My personal Review of #21DFX —>21 Day Fix EXTREME

Well folks, yesterday was my report day. I know. I almost missed it. Oh, wait! I did!!!

Yesterday was a NOT a great day for me.

For MANY reasons.

#1 reason? I have been slacking in getting enough sleep over the past month, and this past weekend was especially BAD….. I think I slept a total of 11 hours over 3 days?? And Monday morning hit, with no “real” obligations and it was NOT pretty. My toddler had a fever, and my other 3 kids bickered ALL DAY…. and to top it off, my 5 yr old broke a window in the basement of the BRAND NEW HOUSE next door…… it was NOT PRETTY.
What does this have to do with my 21 Day Fix Extreme results? Well. …… I went to take my “after” photos and measurements….. and well, I kinda lost it yesterday, and ate whatever I wanted! And my body SHOWED it too.

I’m being real with you here!

Not all days are filled with rainbows and sunshine, and after seeing my final numbers, I admit— I was pissed. Yes, I used that word.

My own emotional attachment to the scale had over taken me, just like any other addiction that I have had to push away from, that darn number on the scale got me again. Not too hard, but it took a hit to my brain.

2 lbs. 2 lbs is what I lost doing the 21 Day Fix extreme for 21 Days. Did I do it 100%? No. I missed two workouts, and I didn’t eat 100% on 3 of the days. But I gave it a darn good run! I sacrificed and planned and really put out an honest effort!

Then the measurements came. (Now, keep in mind, that my body fat %age is 19. I don’t have a TON to lose. But I REALLY thought that I’d lose at least 5 pounds, and I actually didn’t care about the inches all that much…. but I DID want to see my body CHANGE!)

Week one: I lost 4 inches my first week! And 2 lbs! I was excited! My thoughts, “At this rate, I’d lose over 6 lbs and possibly some more inches. And it better too…. my mood has been OFF this week!”

Week two: I lost another 1.5 inches, and gained a lb. My thoughts, “Whatever. Its week two. I could FEEL my waistline was thinner. All my pants are falling off, and my mood has improved. I’ll KILL week three!”

Week three, final measurements: I Lost that lb and 1.5 more inches. My thoughts, “What the heck. Are you kidding me??? We better take pictures and see differences or I’m gonna be a bit disappointed in this program!”

So I did. And you know what? They DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!!!!!!

Here are my pictures: (the ones with the ARROWS are the “After” pictures)

Robyn Whitworth 21 day Fix

So what I SEE: Everything is LIFTED…. from my bottom, to my thigh gap, to my quad muscles, to my belly roll, to my shoulders being more shaped….. and its interesting to note that the most inches I LOST were in my legs and hips. I lost 1 inch in the waist, none from the arms and 1 from the bust… the remaining 5.5 inches were 1.5 from each leg, and 2 from my HIPS!

So this program DID change my BODY! My lower body especially. So if you want a program to effectively lift up your back muscles, bottom, and abs, this is the one for YOU. I don’t have a picture, but I swear by my husband’s word that the back of my thighs are almost 100% Cellulite Free! Which is a BIG deal for me! They are looking SMOOTHER each workout I finish. ๐Ÿ™‚

So needless to say, after realizing my TRUE successes, today was AWESOME. I had a skip in my step, and my life was great! My toddler is feeling much better, and Beachbody yet again, DELIVERED great changes!

And then today, I was at Target grabbing some baby wipes while I had a few minutes to spare before picking up my daughter from gymnastics, I noticed the clearance rack in the girls section. I am always up for getting my girls something cute on sale, so I ran over to do a quick run through. As I was pulling out the size 10/12 shirts, and thinking if my daughter would like them- AFTER ALL— they were marked down to $2!!! HELLO! Ya just gotta LOOK at that price! But there were these cute stripped shirts, and as I held up a size 14/16 in GIRLS, I thought, “You know, I bet I could fit one of these, I have no rolls to hide anymore….” SO I quickly tried it on in the dressing room, and BINGO!
$2 shirt FOR ME! From the GIRLS section no less! And after looking at my picture, I KNOW that #21DFX 21 Day FIX Extreme did GOOD things for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

No, I didn’t LOVE the entire program all that much, I’ll be honest.

I didn’t like the low carb nutrition plan, but I DID like the containers for portions. That was a good reference for daily portioning for me. I also liked my Shakeology with water, surprisingly… I added a bit of cinnamon, and made sure the water was ICE COLD, and just a few drops of pure vanilla extract, and I really enjoyed it. That was a good find for me. Now I get 2 cups of water with my Shakeology daily, whereas I didn’t get any before!

As for the WORKOUTS….. they are HARD. They really are. Challenging is a good word to use. The first week was BRUTAL. I was SO SORE I couldn’t sit on the toilet without wincing for two days, and felt it in my hips and bottom for another day or two. And my shoulders…… always sore after Dirty 30. But you know what? I am proud that I did it! I am grateful to have it under my belt, and I’ll be excited for anyone else that does this program!!!

BEFORE (2012- 180 lbs)                             TODAY (2015- 142 lbs I’ve seen
as low as 138- I bounce around 140 a lot… and started this program at 144, so it was all good.)

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