Some have asked me WHY I am doing this Beachbody “stuff.” Here ya go.
I know that most people are literally waiting for something like this to come into their life. When I was diagnosed prediabetic, infertile and overweight, I WAS working out 3x a week for 30 mins, and I WAS eating all 5 food groups I was told were “healthy” and I WAS enjoying life… but my physical body was struggling, literally dying prematurely and I had NO IDEA. When I left that doctors office with a packet of papers telling me all the bad stuff that was happening inside my body due to MY choices, I literally sobbed the whole drive home. I felt almost betrayed, honestly. I had been taught in public school about the 5 food groups. Taught that excess fats were BAD. And a myriad of other half truths. But how was I to know? Where was the class on emotional eating that I missed? Where was the class on understanding the glycemic load of my food choices? How did I misunderstand what a balanced diet looked like?
THAT is what drives me. I KNOW that most people are drifting through the thousands and thousands of voices preaching health, weight loss, miracle pills, that one thing that will work when you’ve tried everything, they are slowly dying inside and they DON’T KNOW WHY, or simply DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT, but they know something is not right- their body is trying to tell them (headaches, weight gain, joint soreness, skin and hair problems, emotional roller coasters) but they do not know what to do about it, so they settle, try to be happy, and just DEAL.
My crusade is to inform, educate, give HOPE back, give DREAMS back just like I did for myself through 2 years of research, effort and allowing God to work in my life. It’s not weird, and it’s not BS. Don’t dwell on what others may think of you if you decide to take this leap with me, and change your life for the long haul. I’d be honored to have you join me! Comment or msg me for questions and details about the next Challenge Group and let’s get you OFF the train of SETTLE!!