Personal Manifesto and JANUARY goals… HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!

So I am going to JOURNAL on this BLOG, about HOW I am reaching these goals this year.
This is not only a way for me to track this, but to stay accountable to all of YOU who are reading this. 

My personal MANIFESTO:

I feel such a push this year to MAKE things happen. To live my life by MY design, instead of living by reaction and just answering to everyone that says they need me. I am choosing HAPPINESS and choosing to fill my days with things that edify me, that bring me joy and to serve God. No more drama.
No more taking on more than I can handle, just hoping God brings me through it. Not more saying YES, when I really don’t want to. No more serving out of duty, but ONLY out of love. Developing a Christ-like love for people DAILY, and learning to see the potential in each person I come in contact with. I know that God wants me to be happy. I KNOW that God gave me gifts and talents and a specific mission and passion to work with here on this earth, and no one else by myself can find those talents and gifts that I was given, developed before earth life, and have been promised will come in this life but myself. I know that being a mother and wife is my divine calling, but that also I have been given the gift of desire and leadership, and I can lead others toward better lives AND be a mother and wife at the same time. 

Here are the TEN Biggest goals that I want to achieve this year:

1. Complete a 10k race. I dont know why, but this freaks me out! 
2. Bring in $60,000 income from my Coaching biz.
3. Help 5 Coaches on my Team Advance to Diamond and become a Diamond myself by Valentines Day -again, scary but doable!
4. Have over $50,000 in our retirement account.
5. Give $100 a month anonymously.
6. Help over 100 people get on their way to reaching their health goals.
7. Be able to do 5, unassisted, pull up bar pull ups. Yikes.
8. Finish our basement with Beachbody funds. ($10,000)
9. Attend the Temple every month, taking my own ancestors names 6 of the 12 times.
10. Go on a date with my hubby every single week without fail!!!

So—– Week 1, of 52. 

What are my goals THIS Month that are working toward the above ten goals?

1. Bring 5 new Coaches onto my Coaching Team. (working toward 2,3,4 and 6)
2. Bring in $3000 income from my coaching business. (2)
3. Find a 10 k race in June to commit to. (1)
4. Give $100 this month anonymously. (5)
5. Help 8 people get started with their Health Journey by setting themselves up for success with a Beachbody Challenge Pack. (6 and 2)
6. Be able to do ONE unassisted pull up. (I am almost there! 7)
7. Get a quote for the contractor for the basement. (8)
8. Plan out the 4 dates for my husband. (10)
9. Set the temple day, and call my family members to see if there are names to be done in their possession. (9)

What are my goals this WEEK that are working toward the above Monthly goals? 

1. Share with 8 people, what I do for work as a Beachbody Coach, and offer them this incredible opportunity and set them up for a Coach training group within two weeks. (DONE with 3!)
2. Contact contractor for basement quote. DONE. (YAY! Did it this morning!)
3. Plan out the date for this week. DONE. (did it last night)
4. Workout each day as proof of the Beachbody products and to help my get stronger with my pull ups.


5. Bring 2 Coaches onto the Lifetime Fitness Team (ONE has decided to join me already!)
6. Share with 30 people this week, what Challenge Groups I have coming up, that they might be interested in.

I am going to UPDATE this picture as I finish things on my list for January! The RED check marks means that it is DONE!

Feel free to FOLLOW and cheer and let me know what inspires you and what goals you are working toward as well! ANd PLEASE! If you want to take advantage of the amazing opportunity through Beachbody coaching, helping others live better lives=—- then by all means! Lets chat!!!