The REASON for this “SEASON” of life………

As I was doing dishes this morning, I was reflecting on a few weeks ago when we were out of town, and my in-laws asked to stop by to pick up a camping item we had borrowed the weekend before. They got the item, and they let us know they were sure to lock our door behind them and mentioned that they had done a bit of cleaning while they were at our house………..

Now, as much as I was appreciative of their efforts, I inwardly CRINGE when someone else cleans my house. Mostly out of pity for the person. True story. I hold no guilt for the status of my house. But I realize, that not everyone feels that way.

How many times does someone come to our door and we apologize for the lack of cleanliness? How many times do you go to someone’s house that is, let’s say, comparable to the White House in cleanliness and decor and they also apologize for the status of their home? I mean, honestly, it happens!

But while doing dishes this morning, I found yet another item that was not in it’s “usual” place, and realized that it was put there by my in-laws that weekend they had done a “bit” of cleaning. 🙂 I don’t know if they wonder at the places I hate things in my home, but I know they love us and hope for the best of intentions and thoughts, and give us the benefit of the doubt when wondering about the PILES of things in random corners. 🙂

But I assure you, they have their reasons. And I also assure you, they have their seasons.

That last sentence, is the point I hope to bring across, to ease the guilt anyone feels about the few piles of things they have laying around, or the status of their work place. NOW—– do NOT misunderstand me—— I DO NOT agree with hoarding, trash heaps, half eaten food and dirty dishes left out, diapers piled next to the door, and a layer of grime on everything from lack of regular cleaning. I am talking about the few piles of things that are used daily, that may have to be put there for a “small season” for a good reason.

Let me illustration this for you with pictures I took while thinking of this post this morning. These are not staged pictures, these are true to life, REAL TIME photos taken in the last 20 minutes of today.

Picture #1: What someone else may see? Why in the heck would anyone store their dishwashing tabs on the counter? What is with the flour?? What about the jar with…. water in it? the butter? the cough drops? Don’t these things ALL have a HOME besides the counter? Of COURSE! But guess what?

I have a really FUN 18 mo old that LOVES to unwrap anything shiny, and the dishwasher tabs are used daily, sometimes twice, and this is just the best place to store them. I’ve tried keeping them locked in the cupboard under the sink— thats where the in laws put them. 🙂 But it just isn’t safe. The flour is the same thing… you can’t see it, but there is clear packing tape all along the bottom and side of this bag…. ya. My son just HAS to open things. 🙂 Lack of supervision you say? Don’t even go there! Nope, this is just how we are rollin’ for the next few months. Before he turned 8 mos, these things didn’t go here. But, now they do. And in a few more months, they will go back.                                            

Picture #2: The pears…..? Food out? Well, you know, my kids tend to want toast and other things a LOT that are not fresh, so I leave some fruit on the table for quick grabbing and you know, most of the time, that IS what they take! Points for me! The jam? Well…… its for an elderly neighbor that lives a few houses down and I know if I put it away, I’ll forget! And the meds? Well… they could go in the med cabinet, but we use them 2 times a day, and what is funny, is they coincide with our prayer time, so its kind of a reminder for both! We never miss prayer, and we never miss a medication! When I kept them in the cupboard, we almost ALWAYS forgot! The Disney passes? Ya…. those finally made it out of the purse yesterday…. 🙂 And are on radar for the family memory book downstairs…… The Sanitizer— well, with the recent Hand, food, mouth we’ve had, we have been sanitizing OFTEN and the lotion is a by product of the dryness sanitizer causes.

Picture #3: Well…… here is the reason for this “season.” 🙂 Motherhood is a daily thing, the moment you become pregnant. What you do daily, how you do it, is supporting or destroying your greatest achievements; your children and the woman you become my sharing your life with God’s creations!

 Picture #4:
I have been to some homes where the mom refuses to let anyone put anything on the refrigerator because it looks “cluttery.” Well folks, thats fine. But having my little toddler arrange the animals like this is just awesome! And having his big brother explain the story of Noah and the “mommy and daddy” animals is just double awesome. 🙂 And that carpet cleaning coupon? Ya….. thats on the “to do” list since like……. oh……… May of last year. 🙂

Picture #5:
This is my work space. This is where I sit for a few hours a day coaching people to be their best selves, writing blog posts and reading inspirational materials. I don’t have some fancy desk all neat somewhere (not that it hasn’t crossed my mind!). My point, is that you don’t have to have all the perfect looking items to accomplish great tasks. My work space is filled with pictures by by kids, family photos, good books, and my pc.

I hope you can see, that I am as “normal” as they come. I have my imperfections and my strengths

, and I have my reasons, and my seasons. I don’t stress about what others have or don’t have, what others do or don’t do. I have learned that by doing my best, and doing what I know God wants me to do, is all I need to worry about. This season of life will pass, but that doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish a lot while in it! There is no need for me to wait for a “slower” time of life…… since, ask anyone, and they all will concur that it DOESN”T slow down. What you do, you CHOOSE to do. YOU have the choice to serve others and to be happy and do your best with the time you have, believing in the divine creation you are! And believing that you DO have a great CAPACITY for loving others, for affecting lives and living your dreams!

Or you can wallow in self pity by comparing yourself to others, worrying about things you have no control over, building walls of self doubt (yep, you build those yourself), and not appreciating the things you have NOW, TODAY in front of your eyes and making the best of TODAY! And hoping for even more tomorrow!