s and we will even do meal planning and share recipes! YES! I have done groups like these monthly for the last 7 months, and have not had one client not see measurable results!


1.  You are required to have ME as your COACH through Team Beachbody.

2.  Then together WE pick a fitness program through Team Beachbody that fits your needs. It does not matter what your ability level is, I have something for you!
{21 day fix, T25, Chalean Extreme, P90X3, Turbofire, Insanity, Piyo, ect…}

3.  You are REQUIRED to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology ONLY for the duration of the group. Once it is over you can decide if you have enough healthy recipes in your pocket to prepare meals without needing Shakeology or if you find its convenient and it takes care of 1 meal you can keep going!  I’m still, 7 months later drinking Shakeology daily.

4.  Then, it is required that you participate in the online closed group daily.  Each day I will share a tip, recipe, motivation or meal plan.  You check in, rate your day and get your inspiration for the next 24 hours.  You can log in whenever you want just as long as I know you are there it’s all good!

I am your personal support system so that you actually start, finish and truly succeed at changing your lifestyle.  I will share with you the recipes that my family loves along with the quick easy recipes that don’t take a lot of prep!   

We will start our plan and prep week on October 27th.  That means we will set our goals, I will teach you how to clear out the old and bring in the new, give you recipes, a meal plan outline and suggestions and together we will start working out the following MONDAY!  November 3!

If this sounds like something you would like to do please complete the application below to be considered for a spot in this group.  There is limited availability (12 spots ONLY) so that I can keep the group small and individualized.  You may also find me and message me on facebook, fb.com/robyn.c.whitworth or you can call me/text me 2083134741 or comment below, and let me know yOU ARE READY and how to contact you!