Today I had an experience that solidified yet again, one of the BIG reasons why I do what I do as an entrepreneur working from home.

I have been working from home, building a business that is on its way to making over 6 figures in less than 2 years. We are in month 19, and things are FLYING.

But let me give you some back story to help you understand why TODAY means so much to me!

I have always had a job.
I was that girl that had a job in high school, that would WORK right after school, and into the nights, and miss a few parties and get together because of work.
I was that teen that was saving for college because she wanted to have MORE out of life and learn amazing things…. and she KNEW her parents could not afford to help her pay. And that was ok.
I was that girl that took advantage of college credits in high school and graduated with two semesters of college done… in addition to the regular high school diploma.
I was the new mom that worked for the professor on campus to bring in a little something a few hours a day to contribute to her resume, as well as the family income.
I was the mom that opened her home to piano students and thoroughly enjoyed teaching the kids, and seeing their eyes light up with understanding, and seeing them progress and build upon skills I assisted in helping them learn! In order to really help the family finances, I needed to work 12-15 hours a week in the afternoons (cuz that’s when school age kids are available). I also took on decorating wedding cakes as a hobby and made some money there every other month or so.

BUT…… there came a point….. after baby #4 and the kids were starting to have homework, and health was a priority and dinner plans needed to not be rushed… and family time was becoming minimal.

I realized that I was taking time away from my kids, when they REALLY needed me. That after school time was a PRECIOUS time for me. A time to help them with school work. A time to help them learn to make meals. A time to read together. A time to wind down, and pick up the house before daddy came home so that our time altogether could have a high possibility of being positive and meaningful, and daddy could feel relaxed. This was important to me. I realize it is not for everyone. But for our family, this is something that needed to happen. And with my current work, it was not happening.

Every afternoon was a RUSH. I would hustle the small ones to a sitter, then shuffle through 4-5 students, trying to help my kids with pressing homework and extracurricular needs. Then the last student would leave, and I’d dash to pick up the kids from the sitter, then try to get dinner together, and often it was late… then the kids had to dash to gymnastics or church activities, or piano lessons for themselves, and then it was over. Bedtime came, and I was a tired mess by then, with little brain power left to really add value to my husband… and well….. it was NOT what I wanted. There HAD to be a better way.

My goal, is to be there for my kids. IN THEIR LIVES! Not just the caretaker or driver or financier.
My goal, is to TEACH my kids what they need to know about life and love and happiness. To be PRESENT.
My goal was NOT happening.
They were at school too long I decided. 6-7 hours, with additional homework on top of that? What were they doing all day at school anyway?
They were rushing from thing to thing 4 nights out of 7, for one kid or the other, and I was teaching the rest of the afternoon…. and it was just NOT what I wanted.

Before I knew it, my oldest daughter started asking questions about sex, and about boyfriends, and about kissing, and about how you know you love someone….. she was 7 yrs old. And as happy as I was that she was asking ME….. I was made painfully aware, that she was exposed to a LOT at a young age in the public school system, that I was unprepared to think about and explain! So I started setting aside one night a week to let her stay up for an extra hour and we would chat. But then…. I soon realized that this could not be perpetuated. I couldn’t do this for ALL my children all the time… things would change in our schedules, and well… I just needed MORE time with my kids DAILY.

SO I did some thinking, some pondering, some praying, and some searching for options.
I decided to close my piano studio.
I cried.
I had butterflies up the wazoo thinking about what I would do financial wise.
ENTER: Beachbody.
I had been pondering jumping into this network marketing company for a few months, and as these realizations hit (along with A LOT of other thoughts and dreams and ideas and personal inspirations about health and physical fitness, and a passion I had for getting the TRUTH out there about healthy eating and living…) it was like a PUZZLE fitting together all of a sudden. Things just started falling into place.
I started Beachbody within 2 weeks of this realization, that I could work from home ON MY OWN HOURS, doing something totally virtual, and something that I had a personal testimonial of, and something I knew would impact lives and edify people if they went all in with it…. since then it has grown to SO much more than I ever imagined! ALL good things.

But, our Beachbody business GREW. It was hard, and it still is at times, to grow it and stay consistent with a business and all that it needs to grow and thrive…. and a few things started coming to my mind…
THIS BUSINESS IS NOT CAPPED! With my piano studio and wedding cakes…. I was capped. There was only so much someone would PAY for a music lesson or cake in this area. I couldn’t GROW without putting in a TON more effort education and program development wise, and even then… the economy is what it is. With Beachbody, I wasn’t stuck! It didn’t depend on the economy. It depended on my effort. That was appealing! And it was HAPPENING.

So with Beachbody growing, I was able to stop all other hobby businesses I was doing, and totally work on my own time. AND THE INCOME…… I was able to earn MORE in a month with Beachbody with LESS time than anything else I’d ever pursued. It still is GROWING.

And before I knew it, I was connected with a woman that was opening a private school that was basically like home schooling, and the kids would only be gone 2 hours a day… and NO homework. Becuase,,, you know, they do JUST school work. πŸ™‚ AND we were able to afford the tuition for it because of Beachbody.

***** fast forward to NOW!****

My 8 yr old daughter has been emotional, and I have had time to chat with her about emotions and how her body is changing, and today was an emotional day for her.
I could sense it from breakfast.
I am SO glad that I didn’t have to DISMISS IT!!!!! That is HUGE for me.
After lunch, she came and sat on my lap, and we were able to talk about what she was feeling, and help her see that she was normal, and all that jazz……. πŸ™‚ I was able to say these words,

“I am SO glad you are here! I am so happy you came to me and that we can talk about this right now. It is so wonderful to have you in our family, and I will ALWAYS be here for you. Anytime you need me.”

I am positive that there are young girls at school wondering about who they are, and what they mean to others, and their families. And I see evidence all around that MANY young girls are NOT getting the attention they need to grow with CONFIDENCE in who they are. With CONFIDENCE that they ARE amazing! That they have VALUE! That they can do WHATEVER THEY WANT in life!


I understand this is an ideal moment.
But I had it.
I created the LIFE, that would present this opportunity for me and my daughter today.
And THAT my friends, is something I will ALWAYS cherish.
That she needed me, and I was here!

Hold tight to your little ones my mothering friends….. they grow fast….. and if you don’t teach them and be PRESENT in their lives and share with them their value…. they will hear it from someone/someplace else. Guaranteed.
And that CAN be ok….. but I think little girls would LOVE to hear it from a loving mom.

I am grateful for this moment. And hope to have MANY more. Taking the steps to be PROACTIVE in your life, and create the life YOU WANT is worth all the ups and downs. It IS!

xo- Robyn