My Ultimate Reset JOURNEY Week 1 (phase 1)


What an incredible journey this has been!

I am so grateful this morning to be writing this to you.

Thank YOU for reading this.
I realize this is a choice for you to read about and take your time to learn about this journey. I hope that you are reading to find out about this Ultimate Reset program because you desire changes in your physical health and mental health.

Why do I say physical AND mental?
Because I believe 100% that these two are INSEPARABLY connected.

So let’s jump into this first week!
You’ve hopefully read about the planning phase, if not, click here, and then read on!

Because I had a plan, this week was successful.

Wednesday (day 1) Dinner: Salmon with
seasonings and lemon, new potatoes and
asparagus sautéed in a dab of coconut oil.

 Let me show you my MEAL plan by clicking HERE, and then let me share with you my week on the calendar.
Realize I am a mom of 4, I have a busy day caring for them, and school runs, and activities.

I began on a Wednesday, as per suggestion from the Ultimate Reset handbook. 🙂

And Thursday night, I was in charge of a community Christmas dinner and musical program for 225 people.

Friday night my husband and I were invited to a private, exclusive dinner for leaders in our church.

Saturday was filled with family things, Sunday my toddler came down with a nasty cold/cough that made him SUPER ornery and sad all day and he didn’t sleep well that night etc etc etc.

EVERY DAY things were happening, and unexpected things came up too. That’s just life!

But YOU get to CHOOSE how you deal with your days, and everything else in life is POWERLESS without YOUR choice of reaction to it, or DECISIONS to MAKE things happen the way you NEED them to.

Wednesday’s afternoon snack:
Apple and natural pb

I chose to do this program, and I made a plan and nothing is going to keep me from doing it 100%!

SO—> I shopped on TUESDAY and purchased the foods I didn’t already have in my pantry/fridge.

Wednesday went really well! I weighed and measured in the morning, and wrote down my thoughts in my guidebook first thing in the morning. At lunch time I made a large batch of quinoa (enough to last every lunch that week), and a large batch of Cream Garlic Salad dressing from the back of the Ultimate Reset guide book. I purchased large bags of greens to use for the week, already washed and trimmed to make my life easier. For some reason I hate chopping and washing veggies!

Thursday (day 2) I was stressed with that BIG dinner party, and forgot to make time for my dinner prep, and ended up starving that night and missing my supplements for dinner as well. But I was SO pleased at the energy and LACK of headache that usually accompanies my fasting.

Thursday afternoon snack: bell pepper and hummus
Day two!

Friday went great! I got behind on my meals and supplements due to poor time management, and didn’t end up eating breakfast until 12:30pm…. oops! But drinking SO much water BEFORE I eat, distracts my tummy and brain from eating, and OFTEN I forget to eat until many hours later, instead of the suggested 30 minutes. Then the exclusive dinner was at 5pm, so that was my second meal…. and I was really hungry after that, so I just had my snack as my dinner, and finished the day that way. I learned from my support group to add LEMON to my alkalinize packet, and that made a WORLD of difference!

I am finding that my “old” habit of eating at night had COME BACK. Funny how those things sneak back into our lives……. gr. Because Thursday AND today, I have had a mental battle with justifying just a small snack before bed. BUT I DIDN’T. Just observed that need to have that battle, and was a bit disappointed in myself. Oh well, this IS a reset! For MANY THINGS!

Saturday breakfast: Dave’s Killer Toast, 2 eggs, himalayan salt,
walnuts and spinach sautéed in a dab of coconut oil.
Saturday Night dinner: Salmon with lemon juice and seasonings,
green beans with Himalayan salt, sweet potato and walnuts
sautéed in a dab of coconut oil
with cinnamon on top! SOOO good.

Saturday went well- but man! The TEMPTATIONS!!!! The kids had deep dish pizza, and ice cream was served, and neighbors brought over Christmas cookies….. ack!!! But I with held. There was NO WAY I was going to compromise my success after making it this far, and investing $189! ha! I started noticing some pinching in my intestines, and some TMI- gassiness. 🙂 My digestion is very sensitive to exercise, and is amazingly regular with exercise, so taking it out has slowed my digestion a LOT. I mentioned this to my Ultimate Reset support group online (YES! there are a LOT of support options) and people calmed my nerves saying that is a commonly reported sign of your body reclaiming its digestion with the pure foods you are giving it. I also noted a little fatigue on this day, and my support group said to wait until day 5-6 and that it would return. So I trusted them!

Sunday Breakfast: Dave’s killer toast,
2 eggs, and spinach in coconut oil.

Sunday was better, I again didn’t eat until later, but over all the day was good. I felt GREAT energy this day, (day 5! just like they said) and starting to really feel “light.” I love that LIGHTness about me.

Monday’s Day 6 Lunch: Spinach, lime juice, fresh salsa
canned chicken and a little coconut oil and pepper.

Monday (day 6) so far, has been amazing. I feel so good. I am patient with my kids. That is one thing that I have been struggling with for several months, that I KNOW has to do with how good I feel. Even with my little toddler being sick, I am able to keep a level head, no shouting, no jumping to conclusions- just good ole’ self control and patience. Can you put a price on that?!?!?!!?

I am honestly READY for phase 2. I was worried how this would go, but so far its been really awesome to feel my body telling me almost a “sigh” of relief! lol! Sounds funny to me when I say it, but its TRUE. Its like “YES! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!”

On we go!

Enjoy my Phase 1 thoughts in this video:

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