The Choices We Make

“Action cures FEAR. Indecision and postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.”
I LOVED this quote from my reading this morning as part of my job. Ya, I get to read inspirational books and get paid for it. smile emoticon And you know—- this quote really hit home for me today. A lot of fear can become a part of our lives. Fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of acceptance, fear of our own ability to stay strong and true to what we’ve been taught all our lives. Fear of CHANGE.
Change is SCARY. It just is. But you know, if nothing changes, nothings changes. That is a truth for the ages. So many people honestly think that by not choosing a side in the elections……. not choosing to worry over their health….. not choosing to give someone a compliment deserved……. not choosing to participate in something they are unsure of………… THAT THEY ARE CHOOSING TO BE PEACEABLE. BUT IT IS A LIE!! Choosing to be passive is still a choice. And that choice means you are succumbing yourself to whatever outcome the choices of OTHERS deem you worthy of. If you don’t participate in elections, you have no place to complain about your community or our country’s state of affairs. If you choose to settle in your unhealthy body simply because you chose to “settle” to be “at peace” with yourself, they you have no right to complain when you have to see the doctor often, poke yourself with needles daily, have headaches and not have energy to be the parent you want to be. If you choose to sit on the sidelines, then you choose to take a hit when it comes. YOU ARE ALWAYS CHOOSiNG something.
Every action you make, daily, hourly, has a consequence that you have chosen. And I am here to tell you that you CAN choose your life. YOU CAN change your life. YOU have the POWER to do it!
What are your postponing because of FEAR of change? What are you choosing NOT to make a choice about? That in reality, by remaining indecisive, you are still choosing something— when my kids give me the answer “I don’t know.” I tell them, “well, then that means no.” And it’s true! When you are sitting on the fence, you are still NOT doing the thing. So, you are choosing NO at that point. Indecision is a NO to everything. Get over it! CHOOSE and DO and ACT! Ok. Soapbox over. But really. The fear in this world is REAL and you can feel it everywhere you go. Satan is pulling out all the stops. We are in it people. The war has been waged, and the fence is burning DOWN. Choose to change! Choose to be better each day! Do the HARD things! It will make you happy beyond anything you have every imagined!