Goal update….. the END of January

Ok folks. Its the LAST day of January….. time to see where my GOALS are at!

Here were my goals for the MONTH (click here to see the original post):

1. Bring 5 new Coaches onto my Coaching Team.
2. Bring in $3000 income from my coaching business.
3. Find a 10 k race in June to commit to. 
4. Give $100 this month anonymously. 
5. Help 8 people get started with their Health Journey by setting themselves up for success with a Beachbody Challenge Pack. 
6. Be able to do ONE unassisted pull up. 
7. Get a quote for the contractor for the basement. 
8. Plan out the 4 dates for my husband. 
9. Set the temple day, and call my family members to see if there are names to be done in their possession. 

Here is where I ended up (technically the day is not out, so we’ll see if it changes by MONDAY when I set out my FEB GOALS!)

So, I didn’t make everything “perfectly,” but man! What an incredible month! I KNOW I am way further along in these things, than I would have been if I wasn’t anticipating having to report this to you readers. 🙂
Despite what life threw at us, and disappointments and successes, I have learned a LOT this month, and I am already breaking down and reverse engineering my goals for FEBRUARY! So stoked….. and like I said…… the day aint over yet….. 😉 I am very excited for the momentum that is building within my business, and the stability of our weekly dates. Everything is pretty awesome from my standpoint. 

Thoughts??? I even had things happen that I didn’t plan on, that will accelerate my yearly goals!!! I’ll talk about that in my Feb post next monday. Stay tuned!

How did you do on your goals?!?!!?!?