GOAL UPDATE!!! Holy smokes…..

So, remember how I was going to update my goals each month?
Was than an official goal? Idk.

I have reached a few of them, so I wanted to REPORT!

Here is the original post from JAN on WHAT my YEARLY goals were and how I planned to break them down, and here is the LIST:

Here are the TEN Biggest goals that I want to achieve this year:

1. Complete a 10k race. I dont know why, but this freaks me out! 
2. Bring in $60,000 income from my Coaching biz.
3. Help 5 Coaches on my Team Advance to Diamond and become a Diamond myself by Valentines Day -again, scary but doable!
4. Have over $50,000 in our retirement account.
5. Give $100 a month anonymously.
6. Help over 100 people get on their way to reaching their health goals.
7. Be able to do 5, unassisted, pull up bar pull ups. Yikes.
8. Finish our basement with Beachbody funds. ($10,000)
9. Attend the Temple every month, taking my own ancestors names 6 of the 12 times.
10. Go on a date with my hubby every single week without fail!!!

and I will REPORT where I am as of TODAY:

#1. DONE as of June 21. And it was a bit un-nerving, but I trained for it, and DID IT! My goal time was 1 hour 5 minutes, and I came in at 1 hour 9 minutes, 4th place in my age division. πŸ™‚

#2. I can see from my monthly paychecks that this is going to be a huge stretch to accomplish by Dec 31….. HOWEVER….. I’ll have you know, that will however, be making the paychecks to make that much NEXT year, no problem, by September 2015. πŸ™‚ My trend shows that I will most likely make somewhere around $85k next year, and probably around $24k this year. I LOVE IT!

#3. I have 6 coaches on my team REACHING for this….. and I have no doubts that some of them will. πŸ™‚ But as of yet, we don’t have a Diamond Coach on the Lifetime Team yet. But 2 that are CLOSE!!!!!

#4. We have almost 50% of that much. πŸ™‚ And…. its June. So we are good there.

#5. Yes. This has happened each month and its been really fun actually.

#6. I have helped a LOT of people this year, but this goal was meant to be a measurement of Challenge Packs and New Coaches with Challenge Packs…. and so far I am at 27. πŸ™‚ Better get crack-a-lackin’!

#7. Ok. this is proving to be a BUGGAR. I can jump up and lower myself down for 3. But as for pulling myself up 100% unassisted…… NOT happening yet. ugh. But I’m workin’ at it.

#8. The basement is coming along!!! We have framed it and all the electrical is wired and all the fixtures are bought and some are installed already. We are getting ready to sheet rock in the fall along with paint, then I expect carpet and trim will be around the Holidays. πŸ™‚ SO Excited!

#9. Attend the Temple each month….. with our local temple closing for the year, this became a true test of this goal. We now have to travel to either Rexburg (adds about 70 minutes to out regular hour and a half temple time need) or to a temple about 2 hours away. We have only missed ONE month. And I don’t think we’ll miss any more, and it was, as usual, a series of unfortunate events that prevented us from going THREE different times in March. But alas, I didn’t make it. My husband did, but not me. πŸ™ HOWEVER…. we are 100% the rest of the year, and TWICE we took our own names. πŸ™‚ I do know that if this had not been on our goal list, I honestly think we would not have made such an effort. But we have been SO richly blessed this year with peace and understanding and happiness, that I know our efforts are being rewarded from on High.

#10. And this one has been awesome. We have NEVER been so good about going on dates! We have missed THREE weeks of actually GETTING OUT alone…… but we DID made an effort to do something out of the ordinary, and fun on those three weeks…. I know….. I said without FAIL…. but again, when things happened outside of our control, you make do. Our marriage has NEVER been as strong or positive as it is RIGHT NOW. And I KNOW that these weekly times where we are 100% focused on each other, is making ALL the difference! Starting in Feb, I started leaving my phone at home as well during these times. That is awesome as well. Highly recommend it!

So there you have it. My yearly GOAL UPDATE.

I have learned SO much this year already, and I look forward to struggling, and growing, and learning, and doing, and impacting for the rest of this year and MANY to come! Setting goals gives you a jumping off point. It doesn’t have to take you to a specific RESULT…… the success, is what you learn along the way to achieving that goal. πŸ™‚ The sacrifices, the barriers, the true character of your integrity shows through when reaching for goals. Sometimes the goals change, but the success can ALWAYS be achieved. πŸ™‚ If you are willing to change too.

Robyn Whitworth beachbody coach