The Rewards from my Beachbody business after 10 months.

So many things are going through my mind at this moment. The end of this month, brings the end of 10 months I have been actively building my Beachbody Business as a Coach for others to reach their health and fitness goals, and my team member’s goals for success as well.

I have felt SO emotional this week!!! So emotional.

SEEING OTHER SUCCEED despite odds……..

I had a team retreat with my Coach, who is a TOP coach in the company….. like #14 out of 300,000+ coaches…….. and the inspiration and things I get from her is beyond amazing, but she is SO real. She is a REAL personal with REAL issues and REAL kids and a REAL husband. 🙂 Sometimes we think people that see success we desire, must not struggle. But that is NOT the case. They have simply chosen to be inspired and empowered with how they deal with their struggles, rather than be pushed down and out of the line of success because of their weaknesses. I heard stories of parental abuse, spousal abuse, drug addiction recovery, verbal abuse from mentors, mom’s who lost babies, dad’s who lost their jobs….. SO many of the coaches that are changing lives after changing their own have REAL struggles and pasts that COULD seem too large for some to overcome and rise above. But not these people. these people are taking their lives into their hands, and partnering with God to fulfill a life that will impact generations. Habit wise, love wise, and financially.

I have watched some coaches on my own team reach paychecks and successes amid REGULAR life too! Some of them have kids with special needs. Some of them have many small children. Some of them are college students. Some of them are pregnant. Some of them are older in life and making changes that will still impact generations! Some of them have kids that have major medical problems or have medical problems themselves, but dont’ CHOOSE to let that hinder their ability to CHOOSE to build a business that helps people.

As I pray for them daily, I am so grateful they are in my life! I am edified each day by the business model of this company. EACH day.


I want to share with you, that over the years, my husband and I developed a habit, I guess, of using a credit card to be a cushion for us through the year, and then use his large December, year end profit sharing bonus check to pay it off, and save whatever we don’t need immediate for projects and such, as a cushion for the coming months for unexpected things. My husband’s monthly earnings cover our bills, but nothing else. But that savings usually only lasted until May or so, then we’d use the credit card for extra things that come up (and they always do!) and plan to pay it off in December. I always tried to cover these extra things with my Piano Studio (around $500/mo on average), and it was great most of the time, but we have had some major home repairs and medical expenses over the years that have sucked up most of our funds….. well, guess what?

This year, we don’t need a credit card at all. 🙂 My earnings from Beachbody last year covered everything, and we didnt need to use it! And its still GROWING.

This month I brought in over $1,350 for my family from my Beachbody business. Total, over the 10 months I’ve brought in just over $9,000. And for 3 months of that time I was only working 1-2 hours a day, only 4 days a week. For a mom of 4, busy days, and REGULAR LIFE, I’d say thats awesome. What would you say if I offered you just $9,000 in 10 months? KNOWING that there are MANY coaches that make that much in a week? Yes, that is POSSIBLE for anyone. 🙂 I know MANY coaches earning $1000 a week for sure, within their first year of business.

I have big goals to earn over $5000/mo before this year is out. But seeing as my income this time last year from my Piano studio, which was taking all of my afternoons, and causing stress in my life for my little ones and I was bringing in $4-500/mo, I’d say the trade has been worth every penny. 🙂 I work about 3 hours a day on this business. Some days more, I’ve spent up to 6 hours a few days a week when we were in a big building phase and many trainings needed to be done- but usually about 3 hours, 5 days a week. But the thing is, it is GROWING.

I am on track to reach that $5000/mo mark at my rate of growth…. and my hours will increase a bit, but I have the POWER to choose what that will be. I went from $0, when I started this business in April 2014, to ending that first month making $390- just $10 shy of what my Piano studio was making me and giving us a cushion. To now, just 10 months later…… was it worth 10 months of work? Um…… YA! Just 10 months later at $1,350 and growing. My income was averaging about $800 a month just a few months ago, and was averaging $500/mo a few months before that….. it just GROWS. Since August, my income has tripled, and I know it will triple again in a few months. How do I know? Because I hold the keys to make it so. Being a business owner, I can CHOOSE. And this company has NO limits on your financial success. The avenues of income are incredible. Our dreams are all attainable, and we are helping SOOOO many more people that we were before, in bigger ways. Being able to offer this to others is EMPOWERING! I love what I do. There is NOTHING negative about this work. Nothing that i can think of. It is all GOODNESS. Rooted in integrity, truth, and awesomeness. 🙂

Personal Health and Fulfillment…….

Personally, I have lost over 45 lbs now since using Beachbody products. I have regained my moods, I have stopped having monthly cramps, my hair and nails are stronger than ever, I have energy daily, my mind is so much more positive and insightful than before, and my abilities physically are 100% better than they were at the start of my journey. The thank yous….. you guys, the THANK YOU NOTES I recieve are worth EVERY MINUTE OF ANY OF THIS.

To recieve a message in my email or inbox or text or whatever, that says,

“You have no idea what this has done for me. Yes, I lost weight, but i am a different person. My marriage is better, my kids are proud of me, I can run with them and don’t get tired on our trips. I can’t tell you enough how this has brought me out of a scary place… a place that might have WON! I am indebted to you for ever! Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement!”

or “Robyn, you are a God send. I have been struggling to change for 4 years now, and this is the first time something has stuck! Your encouragement and positive messages have helped me in ways you will never understand fully! I have so much more zest for life, and I know God sent you to me.”

or “Thank you so much for all you do!!! I have never been happier than I am now!!! My husband is so proud of me! Our future is bright and I am soooo so happy with my results and the things I have learned. God has blessed you with a gift, and  I am grateful you are willing to be brave and bold and help others through this.”

I cry when I read messages like this! Yes, there are a few haters out there. Too bad for them, is all I can say! But 9 out of 10 people I help, are GRATEFUL for it. They were LOOKING for something, and I just invite people to see what this can do for them. Incredible company, best products, and the coaching and group atmosphere is SUCCESSFUL. It just IS.

So the rewards?
100% there, 100% REAL.
and 100% DOABLE FOR ANYONE. Need info??

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It’s real. It’s possible, and I will give you all the systems we use to make this happen for YOU.