My Latest Battle “the FIX”: MEAL PLANNING phase

Ok folks.
I TOLD you (in this post) that I was going to blog about my journey doing this 21 Day Fix thing… well, this week has been preparation week in my online accountability group and its a darn good thing!!!

This meal plan has been by far, the hardest one I have put together!!!

I have butterflies in my stomach about this program, and that hasn’t EVER happened. This is so REAL!

So how does this program work?

Well, its designed for quick weight loss and muscle definition. Combines effective workouts and scrupulous nutrition planning for results.

The program has 7 workouts, for each day of the week, that you repeat each week for 3 weeks. They are NOT for fitness beginners, or you risk injury- but if you have basic health and no serious history of injury and just do a few jumping jacks and pushups, then I’d say your can handle the workouts. This is a home fitness program, and all the workouts are done in 30 minutes. THAT I can handle. I LOVE just waking up, and knowing that 30 minutes later, my workout is DONE for the day. And with Beachbody—— there is no wondering if its worth your time….. you’ll see and feel results within DAYS.

What is the nutrition plan all about? How can you lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days without starving???

Right?!!?!? I know! I was just as curious as the rest of you. BUT——– what it is, is this: it is NOT a way of eating for life. The meal plan that you learn in this particular program, is NOT a lifetime way to eat. It is designed for WEIGHT loss. HOWEVER—- what it is going to show you, is what a SERVING of something should look like. So if you struggle with serving sizes and kn
owing how much of something you really should be eating for your body size? Then this program would be a great one to get under your belt. No pun intended… 😉 But how do you lose so much weight? The thing is people—– is that people lose all kinds of weight for all kinds of reasons. For the high end losers (weight loss….) they most likely eating a lot of sugar and carbs and salt before this program which can cause constant water retention. So by cutting that out, the body will shed up to 5-6 lbs of JUST water weight, and then actual fat loss can easily be lost up to 3-4 lbs a week with a strict diet like this one. So yes, I have seen actual people lose as much as 18 lbs with this program! But for people that ARE already eating pretty healthy, just an occasional treat or fast food, the average weight loss is around 8-10 lbs. And those that are already working out, eating clean, not much weight to lose at all, I’d say the average is 5-8 lbs. How do they guarantee results without seeing and weighing your food?? Well…. they’ve done some homework. A lot of it.

The program comes with tupperware containers, that are color coded for the type of foods you will eat during this intense program.

Green- Veggies, Purple- Fruits, Yellow- Starches/Grains, Red- Protein, Blue- healthy fats, Orange- nuts, dressings, seeds, etc.

According to your calorie target for weight loss or maintenance, whichever you are trying to achieve, the plan tells you how many of each container you need a day. The containers are pre-measured as well. Here is how much is in each container:

 Just this month, Beachbody has come out with 21 Day Fix EXTREME…. the workouts are a little more intense, and the diet is even MORE strict! And since I have completed several of Beachbody’s Extreme program’s I didn’t want anything to be easy— so I went for the EXTREME version. YIKES. But I feel that I am ready for something that is going to CHALLENGE me. Here is what I got in the mail a few days ago! SOOOO exciting!

My calorie bracket is 1200-1499 calories a day for weight loss and muscle definition.
So here is my meal plan that I painstakingly put together for 2.5 hours last night. (btw….. I learned today, that there is an APP for this program that is only $2 that I totally should have used. Oh well. Live and learn. But you can bet I’ll be using the app next week!)


So I definitely won’t starve, but I think I’ll miss my starches!!! But you know, if that is where I need to back off for a few weeks to see some lean muscle definition, I can handle that. 🙂

I will be posting my BEFORE Pictures AND my measurements on Monday!

I am doing this program with a group of 11 others through a private facebook group and I am SOOOO glad that we all have each other to do this group with!!! So far our meal planning week has gone well, and everyone is stoked to get started.

I anticipate some BIG changes from this program and I am scared, and ready!!!!

I’d love to have you in a group as well! My next group starts Mar 2 with prep week, which means, that Registration also closes that day. So let me know ASAP if you want in!
or find me on FACEBOOK!