February GOALS are UP!

Ok folks. January was AWESOME, and February seems to be shaping up to blow it out of the water, and I am READY.

Here are my yearly GOALS:

1. Complete a 10k race. I dont know why, but this freaks me out! 
2. Bring in $60,000 income from my Coaching biz.
3. Help 5 Coaches on my Team Advance to Diamond and become a Diamond myself by Valentines Day -again, scary but doable!
4. Have over $50,000 in our retirement account. (But I’m gonna have to change this one a bit I found out.)
5. Give $100 a month anonymously.
6. Help over 100 people get on their way to reaching their health goals.
7. Be able to do 5, unassisted, pull up bar pull ups. Yikes.
8. Finish our basement with Beachbody funds. ($10,000)
9. Attend the Temple every month, taking my own ancestors names 6 of the 12 times.
10. Go on a date with my hubby every single week without fail!!!

Here is what I accomplished in JAN from these 10 goals:
1. I found and bookmarked the page for the race I plan to do, and will register when it becomes available, and will start training for the 10K in JUNE in April at the latest.
2. I brought in $1200! YES!!! On my way! I KNOW my income will GROW each month this year, and I am READY for it!
3. One of my team members advanced to EMERALD, which is half way to DIAMOND! YES! And three more are rising in the ranks as top achievers on the team. My diamonds are showing themselves!
4. This one, I found out we can only add so much a year….. so I have to break this down a bit, but still my goal is to have some type of savings, if it has to be a combination of the IRA and savings account, then so be it, but it will equal $50,000. $1000 was set aside in Jan for this reason.
5. I did give $100 away last month to an unsuspecting person. <3
6. I am well on my way to this one, I helped 7 new people get on their way as of today! 93 to go!
7. Wow. This is hard. I am half way to ONE… but working on it.
8. Framing is done and paid for, and electrical is planned for Valentines weekend. 🙂
9. We did go to the temple in Jan, and plan to go this month too! Have not taken a family name yet.
10. We did something alone together planned out each week in January!!! SO proud of that!!!

So on to FEBRUARY!!!

Here are my goals:
1. $4000 income from Beachbody
2. Assist 4 of my team members advance to EMERALD rank. (WHO ARE YOU!?)
3. Mentor 5 new coaches through a Coach university (I have 2 in there right now… hoping to add 3 in the next week!)
4. Add 8 new Coaches to the Lifetime fitness TEAM!
5. Advance to DIAMOND RANK by Valentine’s Day
6. Give $100 anonymously
7. Do ONE unassisted pull up
8. Go on a date with Chayce every week!
9. Go to the temple once this month with a Family Name
10. Make daily “to do” charts for my kids (any suggestions?)
11. Complete the 21 Day Fix EXTREME program and blog about the journey! And coach 10 people through the 21 Day Fix original or extreme at the same time.
12. Help 8 people start their health journey with tools that WORK- Beachbody Challenge Packs. And I’ll have you know, that I already have 4 down. YES! So 4 to go.

So that my friends is what is GOIN’ ON in my business corner. Want to be a part of it? Then I suggest you Get on my WAGON, join my TRIBE #soulsonfire and stop thinking “what if” and start DOING IT! I LOVE what I do, and I love the complete confidence I have in my company and what they stand for! This is TRULY the program that WORKS for healthy lifestyle change and an incredible business opportunity where they have UNLIMITED earning potential and MANY avenues of income beyond commission. That is why is works. Team work PAYS OFF in this company. Interested a little? Here is a 35 minute presentation (skip the first 3 minutes… we had some technical issues) all about what this opportunity is about.
“What is Beachbody Coaching?” By Robyn Whitworth

So how are your 2015 Goals Shaping up?!?!?!? I appreciate the positive comments I recieve! Your support means a LOT to me, and I love keeping myself accountable to my readers, and I KNOW more than I realize are reading these, and I hope that it INSPIRES you to be more, do more, and to realize that you truly CAN live life by your design. 🙂 



  1. Robyn Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    I'm glad you think so Beverly (MOM)!

  2. Beverly June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Inspirational…as usual!

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