Shakeology and my Toddler’s YEAST issues

In FEBRUARY of 2015, I made this post on Facebook…..
Some of you might remember it…..
“Mommy support needed. Thanks in advance.
My toddler craves sugar. Like, not like normal kids like sugar……. if he hears a wrapper or SEES candy or ice cream….. he literally gets big eyes and can’t think of or do anything until he gets some. He will STARVE before eating anything except something that tastes sweet. This has gone on and off in his entire life, my first clue that something was OFF, was when he suffered with yeast infections for the first 4-5 months of his life. CONSTANT thrush and diaper rashes like mad…. it was a batter amidst everything else going on in the life of a mom of 4 kids…..
And then it became manageable. Every other month or so he’d have another bout of diaper rash that was yeasty…. but we learned to manage.
But the past 6 months he has gone in and out of literally throwing massive fits over the decline of his request for “cahney, pees? cahney?” (Candy, please? Candy?) and as strong of a mom as I can be against my kids wanting something they simply don’t need….. when they are so young, and will simply not eat anything, you tend to give in too often. I hold no guilt, I am doing my best. But I noticed when he would eat his little piece of candy, it was like it was his last supper or something. He would salivate like crazy. And just be so focused it was creepy… I know, weird, right? So anyway…..I started noticing a trend, (I know, miraculous, right? to pick up on something when life is so crazy… anyway) that he would slowly stop eating other foods that he really enjoyed. Bananas, apples, peas, corn, toast, oatmeal, etc. I would make them for him at his request, but then he’d put it in his mouth, and then spit it out…. and he’d do this for DAYS! To the point that all he was really getting was a few candies a day, (darn that stash that his dad likes to keep) and milk and occasionally some bread or a cracker. Its ridiculous! And then he’d start to lose weight, and since I’m his mom, I freak out, and start giving him anything he’ll eat to stay alive—- but I’d always try things I would hope would help him nutritionally, and often turn to PediaSure. Which, also a trend, after about a week of drinking pediasure, he would bounce back, and start eating food again. But again, the trend…… after about a month, he’d start having a few diaper rashes again, and just CRYING and WAILING for “cahney!!!!!” My poor nerves are shot. Well, its happening again. Just bought Pediasure again yesterday and I have read enough to know that my toddler has a yeast/candida overgrowth in his body and has probably had it since birth.
Time to take action. Visited with our fav doc today, and Grant is now dairy free, added sugar free, and we got a powerful supplement to kill off candida….. I know this is going to be strange road to travel with a toddler son, but its gotta stop. Wish us luck.
And PLEASE! If you know someone or have had this happen to your kid, will you please offer suggestions or ideas that helped you keep your child healthy? Its so hard for me at this point because my other kids eat healthily, and really don’t eat sugar that often. But this kid….. he wil FIND sugar everywhere. Doctor offices, stores (you do NOT want to see his fits as we pass the candy isle), grammas house, etc. Its crazy and sad all at the same time……”
Here are a few responses I got:

ANON: Not my kids but I myself have successfully gotten a 15 year battle with Candida overgrowth under control.

ANON: I think my daughter has this problem. We’re at the beginning stages though. Her thing is bread. She’ll eat a loaf a day and doesn’t like eating anything else.

ANON: i’m so sorry! i know how hard that battle is with picky-eater tantrums and starving themselves!! I’m on the Kefir kick right now, and it has helped me kick a yeast thing i’ve had for almost 1 year – i’ve been better for about 1 month. i know it’s not aSee More

ANON: Blood sugar troubles can cause inordinate cravings for sweets as well as other disorders in the body. It is amazing how my sugar cravings were magnified when I was on Chemo and then again, how they seemed to disipate when I was treated for thyroid probSee More

ANON: Sorry I don’t have any advice, but thanks for posting this. I had a meltdown yesterday from mommy guilt about what my kid does and doesn’t eat. Sorry you have to go thru this! Feeding toddlers is the worst…

ANON: I’m glad you think you’ve figured it out and are doing what you can to treat t. When I first stared reading I kept thinking, this sounds like a systemic yeast problem, so I’m glad to see that’s what you concluded, too! Best of luck with it!

ANON: I have to keep my 3 year old mostly dairy free which is hard he just has lactose sensitivity issues which is awful since his favorite foods are dairy based and he’s super picky eater I have been doing almond milk which he likes but don’t know if it would work with the no sugar thing. Hang in there u are an awesome mommy.

Beverly Stringham Christensen Fermented foods kill bad yeast and build good yeast and bacteria. Kefir, kombucha, cultured veggies.

Robyn Christensen Whitworth Thank you everyone for your ideas, thoughts, and most of all the mommy support. It was a rough one for mothering confidence….

***Fast forward to NOW, 9 mos later, and that TERRIBLY gross, but powerful 

supplement to KILL the yeast did work, but it was SO gross, he would throw it up 

immediately after taking it most times. 

I knew that the most important thing for him was a good quality probiotic…… 

insert———-> Shakeology.

I am NOT promoting Shakeology openly for TODDLERS…. although, I think 

with the approval of a doctor, it can help nutritional and digestion issues

with small children IMMENSELY!

I started giving this little guy just a 1/4 scoop of Chocolate VEGAN Shakeology a 

day mixed with Almond Milk.

3 days into it, the eczema spots on his back and bottom were disappearing. 

NOTHING else was used.

1 week later, the sores around his mouth were gone.

2 weeks later, he was eating regular foods again.

9 mos later? He hasn’t had a yeast breakout (unless he was given a large 

amount of candy/sweets…. sometimes at the grandparents house… 😉 ) since.

Call me crazy, but I am SO SO SO grateful for Shakeology, yet again, 

for blessing my family!