What am I doing in an MLM?!?!?! My top 5 reasons for choosing Beachbody

You know, I have asked myself this question LOTS of times.

Why am I doing Network marketing?
What am I doing spending my time and effort building a business through an MLM?

“Aren’t MLM’s Pyramid schemes?”
“MLM’s aren’t really ligit ways to make a living….”


Actually………… both of those statements are 100% FALSE and I am going to explain WHY.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when a company asks you to buy LARGE amounts of product upfront, telling you that you will have inventory to sell to future customers…. AND that is where all their money comes from: initial inventory purchases, and percentages on inventory purchases from that recruit, and percentages from their recruits and so on, making it only possible for the FIRST person to make the most money. There is not product that is consumable, that the distributor will use themselves and assist customers in procuring through a sale at some point. SO—–all the income that can be gained is SOLELY on that big “business kit” purchase. Making it so that if EVERY person on the planet purchased a kit, the business would end. There is no clients, no end product, no residual need for their product or service. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and yes, there ARE some out there. But not many. They are carefully weeded out by smart people that see them happening. 🙂

What is a traditional business model?

Someone decides that they have a product, an ability, a service that warrants being paid for, and feels it will be useful to humanity somehow, and they open a business and begin selling their chosen product or service. When the workload and administrative needs become larger, they hire employees to help them. They create a team, and they work together to enlarge the business and customer outreach. Usually, in the initial stages of a business, a large amount of capitol ($$) is needed to procure an office space, basic insurances, utilities, and whatever means of distribution and marketing will be needed to make the world aware of what you have to give. Many times schooling is involved in that initial investment as well. And as you grow your customer base, hopefully, if you’ve done your homework, you will, at some point break even on expenses, and after paying back loans, start to make an income after a few (or 5-10) years. Many business owners do VERY well! And seeing a dream come to life is EXCITING, but as you can imagine, it can be VERY stressful, worrysome financial wise, and a LONG term investment to be sure.

So what is an MLM then?

An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company is the SMART business model. I’ll tell you why. I want you to k now that I DO have a degree in Business and I do know what I’m talking about. 🙂 In case you wondered. And even if I didn’t, google is a nifty place to read about HOW THINGS WORK. 😀

In business school, and in Success magazines, and other seminars about productivity and expanding your market, they talk about this concept of Bulk Distributing. Why try to sell one product at a time, when you could sell 1 person on it, have them share it with their friends, and then allow that 1 person a commission for assisting their friends in finding this product. Word of mouth is FAST becoming the ONLY reputable way to gain customers. Companies spend BILLIONS on advertising, but at the end of the day, they ALWAYS report that word of mouth is the HIGHEST revenue bringing source of new clientele when they do their market research and online polls. Having their friend tell them about it, and hear why they like it and relating to them, is the #1 way companies are making revenue and keeping their product on the shelves. SO—-> instead of trying to reach the world alone, they offer incentives and bonuses for independent contractors to become affiliated with them and go out and share their products for a commission. And through this MARKETING model, they also offer an opportunity for the distributor to become a leader, by creating a team of their own (employees in essence) that they can train, and help become successful as well through tried and true practices they’ve developed. And the company offers bigger bonuses and options to those that choose to take on this responsibility— this Business opportunity. In this way, the base company can get their products to have a higher satisfaction rate of their products because its all word of mouth- as well as get MORE product moving at a faster rate as their teams build and people start making serious income from their small initial investment of their own product. In this way, having a Base company, then TEAMS that grow with a pay scale based on team growth and volume, it is a Multi-level Marketing model. This is what renown financial guru, Dave Ramsey has to say about MLM Companies in his book “EntreLeadership,”

“Multi-level Marketing, network marketing, and direct sales are the names ued by those in that type o fcompany to descrive how their business models work. These companies are NOT pyramid schemes; they are a legitmate method for some people to make some money and sometimes literally build their own business…. The good of an MLM is that you can find something you are passionate about and make money sharing it, and [if its a good model] usually you can get into business with a small amount of money… I have at least 5-6 friends who come to mind at this writing who have become millionaires and who make several hundred thousand dollars a year in several MLMs.”

Seth Godin says, “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need a vacation from.”

There are a LOT of MLM choices. You’ve heard of them:

Mary Kay
Pampered Chef
Stampin’ Up
and MANY others, including Beachbody.

What does a the Beachbody MLM offer me?

#1 TOTAL Flexibility.

I can work when I want, how long I want, and where I want.
Its all ONLINE!!! No inventory orders. Not shipping to customers or personal delivery or worrying about returns. Beachbody takes care of ALL of that for me! I don’t even have a yearly fee for my website, www.beachbodycoach.com/robynwhitworth

—>Not ALL MLM’s offer this. Many of them you have to work out of people’s homes, doing presentations of some kind.

#2 Beachbody is a vehicle for me to share something that I am PASSIONATE about: Physical Health, Weight loss, Mental Wellness, and how those things relate to LIFE, motherhood, marriage, and life fulfillment. I get to offer TRIED and TRUE products that affect the very NATURE of who we are, and help us work to CHANGE our very lives for the better! Our THOUGHTS! Our health, our very LIFE DURATION!!!

—–> Other MLM’s usually offer frills, simple substitutions for things that you can buy at walmart or online easily. Nice things that are fun, frills, and novelties. Some are high quality, but that the end of the day don’t affect people’s lives, so when the initial “hype” is over, or money gets tight, they simply don’t care to be your customer more than once or twice as life goes on.

#3 Beachbody pays me in MORE WAYS THAN I have every seen! I earn bonuses MULTIPLE times a week, I get paid EVERY Thursday morning, I earn commissions on ALL products and subscriptions, earn bonuses, matching bonuses, company revenue pool bonuses, and all my volume and team volume go toward bonuses as well. It is completely LIMITLESS. No quotas to reach monthly or quarterly to keep “Status.” No limits on your team growth in a time period. There are coaches EVERY SINGLE YEAR earning more than $2million. MLM’s put out MORE millionaires that other business models out there. Why? Because its based on YOUR work, your dream, your ability to learn and change. And the BEST part? EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM affects your paycheck AND THEIRS. My volume? Affects EVERYONE on my Team. Not just my direct upline, or my own paycheck. Everyone on my team, when they create volume and grow, increases EVERYONE’s paycheck. THAT is something I have seen in only 1 other company out of all the companies I’ve looked into. SO many perks in the Beachbody compensation plan, it would take 4-5 pages to explain them all!

—-> Other MLM’s have long qualification periods for leadership advancements and team changes….. monthly/quarterly/yearly purchase quotas that MUST be made or you lose your ability to make commissions and get discounts, HUMONGOUS initial inventory purchases that put you into debt and cause the “salesy” people to come out! Order-shipping-and delivery times that make you lose customers like crazy, and above all…… their company success is based in a HUGE part, on recruit orders. NOT customer retention due to satisfaction and awesomeness of the product.

#4 Beachbody is helping me to be HEALTHY, HAPPY, and WISE. As a Coach with Beachbody we have the opportunity to grow OURSELVES in many ways. We learn about personal development. How to make a plan for ourselves to improve our MINDS. How to ultimately learn to think positive! To be peaceful, to be optimistic, think compassionately about others, and learn to find our potential despite what the world throws at us. We learn how to connect with people and build relationships virtually and in person… um…. THAT is a HUGE skill that is being lost in this day and age. We learn to invite people into our lives, and to be compassionate for their lives, and assist people in LIFE CHANGE. Its an amazing process to be a part of!! An HONOR. We improve our physical health with supplements and meal plans that are based on WHOLE FOOD and healthy living, and exercises that keep the body strong, toned, and resistant to illness. So as we are Coaching others through the process we have been through, we are on a constant mission to be improving ourselves as well! I LOVE IT! We are in constant contact with our customers in virtual groups sharing our experience with the products and making SURE that they are working correctly, and seeing the changes we want to see.

—–> Other MLM’s is about money. It’s about selling a product that must replace something they already use in most instances. It is about covering their costs, keeping their customers ordering regularly (HOPING that they are actually using them) on an autoship system or a painful customer retention system of actually personally calling them ALL THE TIME to attempt a re-order. Any time I’ve ordered from an MLM rep, in only ONE instance that I recall, did the distributor call to see if I was satisfied with my purchase or had questions. And I like to support small business, and often order through my fellow MLM peeps…. but am I a repeat customer? Not often! Why? Simply because the product isn’t something I’ll use up– or need again, and MANY times, they quit the business by the time I DO need a re-order! Ha! And to actually get a customer satisfaction call or any type of follow up is RARE in my experience. They get that initial order, and if its set up to do so, put me on AutoShip, and that’s the last I hear of them until I cancel, and then I MIGHT get a call about why….. its kinda painful….

#5 This company, Beachbody, encourages FAITH, INTEGRITY, FAMILY, HONESTY, and just plain GOODNESS and acceptance of CHANGE!!! I have NEVER heard a CEO that talks openly about God, family, and putting relationships at the forefront of our lives like Carl Daikler. He says a lot about how human relationships are the most important things we have in life. ITS TRUE. So much truth is taught and perpetuated in this company. I have no doubt that it is one of the BIGGEST contributing factors to its exponential growth and success. People can FEEL it when they talk to a Coach that understands this, and sees the vision for truly helping people lives more fulfilling lives! I believe in the Family unit. I believe in God. I believe in high moral work ethic and integrity among teams and in the Coach to customer relationship. And in this company I see it portrayed DAILY! Teams helping other teams to succeed. Coaches helping THOUSANDS to break their family traditions of unhealthy traditions and lifestyles to rise above and break the cycle. To end the trend of obesity and mediocrity. I believe this company is part of something bigger. An “awakening” of the world to our TRUE potential to be great, to impact lives, to do GOOD, to be leaders. Its a time of change. To wake from a sleepiness of comfort and complacency and fear of success and true abundance of GOODNESS in our lives, and reaching OUT and away from ourselves and into the world of Servant Leadership.

—–>Other MLM’s its about the GREEN movement. It’s about the Personal Touch. It’s about the novelty of the item. It’s about the SIMPLICITY it will bring to your life. Its about this, and that and the other. Not about PEOPLE, but about YOU. It just is. And it works for awhile. But ULTIMATELY, it grows old just as people do. The novelty wears off. A different hype comes out. A new product with new technology. A new study. A new this….. that….. and the other. And YOU change too. That product no longer holds meaning or need.

So, at the end of the day, MLM’s offer a lot of options. MLM’s are the SMART way to do business if you want to own a business. But do your research and find out about the business model you are entering into. Is it based on HYPE? Is it a product that will LAST the test of time? Is it a company boasting MONEY success? Or people success? Is it a company literally improving LIVES? or just the smell of the room and sparkle of your tub?

I chose Beachbody, and from hearing our CEO just this morning, we are blazing a trail that is GOING TO SWEEP this world. And I am SUPER excited about it! Out of the BILLIONS of people on this earth, there are only just over 325,000 Beachbody Coaches….. we are a YOUNG Company that is growing at an exponential rate as our products and mission inspire, edify, and CHANGE people’s lives for the BETTER, for EVER! Bringing souls back to a remembrance of their greatness, and bringing PEOPLE back together to work on things that are important. Faith, Family, and personal ability to choose happiness, purpose, and health.

If you are interested in Coaching along side me and my growing team, this is the list of qualities I am looking for:

People who are:

Self motivated
Passionate about HEALTH
Desire Change
Team Player
Organized, or willing to get organized
Committed, not just interested
Willing to treat this as the business it is with set aside hours to WORK it
Willing to LEARN and DO things you’ve never done before
Able to see Social Media as a TOOL
Honest and value integrity

Excited about being part of something BIG!

If this sounds like YOU, then I want you on my team!

Apply HERE:

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