My Yearly Goal Update: End of Feb stats

So its March 12…. and I’m JUST sitting down to see where I ended up on my goals……..

It happens!

But I am super excited to see what has been GOIN’ ON in my biz! You’d think I would know all my numbers since I created them, but its just not true. And honestly, I think that that is one of the reasons many people don’t reach their goals. A simple lack of real reflection and TRACKING.

I read in “The Compound Effect” (which is one of most popular Successful People books- I HIGHLY suggest it),

“All winners are trackers.”

And I am coming to find out, that this is SERIOUSLY true in ALL aspects of our lives.

If you are not taking the time to track your progress on things, to truly write down where you want to go, break down what it will take to get there monthly/weekly and then take a second to see where you are every now and then, then you will simply NOT get there. You HAVE to know when to pick it up a notch, or when you can just keep doing what your doing if the rate of success is what you wanted. And almost most importantly, if things are going BETTER than you hoped, to keep going at THAT rate, and either finish early, or accomplish more than you originally thought you could! Thats always a bonus!

And not just TRACKING them, but staying accountable to someone in some way (this BLOG) and REPORTING your actions!

Robyn Whitworth measuring your progress

So here are my yearly goals, for those that missed my first post of the year in January:

The TEN Biggest goals that I want to achieve this year:

1. Complete a 10k race. I dont know why, but this freaks me out! 
2. Bring in $60,000 income from my Coaching biz.
3. Help 5 Coaches on my Team Advance to Diamond and become a Diamond myself by Valentines Day -again, scary but doable!
4. Have over $50,000 in our retirement account.
5. Give $100 a month anonymously.
6. Help over 100 people get on their way to reaching their health goals.
7. Be able to do 5, unassisted, pull up bar pull ups. Yikes.
8. Finish our basement with Beachbody funds. ($10,000)
9. Attend the Temple every month, taking my own ancestors names 6 of the 12 times.
10. Go on a date with my hubby every single week without fail!!!

And here is the update as of today, March 11:

1. 10K Race is PICKED OUT, and as soon as registration opens, I will register for it! I will be doing the 10k at that Scenic River Classic in Idaho Falls, in JUNE. Training will begin SHORTLY. 100%

2. I have brought in over $3000 so far, NOT where I need to be, but I am confident that my business will keep growing in the UPWARD direction and my paychecks will rise with it. 🙂 I’m sitting at 5% for the year, at 40% monthly.

3. I now have 3 coaches advanced to Emerald status, which is just a few coaches from DIAMOND! I am not a Diamond myself YET….. to be a Diamond, I need to assist two of my personal team members to Emerald Coach, and yes, I have three, BUT they have to be evenly distributed in my organization, and right now I am one sided. Its a simple means of assisting the other side of my business, but that depends if those coaches are READY to build, and so far, they are getting there, just not quite as quick as the other side. So I KNOW it will happen here soon. I’d say I’m 20% on this goal.

4. We are at 32% of that goal….. so we are looking good on that…. Kind of excited actually! I’d say that this rate of increas will get us to our goal, so I’m going to say we are 100% on this.

5. Jan and Feb I DID give $100 anonymously and I have already given $100 this month to a non suspecting person. 🙂 This was a GOOD goal. It makes me happy each month!!! 100%.

6. I have helped 16 people get started on their Health Journey using Beachbody products, but have helped over 75 in some way, PERSONALLY, with my knowledge and leadership. That is very fulfilling and exciting to me! But to reach 100 getting started with Beachbody products (which I LOVE), I need to help 8 each month. And so at 16 we are100%!

7. This goal…….. my goodness it is kicking my butt. I still cannot do even ONE. I am about 3/4 of the way. I’m kinda hoping that once I can do 1, the other 4 will be easier???? Anyone have thoughts on that? So I’d say I am about 15% on this goal……. ugh.

8. The BASEMENT! Is YES— getting finished faster than I thought! Its funny how we’ve let it “be” for 8 years. But we keep SAYING that we are working on it… (not really though) And now that its on the GOAL board its all of a sudden getting done- and FAST. We are currently ready for drywall, and the contractor for that is in the works. Electrical is DONE and light fixtures/switches, etc are bought and we are READY. Kind of exciting! And yes, BEACHBODY has paid for it. 🙂 It has cost $1,200 so far. Id’s say we are about 30% on this goal as well, which, as the year goes, is a good place to be, so I’m giving a 100% at this POINT. YES!

9. So far so good on this one too! No family names yet, but we did go in Jan and Feb! 100%!

10. We are doing really well on this. Again, like #8, we have ALWAYS had this goal, and talk about how we need to do it, but honestly, until this year, its probably been about a 30% success most months…. but now, that its on the NON-negotiable radar, we are hitting it 100%! And Now that its been a few months, I find myself already thinking of it on Monday’s as I plan out my week. It is officially a HABIT in my mind! YES!!!!!

So where do I need to go from TODAY to get each of these goals up to 100% in the next few months?

My goals for MARCH, to get me on my way:

1. Print out and PLAN out my 10K training. In Feb I also had a goal to complete 21 Day Fix EXTREME in prep for this training, and I DID!!! So proud of that! Read my review here.

2. This kind of goes hand in hand with #3, so as I Advance 3 more of my coaches to Emerald, and become a DIAMOND myself, my income will double. I am going to accomplish for that this month!

3. See #2.

4. Keep doing what I’m doing there.

5. DONE.

6. Help 8 more people get started with their Health Journey through Beachbody from TODAY, this month.

7. Do ONE pull up by the end of the month!! I CAN DO IT!

8. Research drywall companies and get the drywall quoted out by the end of the month.

9. Get to the Temple with my hubby this month, I’m planning for March 27.

10. Our dates this month will be as follows:
Week ONE- we went to the movies last week. 3/6
Week two: We are going to walk along the green belt and then hit the froyo! Excited! 3/13
Week three: We are going out to Lunch at Rusios. 3/20
Week four: We are going to the Temple 3/27.

I am really excited for this month! And I KNOW that BIG things are happenin’! I am also excited for my TEAM! They are also seeing success and growth in their own businesses and many of them are making changes to be able to uphold a successful business and make it a steady part of their lives. It creates HOPE and fulfillment, and excitement in the whole team as we advance together. I LOVE IT.

I am so grateful for a purposeful life. So grateful for the ability I have to CHOOSE my life goals, to CHOOSE how I act daily, to CHOOSE what foods I eat, and the exercise I can do. So blessed.

And what I hope all of you reading this realize……. that this is not just for ME. THis is for ANYONE that wants it. The Beachbody business model INCLUDES teaching the way to goal setting, to thinking FREELY, to learning to LEAD, to learning to see what true SUCCESS is for YOU. This company is grown exponentially, and the fruits of our labors are GOOD. And this is a lot of the reason WHY. They teach us HOW to live abundantly in THOUGHT, which, as we all know—– and if you don’t know, here you have it———- is the KEY to having abundance in TANGIBLE things. It all starts in your THOUGHTS.

If you want to be part of my goals, which means I’ll be sharing with you how to have and reach your OWN, being part of my Team, then by golly, contact me and lets get started. I’m not kidding! ANYONE can do this who is willing to LEARN and do the work.

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