A GOAL….. is not the RESULT, or the END.

I want to share something from my heart…. so if you are not in a place to be open and appreciative of my vulnerability, then feel free to close this right nowsmile emoticon
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I have learned from a few painful and a few amazingly joyful experiences that people can change.
Even those that seemed so hopeless can learn to change, embrace who they really are as a child of GOD, find the light and amaze you beyond your wildest dreams.
Even those that you thought were your most loyal of friends can lose sight of their worth and happiness and try to drag you down in their jealousy of you.
I have changed. I know so many people from my past are watching my page, or have chatted with me and if they are like me at all, are saying to themselves, “what the heck happened to her!” LOL!! I seriously laugh about it, because its been a big thing for me, and not as big for them, but still. I was the cynic. I was the sarcastic one. I was the “I don’t care what people think….” girl, who deep inside definitely cared what EVERYONE thought. I was normal, living in a fearful state, but didn’t fully comprehend that it COULD BE different. It was too scary to think that I really could live as I wanted, and that a hard days work didn’t have to be grueling. And that was ok to do things differently than everyone around me. I would survive. I had to learn a few things first though. smile emoticon
I have learned that people can CHANGE. I have learned that I don’t read into what people USED to be like…like back in high school, or in college, or where ever we have known each other from. Who your parents are, what job you had before, who your friends were. What I have learned to key into, is what they want NOW. What are your goals NOW? What dreams do you have NOW? What is your purpose in life NOW? Today… This moment. I am learning to live my life this way. What happened yesterday, truly IS water under the bridge!!! And I don’t need to think about things that have not happened yet. We will “cross that bridge when we get there.” My mind is more free to think about things, more simplified as I’ve learned to live in the moment. Sure I envision what I would like to happen, but focus on the day to day actions. I used to work really hard for a RESULT…. an end. A moment I would revel in due to my dedication. And I used to feel that if I didn’t reach the goal I had failed.
I am learning now however, that the point of having a goal, is to be striving to be different than you were yesterday. If you are always just looking at the end result that is so far away, and might not actually happen. What do I mean? Your goal will set you in MOTION. And that motion may simply bring you into another opportunity, that will give you even more results you were wanting in life. And the original goal is never reached. And that is AWESOME. Just striving to always be a little better, always improving in an area, and enjoying the journey from one day to the next and the life you live. Setting goals in hopes of end all, beat all RESULTS is a FALSE teaching. Setting a goal, gets your feet moving, and your mind working. But the result of working toward that goal might end up being even more of an adventure and more amazing than what you could have even hoped for!
“It is easy to be seduced by the promise of results. We live in a results-oriented
world, a culture that overwhelmingly measures the success of a course of action
by its results. Talk is cheap, after all—and what is it that really matters? Results.
The bottom line. Show me. Proof of the pudding’s in the eating, right?
But there is a problem here. There’s a flaw in this thinking. In fact, the flaw in
this thinking is so profound; ninety-five percent of all people’s efforts are ending
up as failure! And what is so remarkable is that this isn’t some deep, hidden,
subtle flaw. It’s so obvious, everyone ought to see it—but it’s so deeply ingrained
in our culture, nearly everyone is hypnotized into missing it.
Here is the flaw: How can you judge the course of action you’re taking by its results, when its results come last?” –The Slight Edge
When I set out to be a mother, I set out to do my duty. I longed for motherhood because I thought it would fulfill me. It would be the RESULT of my marriage, and my divine role as a woman. And while those things are true…….. I am coming to understand that as I care for these little people, and love them and get to practice patience with them, that I am not completely fulfilled by them. I have other gifts and talents and people to reach out to and people to lift up that are outside my home. I have been given much, and I need to give much. And I am finding out that God is blessing my life and marriage and children with more freedom and more fun, and more happiness as I reach out and love OTHERS more. My struggles with health and overcome my fear of the judgments of others, was REAL. And I bet money that I am not alone in those struggles. But they were for a reason, and I am out to share what I have found, and offer a friend to join this bandwagon with. This bandwagon of CHANGE!!! Finally branching out of the stereotype that you might be leaning on or hiding behind. Cutting yourself loose from friends and associations that are not serving you and the purpose you want to have in your life.
I KNOW that people can change. I am grateful for change, and I know that God is too! He endowed us with an incredible mind, and if we can learn to MANAGE our thinking, we can accomplish and feel and do so much more than we can imagine!!!
I am opening up another COACH Boot Camp on Monday, and I would LOVE to have you join my team of Coaches CHANGING LIVES! I love what I do, and ANYONE can do it, IF they believe that they can, and are willing to CHANGE. smile emoticon You WILL change, and it will be AMAZING.
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