My Personal Journey: 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 1 (including my BEFORE Pictures)

Well folks! It has STARTED! Yesterday I was up EARLY (I never sleep well before something I am nervous about!) and got my workout DONE by 6:15am. And I am proud to say I followed my meal plan 100%.

I am SORE today. So sore. My calves hurt with each step I take, but you know what I have learned?? That soreness means CHANGE (as long as it is not injury….). And Change is what I like to see. 🙂

My meal plan went pretty well. I am not a fan of eating so much at one sitting, but it did help my energy last all day and man…. my eyes were OPENED. Opened to the fact that I have NOT been eating as healthily as I thought!! haha! Here is a pic of my first snack of the day: Hummus = 1 blue and carrots = 1 green.

Robyn Whitworth day 1 21 day fix extreme

I was fighting the urge to grab a handful of trailmix several times a day…. Fighting the urge to grab a handful of gold fish crackers or chocolate chips a few times a day….. Fighting the urge to eat the last few bites off my kids’ plates after lunch and dinner….. Fighting the urge to just grab those few pieces of cereal that fell to the table….. oh my goodness! I am A GRAZER! I also didn’t realize how many times I DO reach for just a small sweet something…… this plan allows for no added sugars….. and I ‘thought’ that I was doing well on that…. but man. When it is NOT in the plan, you realize just how much added sugar items you were eating before! Things like flavored yogurt…. peanut butter that is not all natural…. milks of all kinds…… jam…… bread……. all carbs in general. Here is a pic of my dinner, which was chicken fajita salad = 1 red, 2 green, and 1/2 purple. ANNNNND it was GOOD!

Now, I realize that 21 Day Fix is designed for SHEDDING lbs, so the nutrition is going to be STRICT. It is NOT a maintenance plan. So after this program, I will be eating more carbs, but man. I was eating a lot of little things…. that just add up! So I am grateful that this program is opening my eyes, AGAIN, to that fact. 🙂 You’d think we’d learn after a few years…….. *sigh*

But the workouts……. oh my goodness. These are HARD. I am sweating my 4-5 minutes in, and heart is pounding for the duration and my muscles are BURNING and I cannot believe that the little 30 second intervals seem like eternity!!! lol! I’m real people. I’m real.

Here are my starting stats and photos for those that are interested. I’ll keep you posted WEEKLY on my measurements, but not my pics until the end. 🙂

My group is also doing really well. We have already had some awesome successes, and some other eye opening experiences. 🙂 I LOVE MY GROUPS! My next group starts March 2 with prep week, so that means the LAST day to register for it, is also March 2! Let me know ASAP if you want in. There are 8 more of the 12 spots available.
#21DFX rocks