My New Battle: Week 2! And week 1 results POSTED!

Well folks….

Week one was HARD, but I survived, and I succeeded!!!!

I measured and weighed yesterday, and I have lost 2 lbs and 2 inches.

Robyn Whitworth beach body coach 21 day fix resultsI was honestly SUPER scared to measure because I was out of town for Friday, Saturday AND Sunday at a leadership retreat that was fully catered, and there was all kinds of food decisions I had to make in a group setting. Luckily a green salad or small fruit cup was always part of the meals, but I had to discard the bread from my sandwiches, offer up my chips and desserts for lunches and after dinner, but all in all, there was enough meat and veggies to “fuel the tank” so to speak. 🙂

I did have too many orange containers with all the salads I ate, but I hope that my lack of fruits and lack of anything sugary or fatty elsewhere kind of made up for it. BUT since I did have a lack of fruit, I also had a lack of energy more than once. SO I made up my mind that I needed a little more calories, and some good fats (MISSING MY HEALTHY FATS on this nutritional plan) so I had a few spoonfuls of peanut butter that they had for our Shakeology bar in the mornings, and I also had a few potatoes at dinner the following night which upped my amount of yellow containers. And you know what? I made it through! AND I STILL LOST BODY MASS! So I am stoked about that.

I lost the most around my THIGHS. And I will tell you what….. holy cow my legs were sore ALL week last week. In fact, after leg day, and then Cardio Fix….. I could hardly go to the bathroom without wincing as I sat on the pot! Being REAL HERE! lol!

I honestly am NOT liking the nutrition plan much. I miss my avocados and nuts freely throughout the day, and I miss my whole grains!!! I love me a good hearty piece of bread and a large plate of pasta! BUT I do understand that although those foods assist in having awesome energy great blood and brain function, they are not key ingredients in getting a shredded, LEANED out body. Only lean proteins in enough quantity can do that for you, coupled with fruits and veggies and HARD, Targetted workouts, you will survive and be able to see massive changes in your body in a short period of time. AND, like I have mentioned in my previous posts…. this is not the way to eat for LIFE—- but its the way to eat for a quick CHANGE and a SHIFT in your understanding on what a PORTION looks like.

I think if there are two things I am liking about this nutrition plan, it helps you understand what a portion looks like, and it helps you see that you HAVE to eat throughout the day to fuel muscle building to burn fat quickly.

I find the workouts to be challenging though. I really like some of the sets, but most of the time I am feeling a burn from the first 15 seconds and really mentally having to push myself to finish the workouts. But the trainer, Autumn keeps reminding me while I’m huffing along, “You cannot get different results, and changes in your body without WORKING FOR IT. You dont’ quit when you are tired, you quit when its over. 30 minutes isn’t going to kill you if you have chosen this workout wisely.” And I have, and I do! I will honestly say though, that at the end of the workouts, I always feel empowered that I DID FINSIH and that it was DANG hard for me, but I made it through. 🙂

So here is to week 2, and seeing even more results!

I know in my Challenge Group, most of the challengers saw a loss of 4-6 lbs last week, so that is awesome!!!!! Cannot wait for their results to come pouring in!! So exciting. I am grateful to have this program in my arsenal of personal health. It will be that program I pull out when I know things are not changing when I need them to. 🙂 POWERFUL stuff here.

I KNOW some people think this program is a hoax or just weird and off. But you know what? Its not your choice and your journey to see these changes. Its for me. 🙂 And that is ok!!! I love ya still the same. Honestly I do!