BLACK FRIDAY Beachbody SALE! Nov 23-Dec 1!

I LOVE a good deal. I am as thrifty as they come!

And Beachbody is my JAM!
I am SO stoked to be sharing this info with you NOW!

The sales begin at NOON Nov 23rd!

See that “COACH” column???
Ya. You can be a Coach Member with Beachbody for $39.95.
Use this link to do so, THEN get your product at the Coach price!


But even the regular Customer deals at retail are ROCKIn’! So get an account, and get shopping!
Hello?!?!!? Insanity? For $49? That is AMAZING.
How about Brazil Butt Lift WITH your thigh toning band? $29??? AHHH!
My all time favorite fitness tool here?
The jump mat. Yep. For those of us that workout on a basement floor? it is a LIFESAVER! Or should I say…… KNEE saver? Ya. $29 for customers…. $22 for Coach members! Regularly $60bucks!!


Please use this link to order:

And CONTACT me for Questions or Concerns!