God sent me a message…..

So my husband reached over and just barely tapped me this morning to see if I was still in bed…. Obviously I was… And noticed that it was already past 6am, and my goal has ben 5:30. I went to bed at 10:30, so I expected my internal alarm to wake me up as usual, obviously it didnt, and I laid there feeling incredibly TIRED! My head was sleepy, my body was heavy, and I just was not feelin’ it. 🙂 Please tell me I’m not alone feeling like this??? Lol!
BUT!!!! My dreams and goals and personal commitments came to mind- things I long for and KNOW I can do with consistent effort. My fitness groups depending on my personal report (thank goodness for my groups!)… So I got up. I trudged down stairs and half heartedly did my scheduled workout. It was rough!!! Like wading through sand each minute, rough.
Then I came back upstairs and sat on my bed, and oh my gosh! The urge to just close my eyes, turn on my heated blanket that is under my sheets (Christmas present from the hubby!) turn off the lights and forget about work was STRONG!!! But again, my goals, commitments to my groups and team came flooding in, and I knew that I needed to do some things first. So I got up.
I read scriptures and some personal development, and then prayed. I expressed concern to my Heavenly Father for my lack of motivation today and asked for help to do all I know He wants me to…… And then it happened.
‘Take it easy today.’
I felt immediately alert! And again,
‘Take it easy today.’
I thanked Him for the message, and I want to let you know, that God is good, and helps us help ourselves.
There are four pillars to physical health.
Strength, endurance, flexibility, and REST. You must strive to balance all four, to uphold the rooftop of health. I have been highly energized by goal setting and seeing my groups succeed and team mates catching the vision, i have not taken much time for myself besides a daily workout.
After my prayer, I hurried through my work, then took my girls to their private school, allowed my son some coveted computer time, and grabbed my 20 month old for a long bubble bath in the Jacuzzi! I already feel so good today, and plan to read a good book, make a simply dinner, and watch a movie with popcorn this evening!
God is Good.
I am grateful for a job that is flexible to my needs, and so motivating on days like this. They happen to all of us- this I know.
So so grateful!!!!