Goal UPDATE: Sept 26… Do you CLIMB? or do you COAST? or do you just settle until Dec 31…

Well folks….
75% of our year is over.
And I have been working on being consistent, and reaching my goals.
I am learning that since we really don’t know EVERYTHING that will come our way, we can create our future about 95% of the time, and the other 5% is just by chance. Things out of our control, that MAY change a few things…

So let’s reflect on my original post from Jan. 2015….

Here are my top TEN BHAG’s: Big Hairy Audacious GOALS (this reference comes from the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins- GREAT book for ALL people wanting to be the best version of themselves they can be!)

“Here are the TEN Biggest goals that I want to achieve this year:

1. Complete a 10k race. I dont know why, but this freaks me out! 
2. Bring in $60,000 income from my Coaching biz.
3. Help 5 Coaches on my Team Advance to Diamond and become a Diamond myself by Valentines Day -again, scary but doable!
4. Have over $50,000 in our retirement account.
5. Give $100 a month anonymously.
6. Help over 100 people get on their way to reaching their health goals.
7. Be able to do 5, unassisted, pull up bar pull ups. Yikes.
8. Finish our basement with Beachbody funds. ($10,000)
9. Attend the Temple every month, taking my own ancestors names 6 of the 12 times.
10. Go on a date with my hubby every single week without fail!!!”


FAST FORWARD TO September 26, 2015

Where are we now??? Have I remained FOCUSED? Was my vision of what goals needed to be reached accurate for what I hoped to accomplish??

1. DONE June 21, 2015.

2. This goal actually changed as I chatted with one of my Business mentors…. and we decided to shoot for the MONTHLY income, that would bring in $60K a year, which is $5000 per month. And currently, I am sitting at $3,100/month….. ON TRACK for $5000 per month by December 2015! THAT is exciting. (Especially since I only work 16-20 hours a week on my OWN schedule!)

3. I achieved Diamond status in April 2015, and this month, September 2015, 2 Coaches that I brought into our network have also advanced to Diamond status! 3 more to go…. WE CAN DO IT. I have also learned more about the Beachbody Business model and how the leadership ladder works… and decided to strive HIGH, and reach for not only 5 DIAMONDS, but to reach HIGH, for the status of ELITE Coach in the network! And we are actually ON TRACK for that as well! SO MUCH exciting stuff happening in this business. 😀

4. Well, this one I didn’t fully anticipate how it worked. 🙂 You see, our current employers don’t have retirement plans or benefits. So, we just put into a Roth IRA for retirement. Which means it is invested in stocks and funds, so it is VOLATILE… and non steady. As of TODAY, we DO have almost 50% of our $50K goal… but it just dropped (as many of you in the investment industry are aware) so the value in a few months may surprise us. 🙂 But again, a goal that I shouldn’t set- I need to set a goal of how much to put in… THAT is something I can control. Next year, that is what I’ll do.

5. This one has been the most FUN! And yes, we are on track with that! $900 has been given away. 🙂

6. Help 100 people through my Challenge Groups and coaching with getting started with a program and Shakeology…. and I am currently sitting at 64… better UP my game there!

7. This goal had to change too, as I tore a muscle in my shoulder doing another activity. So I have strived to finish a HARD program, like INSANITY, to still conquer my goal of doing something that I FEARED I wouldn’t have the stamina or strength to finish…. and I am 30 days into the 60 day program!

8. This goal had to change slightly, as I didn’t anticipate our need that would come to change the bedroom situation as our office needs became priority with my husband’s career options changing. SO——- we finished a room downstairs, COMPLETELY, carpet and all- and decor, and new beds, etc with funds from my business, and we framed and wired everything with funds from my business as well, but as far as finishing the WHOLE thing… that is yet to be determined as priority. Also, with the growth of my business, I invested in office equipment and furniture as we moved the kids around and created an actual full office space for mine and my hubby’s businesses.

9. This goal has been a bigger struggle than I anticipated. I have been able to go every month except August! August came and went and I was not focused on it, and I missed it! BUT…. I am still excited that I was able to go and plan for it as much as I did with our local Temple under renovation, instead of the 15 minute trip I had anticipated, it turned into a 35 minute trip, which adds more than an hour to the temple service time. But I was able to do service for my ancestors in other ways. I have indexed over 100 names and entered records for 7 of my personal family members.

10. Dating with the hubby…… well, this is one that you can’t have complete control over either, since he had unexpected travels for work that took him out of range for longer than a week at a time. BUT—–> we have done better than we EVER have with getting out regularly, and we have actually only missed 5 weeks out of the WHOLE YEAR so far. So I’m excited about that!!!

So there you have it.
My Goal update. I have some BIG goals on the horizon for 2016. So watch out.
I am CREATING MY LIFE, and learning to control the controllable. 🙂
LIFE IS AMAZING, and I plan to live it to its very FULLEST.

Anyone wanna come with me?
The roller coast of the UPS and DOWNS that come with Entrepreneurship
is REAL. I experience it every week! But man…. this RIDE IS EXCITING!!!!!