My NEXT BATTLE……I want YOU with me!

Ok folks…… I have lost over 40 lbs, and 45 inches.
Not news to most of you.

Am I some “fit geek” or “gym rat” or “health nut”?

I’m just a mom of four kids, a wife of a hard working man, and a woman that is seeking happiness in life.
I wipe noses, I wipe butts, I do laundry…. LOTS of laundry….. I make beds, I scrub bathtubs and I enjoy sleep. I take kids to school, I pick up kids from school….. I do reading time and bath time, and snuggle time.

And I have a GOAL…… that I have been WAITING for for over 6 months to start. And now that its HERE…… I am freaking out just a bit. Why?

Because I don’t like to FAIL.
I don’t like to not be able to do something…… I used to often sit on the side lines, waiting to feel like I CAN do it before I even try…… and until the past few months, I often never made it past that outside line.

You know what else?
I don’t’ like disappointment….. when I feel deep disappointment, I am tempted to just give up on the goal, so that I don’t have to feel it anymore.

And I DO NOT like to sweat a lot.

However……… I like to CHANGE.

And I have learned, that without disappointments and failures, you are NOT CHANGING or LEARNING or experiencing ANYTHING new.

In essence, you are NOT living life.

As far as my personal fitness is concerned….. I have done p90x3. I have done PiYo. I have done ChaLEAN extreme. But you know what? I have steered clear of the heavy cardio and clear-cut nutrition plan programs. WHY? Because I am afraid!!!!!! But you know what? I am READY for some changes. I am READY for more toning, more definition, and I have built up the strength and endurance through these other programs, and I am READY for the challenge………

So what is the program that I have a GOAL to COMPLETE? It comes out Feb 2, 2015.

21 Day Fix———-> Extreme

This program is for those that want a CHALLENGE, and are ready to be RIPPED, and DEFINED. You WILL lose weight on this program. I intend to lose a few lbs as well. Not much, but a few. 🙂 But my muscle definition and toning. Oh baby! And I intend to journal the whole experience here on the BLOG. 30 minutes a day. 21 days. I CAN DO IT!

And the best part????????

I am going to COACH a TEST GROUP to do this along with me! (through Facebook) And I want YOU in it! NO ONE has done this program before. WE WILL BE THE FIRST! Because I want to be able to coach everyone with 100% one on one effort—– I have to limit the TEST GROUP to only 12 spots. I happen to know, that 3 of those spots are ALREADY filled. They are COMMITTED. So if you want a spot, contact me ASAP.

We will share our meal plans. We will share our ups and downs. We will share our successes and disappointments. We will see RESULTS and have fun and motivation all along the way.

If you haven’t done other programs or exercise intensely at least 5 days a week, I HIGHLY suggest doing 21 Day Fix ORIGINAL before you do the Extreme. The workouts are going to be HARD. In our training about this program, they suggested that this program is for people that are already working out, and have a basic knowledge about fitness moves and knee/back safety with intense workouts.

Do you feel that you are READY for this? Have questions?

Then contact me and I’ll add you to the PRE-Registration list and chat about what is best for you.

And get this………
The first month it comes out? It is FREE in the Challenge PACK. Yep. You get everything you need to see success in the Challenge Group, in a Challenge PACK. 30 Meals of Shakeology- nutrition plan, meal planning tools and unlimited access to my DAILY one on one coaching.

What if you are not ready for the EXTREME? But want to do the Original???
YOU CAN DO IT ALONG WITH US! The meal plan is basically the same, the workouts will just be a tad less impact, but still intense. I want you with us!!! Don’t feel “lesser” or anything—- you are doing your body a FAVOR. The last thing you want to do is get injured in the first week, and set yourself back months during recovery!

If you are not quite ready for the Extreme, but want to do the ORIGINAL 21 day Fix, you will still lose up to 15 lbs inside of 21 days….. you will STILL be Challenged, and amazed at the change you will see in 21 Days. And guess what?????

You can purchase that Challenge Pack ANYTIME for $140 in Jan! (Shakeology alone is $140 after tax/shipping, so you are getting 21 Day Fix for FREE in your Challenge PACK!) NO BRAINER. So please let me know ASAP if you are wanting IN to this group, and I will assist you in getting registered for that deal during January!

I am so stoked for this!!!!! I have shied away from this type of program for too long. This is going to be EPIC for anyone that takes the ride.

I’m ready.

Who is going to take the ride with me??? AHHHHHH!!!!!