“There is POWER inside of you. You were born with it. Allow yourself to believe you can overcome any addiction, any weakness, any challenge, at any stage of life. One day, one meal, one workout at a time. Every minute you don’t indulge in past habits, is a minute you lived at a higher, more holy and more POWERFUL level. Over time, you will be amazed at the path you blazed for yourself and others will be edified by your example and POWER, and will be inspired to follow.” -myself smile emoticon

Another Challenger reported to me just this morning that she MET HER GOAL of how many inches she wanted to lose around her waist- she did it in 5 weeks! AND has lost 6 lbs so far. She is very athletic, so to lose 6 lbs for her is a big deal! These programs simply work. Motivation + nutrition + effective exercise = success.