I got my priorities strait today! How?

This past weekend I pondered off and on (I mean…. I wish I could say I pondered all focused and stuff…. but that almost NEVER happens…..) about what I am grateful for and if I truly take care of the things I am grateful for.

Do I express my gratitude enough?

Do I let my loved ones, especially my precious children and my amazing husband, know how much they truly mean to me?

What ARE my priorities?

What DO I DO all day, each day to show what my priorities are?  What am I giving my time, energy, $ and emotions to?

Well folks, as a business owner, not all days are equal. Plan as I might, and to-do-list as I may, and as scheduled as my calendar gets….. some days just don’t go as planned.

I’ve started never telling my kids about fun things to do, because I have had a call go long, or an appointment run late, or an sick child take priority. (Please tell me I’m not the only one???)

But as my business grows, my time that is needed, has also increased. Nothing drastic, but just more. Multiple hours are now needed daily, and I have mapped out my hours, and dedicated my to-do-list making and calendar times to reflect these hours.

I have really strived this week, yes….. just this week….. I have made a concerted, FOCUSED effort to keep my business hours.
As a SAHM working from home, this can prove to be impossibly HARD! Don’t deny it! lol

And guess what?

These past few days have been AMAZINGLY…………………… productive! What the what??

For MONTHS I have felt scattered and unbalanced….. trying to figure out how I can feel more peace! And I’ve slacked on household chores because after all the work is done for my business, and regular life responsibilities as a mom of 4 young children— I’ve just thrown in the towel in favor of some seriously needed FUN! And it was SHOWING!

So ya. What I’m telling you, is that I got REAL with myself. I listed what I am grateful for- those things that are non-negotiable in my priority list. And set business hours and stuck to them, and in only THREE DAYS TIME…… I have accomplished more in 3 days than I have for 3 months!!!!! HOLY HANNAH!

These items were checked off my list TODAY:

  • Scripture study
  • Prayer
  • Personal Development Reading
  • Challenge Group posts and checkins and invites and followups
  • Make pancakes for the kids (FROM SCRATCH) and EAT WITH THEM!
  • Take kids to and from school, make lunch for kids and EAT WITH THEM!
  • Finish cleaning out the front flower beds.
  • Work out
  • Have a bubble bath in the jacuzzi with the toddler, then shower and bathe the babe
  • Post in my team page, and connect with team members and work on trainings
  • Take kids to the PARK and PLAY WITH THEM! NO PHONE TIME!
  • Take kids to get FROZEN YOGURT and EAT WITH THEM! – NO phone time.
  • Get kids a fun movie for tonight.
  • Grocery shop and get my daughter her first bra! Look at swimsuits for Vacation!
  • Get slides ready for team training call tomorrow night.
Still to come today:
  • Make DINNER for family, and EAT WITH THEM!
  • Read books to kids and have them in bed by 7:30pm.
  • Finish training slides.
  • Relax with the Hubby and finish planning Family Vacation (book hotels and get ticket information) for next week!
  • Be in BED by 10:30pm.
And you know what? It was also filled with hugs, kisses, diapers, runny noses, naps, the car running out of gas and barely making it to the gas station, and a bit of drama from the kids. That stuff just happens. 🙂 Life goes on my friends. Life will go on with or without your fitness goals, your business goals, your financial goals, your personal goals of ANY kind. You are BLIND to life, if you think that you can wait for a perfect time to accomplish a dream. Had to throw that in there…… cuz its TRUE.
But anyway—- back to today——-
My kids keep asking me these past few days, why I’m so happy and doing fun stuff………
“Mom? How come you bought us this fun Lucky Charm cereal for St Patricks?”
“Mom? You read us a lot of books today…… don’t you have work to do?”
“Mom? How come you are taking us to do fun things like you used to do?”
My answer has been, “Well, this work has provided us with a lot of great things…. but I am learning how to manage my time better, and get my work done faster! Isn’t that exciting? I appreciate you guys being patient with me while I work. It helps me get done faster, and it helps our family be able to do these fun things.”
My daughter gave me the biggest hug around 4:30 today, after pulling into home from Walmart, and she said, “Mom, this was the best day we have had in a long time! I’m glad that you are getting your work done faster. I love it when you can be our fun mom on days other than Friday.”
Up until now, its been a juggling act, and honestly, its been wonderful—– just out of balance about 50% of the time as I’ve been learning the business, and learning what I am in control of, and when things need to be done. There is simply a learning curve with every new job, and a period of adjustment that comes with it! But at some point, you have to step back, and look at what is happening with the new routines and ideals—- and make sure you are still giving time to what is important to you. 
So focusing my on my REAL priorities, HAS brought fun, peace, and what I didn’t expect…. MORE productivity into my life! 
Did you look at that list?????
I got SO much done today! And I feel AMAZING!
God is good. 
I will drop into bed tonight content with this day, and all that was in it.
And wake tomorrow with a purpose in my soul, and a to-do list that will be RESPECTED.
Have a powerful Wednesday my friends!!!
xoxo– Robyn