21 Day Fix… is just that. A FIX.

I was skeptical of the 21 Day Fix program for a LONG time.
#1 reason: the word, “FIX.”
My goal as a Coach for others through Beachbody- is to help them make life long changes and habits in their food choices and exercise levels, that will assist them in their healthy goals for their lives.

But a “FIX?” I didn’t want to have someone do a program that WOULD help them lose weight…. but leave them feeling like it was unsustainable.
You know what I mean???
I think so.
As a coach, I actually avoided the program for almost a YEAR.
Everyone RAVED about it…. and me? Well… I didn’t. But….. like I had in times past, my avoidance was based in my own lack of understanding.

And there came a point where I learned just HOW much I needed to STOP putting off things or experiences that I didn’t understand. Unless I KNEW for myself or from a VERY trusted source that I respected, that was going in a direction I desired to go, that the experience or product would NOT help me in anyway, I needed to start being BOLD and BRAVE, and trying new things. Afterall….. isn’t that was I am encouraging others to do DAILY!?!?!?

I finally ordered it. People were LOVING this program.
And I was amazed actually.
Here are the PROS that I wrote down:
The workouts were amazing, and VERY effective. I lost inches and toned up in just the first week.
The meal plan is cut and dry, and leaves nothing to chance.
The containers are EYE opening for learning correct food portions, and simplifying how to eat right.
For those that do not want to have a lot of trial and error in their weight loss journey- this program is PERFECT.
The cons:
I personally don’t like eating protein from animal sources and this program doesn’t allow for using beans as protein source.
But that is a personal choice. It doesn’t change the effectiveness of the plan at all.
AND I didn’t like that I couldn’t have my Shakeology with almond milk like I like it. šŸ™‚ First world problem.

So that was it.
I have had clients lose between 5-23 lbs in the 21 Days. I am not kidding. It varies a lot- based on body composition and stress/sleep levels. But it “works” as you complete the program

100%. You will be feeding your body RIGHT, and exercising your body effectively and safely, and you WILL experience change for the better in some way.

In the end, I found that it IS a fix. A fix for a plateau. A fix for someone that needed a kickstart to their motivation in getting going on their healthy goals. A fix for those that had complicated a meal plan in the past and felt overwhelmed by what healthy eating is. A fix for ANYONE that wants to just do something different, that is healthy, that will show some results.
So while it iSN”T a long term program… it IS an amazing way to get GOING, and to pick it up if you are already going, and need a BOOST.
And this month?

ALL through October 2015 this program is just $10 when bundled with Shakeology. AND you get an insulated tote bag for your snacks for ….. FREE!!!!! YAY. AND…… you’ll get the FIXATE cookbook for ……. FREE. YAY.
Ya. That is awesome.

Here are some amazing results from clients and Beachbody challenge winners utilizing this program:

October 28….. I will be coaching an Accountability Group through Facebook and I would LOVE for you to find out what THIS program can do for you! šŸ™‚
I’ll be there.
I’ll assist you in your meal plans.
I’ll cheer you on.
And I’ll be working on my health goals RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU.