Myth #1 Butter vs Margarine… the first in a MINI Series about common food myths relating to our physical health!

I am asked a lot what is the best things to eat and why.

“Bananas are fruit— why does everyone say that they are too high in sugar and to avoid them?”
“Wheat is the “staff of life” according to the Bible…. what is all this promotion of LESS bread in our diets?”
“Margarine is so much lower in fat and calories than butter, and for heaven sake is a LOT cheaper…. is it really that bad for you?”
“Eggs contain so much cholesterol….. but I’ve heard they are really good for us…… what do you think?”
“Milk has so many good things for our bodies……. why do people totally avoid it that are not allergic?”
“I have totally stopped eating all while sugar and high fructose corn syrup— but I’m still not losing weight…. what am I doing wrong?”
“I’m eating less, and totally limiting my carbs…… isn’t that the best way to lose weight?”

Do any of these sound familiar to you??? Do YOU have a question that you’d like answered? Comment below!!

So here we go:

Myth #1:

What is all the fuss about Margarine and Butter??? Aren’t they basically the same thing?

TRUTH=> Butter is the 100% natural cream separated from cows milk, and can be bought with a little salt added, or just plain. As a natural source of fat, it is easily used in the body and has many benefits to our human bodies. YES—- it IS high in calories, and as such, its not something you want to be eating cupfuls of a day. It could be considered a superfood in my book. A little does a LOT! I personally use probably 2 tsp a day, and feel that is right for me. The satisfaction that the body gets from butter in its richness and purity will help you feel satisfied a lot better after using it in your baking and cooking than a fake substitute or nothing at all. I use it in baking and dinner prep DAILY as well. Butter fat is NOT stored in adipose tissue, and will not “make you fat.” It is an easily used source of calories and will offer you quick energy. Many coffee drinkers are loving this information, and have a trending buttery drink called “Bullet Proof Coffee” that you might want to look up if you fall into that category!
Here is a great article that I feel has some great research behind it:

Margarine on the other hand is a 100% man made product. A chemically altering process in which oils are breaken down and re created/put back together through hydrogenation. YES! They did take out all of the cholesterol and most of the saturated fat! But guess what—- all of that chemical changing, has made it unusable for your body. You get NOTHING from margarine and it is basically like eating spreadable plastic and is very hard for your body to digest. Here is a great article explaining the process and the detriment to your body that margarine is:

Humans have been using and making butter for centuries (no, we haven’t been healthy for centuries…. but butter has little to do with that….) and the research that came out in the 1940’s about cancer and saturated fats were very ambiguous as to what “tests” were done and exactly what sources the “fats” came from that they claimed were the “cause” of heart disease and cancer, and yet the general public responded with the claims of “fats causing disease” that butter consumption plummetted. BUT——————this is the kicker for me and many of the modern health students of the day doing our own research to see what is TRUTH——-Cancer and heart disease still rose.

So to that I’d say….. look at the evidence…… No matter how much butter people ate BEFORE the research, and how much they DIDN”T eat it later, the diseases STILL ROSE on the charts. DING!!!! DING DING DING DING….. its these sorts of things I LOOK FOR to help me make my choices about foods and research importance.

So bottom line about BUTTER vs Margarine? Butter IS healthy and margarine, or any other fake spread/spray/stick/cube claiming “Its like butter”…. with an ingredient list longer than 2-3 things is NOT.

Butter is for ME! How about YOU?

TOSS The MARGARINE….. and do it FAST!

Myth #2: Stay tuned!

Next Myth: The TRUTH about WHEAT! Anyone ready for that one? I am……..