Why I Need a Coach

In February 2012 I was sitting in my car, in the parking lot of the dr office, crying. Tears streaming down my face because I felt powerless, defeated, and ashamed. I was holding a stack of papers explaining why I needed to lose weight, what would happen to me if I didn’t, and the dangerous road my current lifestyle was taking me down. But the real kicker for the emotional letdown? The realization that all of this was happening because of MY OWN CHOICES. There was no blame to be placed, nothing by my own choices and lack of knowledge. And THAT- the lack of knowledge- is where a little fire started in my soul, and began to dry those tears.
Ripple effect with Robyn Whitworth

I looked at those papers and decided to start READING, LEARNING, ASKING, watching, and changing— and most importantly, to share what I was learning. I think God was there for that one. Initially I felt so ashamed as I learned that I had to admit I was overweight. I had to admit I’d had an issue with food, sugar, and baked goods binging for a LONG time. To admit that I have been overweight since high school. To admit that I needed HELP, guidance, and the TRUTH about health to feel confident in my actions to change my lifestyle. It was hard. I still had some very emotional nights. I had some times of confusion, and insecurity in a very REAL sense. I had people in my circle roll their eyes and talk behind my back during this journey. BUT- I was seeing changes. Not only did I start to lose weight, reaching 25 lbs down in just 3 months, but with the knowledge I was gaining about FOOD, the confidence I felt from KNOWING what I was doing was RIGHT and that it would LAST was growing from that little fire I felt in the beginning, to a raging furnace of hope, determination, and after a few more months, the desire to SHARE and help others.

I now understood, and could recognize that the look of hopelessness in other overweight or undernourished, over-stresed human beings were struggling with the many voices of HEALTH as I had been. Wondering what truly is HEALTHY? What is the BEST plan? WHAT are the best foods? WHAT is the safest exercise? What will last for LIFE? And feeling overwhelmed, and possibly the victim of scams or feeling like failures from previous attempts to gain health and not being able to sustain it.
Sometimes people can go “COLD TURKEY” and change their eating habits over night, and do great! But for many others, it takes BABY STEPS. It takes some easing into. It takes direction, and a COACH to go to for questions and ideas and successes and failures- someone who has been there before! It takes KNOWLEDGE and confidence to get it to STICK.
I know that not everyone understands the PASSION I feel for Beachbody Coaching…. or for the POWER that Shakeology offers for the MENTAL side of the transformation- the STEADY moods, the good nutrition offering your brain the micronutrients it NEEDS to conquer the cravings and make GOOD choices. SO much to be amazed by and GRATEFUL for! God is IN THIS. I am glad that I am a coach. I am SO glad that my clients and coaches have someone to VENT to, someone to ask questions to, that CARES for them and their success. I did most of my health journey with little help from others….. but now, looking back, I KNOW a coach and Shakeology would have sped up that process SO MUCH FASTER and my mental battle would have been eased a bit. 🙂 I am so grateful for my Coach, who has coached me through the BUSINESS side of this Beachbody thing. Without her, I KNOW I would have had it ROUGH! Her wisdom helps me cut my rough times in half, if not more or non-existent. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS and I LOVE MY LIFE, and I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW that something awesome like this is available to EVERYONE.

The “ripple” effect that Beachbody Coaching has had on my life, is 100% POSITIVE. Nothing I regret, nothing that annoys, it is all 100% legit, uplifting, and empowering!!!

ripple effect via Robyn Whitworth

Money wise? I made the same amount in the last 4 weeks, that I did in the first 5 months of working as a Coach. IT GROWS if you do it RIGHT. It just DOES!
Contact me if you want to join my growing team. This post was not meant to be an ad! I SWEAR! But I want you do know its available! You don’t have to be anyone with a certain skill…. trust me. If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO.

Have a great week.
xo- Robyn